Face to Face

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I have the neediest dog in all the land.

photo (2)

Note me. Note my computer. Note my dog.

She always has to be in the middle of the action!

I usually work out of my home office, but for the past few days I’ve felt like changing it up a bit and working from my laptop. This puts me at the mercy of Sadie and her extreme desire for attention.

For example, in the above picture, Sadie was only sweet and docile because I was petting her and talking sweetly to her until I snapped the photo. The minute I started typing up this blog post, Sadie got all huffy and did what we call the “face-to-face” maneuver in our house. It’s pretty self explanatory. Her face has to be on our face. Yes, our faces must be physically touching.

Sadie is not licking us during face-to-face time. She’s just lingering creepily (or sweetly?) as her face rests against our face… following our face with hers, no matter which way we turn.

Sadie absolutely loves to be face-to-face with me, Ryan, our families and a handful of our friends that she knows quite well, but for the longest time I couldn’t figure out why she seemed especially keen on face-to-facing with my sister. Sadie has always been obsessed with Leslie’s face.

A few weeks ago, I put Aquaphor Lip Repair on my lips because they were dry and Sadie’s normal face-to-face tendencies went haywire. She couldn’t get enough of me. She licked my face and when I would turn away, she would turn right along with me. This went on and on.


My sister wears Aquaphor all the time on her lips to keep them soft. Sadie is ridiculously in love with Aquaphor.

dog loves aquaphor

Pet owners, please tell me your pet has an odd affinity toward some kind of lip gloss or lotion that you wear. I fear that Sadie is some kind of a looney. An Aquaphor freak looney.


Back to your regularly scheduled programming…

After I was done typing up my morning blog post during my brief break at the gym, I completed a 30 minute workout on the treadmill before it was time to do Day Two of Jess’ Summer Shape Up Program. I completed four rounds of today’s circuit before I had to train a client.

Once my training was done for the day, I ate a quick lunch of tuna salad with a sliced pita, an apple and some almonds at the gym.

IMG_1849 tuna salad lunch

I had about 30 minutes to digest my lunch before it was time for me to teach water fitness. It was hot and sweaty and awesome!

At one point, a bee flew into my ponytail and decided to hang on which completely freaked me out. I shooed it away, but then it came back and wouldn’t let go! I ran over to the lifeguard who helped me get the bee out of my hair as everyone in and around the pool cracked up. It was a sight to see! The bees around our pool are awfully aggressive.

Once I got back home, I took a much-needed shower and fired up the computer to blog and get some work done. And here we are!

Question of the Afternoon

  • Pet owners: Is your pet oddly obsessed with a lotion, chapstick or other product that you occasionally wear?


  1. says

    My dog is obsessed with plain old Chapstick! I usually put it on before bed each night. The other night she scared me half to death because just as I was drifting off to sleep, she came up and licked me on the lips!


  2. Penny says

    Julie,I absolutely love your Sadie dog!! She’s such a doll & I look forward to seeing her pics too.Id love to see a pic of her doing the face to face thing,it sounds hilarious! My dog Max is really not a cuddler or licker(unless I force it) but the minute I put most anykind of lotion on,he will lick me clean!!! He definitely has an obsession with lotions, only one or two flavors ever he didnt care for!!


  3. says

    my yorkie loves to lick my legs after i put lotion on. lol.
    i’ve recently started using aquaphor on my lips too! that stuff is amazing for dry lips!


  4. Meika says

    Our girl Penelope (an almost-three-year-old golden) is all about being in the middle of the action! She does something similar to face-to-face; they don’t necessarily need to be touching, but if we’re watching TV or typing on the computer when she wants us to pay attention to her, she’ll sit next to us so her face is directly in front of us by maybe an inch. And forget about any lotions. I put on hand lotion every night before going to bed, so I have to hop into bed and shove my hands under the covers so she doesn’t lick it all off!


  5. janet says

    My cat has a thing for peppermint food lotion … She will remove your socks to lick your feet (and bury under the covers if you put it on before bed) … It’s creepy and feels insanely awful to have a cat lick your feet.
    She also LOVES Fresh Sugar lip balms … Licks my face clean.


  6. Christie says

    I have a little English Bulldog who is obsessed with “getting glossy”. Each evening before bed I put Vaseline on my lips and he follows me around and sits like a good boy every chance he gets until I apply some to his puppy lips! It is so odd, but endearing:) Oliver also refuses to let my laptop be the center of attention and as gracefully as a bulldog can, he squeezes between my Mac and I. Those little personalities:)


  7. says

    That is hilarious! My dogs don’t seem interested in any particular product, but my little one will have occasional moods where she wants her cheek against my lips. She’s not always so needy so I’ll take it when I can get it!


  8. says

    Well this post made me feel like my pug isnt a total freak after all…I have a few similar laptop pictures like your picture in this post! She is all about being “in your face” but I have noticed it is extra bad after I brush my teeth or chew gum. I think she likes the mint!


  9. says

    My dog is the SAME way. Except she isn’t brand specific – any type of lotion, any scent, on any part of the body makes her want to lick you. Hands/feet/face/arms – it’s crazy! I thought she was the only dog who was like that about lotion – how funny!


  10. Lauren says

    I have a Vizsla too, and she REFUSES to sit anywhere but on my lap. Even if I have my laptop on the kitchen table, she will come over and put all 50 pounds of herself on me. It’s awkward. And sweet. And sometimes very annoying. She also LOVES faces and loves to lick people’s necks that she knows well. Not the whole face, just their necks. Very odd pup!


  11. Donna says

    I am a vizsla owner also and I am always amazed how vizsla’s tend to carry the same traits. My dog has an obsession with Aquaphor and Vaseline too. Every night before bed, as I put on my Aquaphor he comes to get his too (yes, I do put some on his lips!). He is also obsessed with shower soap and lotion. He stands on the edge of the shower while I am showering and tries to lick the soap off me, same thing after I have put lotion on my legs. He is also a lap dog too. It doesn’t matter where we go, he prefers to be on our lap at all times. I love my dog like he is my child and I wouldn’t change any of his spoiled habits!! So nice to hear other people’s stories!!


  12. says

    Oh my gosh, my husky will lick me to death after I put on lotion, sunblock, deodorant, self-tanner, etc. He gets oddly intrigued, eyes widened, when he sees me begin to put ANY product like that on, and I literally have to push him out of my door against his extreme will if I want any of said product to stay on my body. He is nutso. He also loves to lick me after a workout…loves the salt I think. Yuck!


  13. Michelle says

    Lol. These comments are funny. My dog doesn’t really lick, but if I’m on my laptop and he wants attention, he lays his head right on the keys. Such a pain but so cute!


  14. says

    I could have taken LITERALLY the EXACT SAME picture of my dog on my lap while I was blogging today…haha. My dog’s favorite thing to lick is my sweat! It’s so gross but whenever I finish a workout my puppy just attacks my ankles and shins with her tongue.



  15. Katy says

    My dog is super clingy too (he’s an 80 lb border collie shepherd mix) and he is obsessed with EOS lip balm! I’ve made the mistake of forgetting to put it in a drawer or my bag a few times and he somehow untwisted it and ate all of the lip balm out of it! It left him with very soft jowls! Lol!


  16. says

    What a cute dog! I have two dogs before. But last month, they are stolen by someone. I don’t know who it is. I can find them everywhere and I was sad. I hope they are safe now.


  17. says

    Hi Julie! Sadie is so cute but trust me she is not the only dog like that! My pup, both of them, LOVE vaseline! It’s quite disgusting, but I just it right after the shower to moisturize and all of a sudden both of them at stuck to my legs with their tongues, licking away. =P


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