Bachelorette Party Mug

Ever since the alarm went off this morning, I feel like I haven’t stopped moving. I think that will be a trend today because my day is packed with personal training, teaching group exercise and personal training. I hope to be able to blog during a brief break after lunch.


Ryan and I drove to the gym together a little after 5 a.m. for an early morning workout. I kicked things off with 25 minutes of cardio split between the treadmill and the elliptical. Then it was time to complete Day Three of Jess’ Summer Shape Up Program. The workout included four rounds of an arm circuit and three rounds of a core circuit.

I am loving Jess’ workouts! If you work out at home and have access to dumbbells, her workouts can easily be done in your living room. If they call for a cardio component, you can run or walk outside (if the heat doesn’t make you want to pass out, that is).

And speaking of Jess…

Remember a few months ago when Jess shared a guest post about exercising while pregnant on the blog? Well she is pregnant no longer! Jess gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Tuesday! Yay!


Breakfast this morning came together fast.


I made a big batch of scrambled eggs with red pepper, spinach, turkey bacon and mozzarella cheese and served it with warm slices of pita bread.


After breakfast, Ryan and I took Sadie on a 20-minute walk around our neighborhood. She had a blast!

Once we were done walking, it was coffee time.


Lately I’ve been adding So Delicious unsweetened vanilla coconut milk to my coffee and it is absolutely fabulous!

so delicious vanilla coconut milk

I’ve always loved almond milk in my coffee (and still do), but this is a nice change. It’s a little creamier than almond milk and tastes fantastic. 

bachelorette party mug

Oh and my mug was a party favor from Laurel’s bachelorette party. Isn’t it fun? My friend Allison made them for everyone and we all thought they were too cute!

Time to head out! See you after lunch!


  1. says

    That’s definitely a super cute mug. Those are definitely the best parts about trips, or parties is the collectable mugs you can get afterwards. I guess mostly trips is when that happens though.
    Glad you’re loving the new workouts! I always love the looks of them.


  2. says

    Do you know where she got those mugs?! I have a bachelorette coming up and I would love to get a bunch. I did a quick search on etsy but I’m not sure if I’m finding anything similar


  3. says

    Cute mug!

    I’m not sure if you already are aware of this- but I believe that type of coconut milk has carrageenan added to it. It can be really bad for you as it causes inflammation, possibly cancer as well as has some negative environmental impacts (such as killing entire colonies of coral reef). Not to be a negative Nancy- just someone pointed it out to me and I had no idea beforehand!


    • Sandy says

      Yipes, I use almond milk which has carrageenan in it. I hate “knowing” this stuff because the obsession/stress is worse than the potential harm of the product I find 🙁 Hard to be “free” with food when having to analyze everything.


  4. Vivian says

    How long are the SSU workouts running you? I’m want to start, but with 2 little ones and working full time, I want to make sure I have the time before committing. I usually run about 30 min as many days as possible, but it’s getting WAY TOO HOT here in Orlando.


  5. says

    love that mug, its such a great (and useful) party favour idea! Your eggs look so good, I wish I hadn’t used up all of my free time this morning reading blogs…now I won’t have time to make those. #fail lol


  6. says

    What a cute party favor idea!! I love the mug – it’s so adorable! I’ve been doing arm circuit workouts (3 different workouts and 1 set of abs) and doing 8 rounds of the circuit. This morning I could hardly lift my arms! I love the feeling of having a good work 🙂


  7. says

    That mug is such an adorable party favor! Something practical you can actually use. And I was planning on trying coconut milk in my coffee soon! I bought some for a recipe and have a ton leftover so I want to use it up. Can’t wait to try it!


  8. Sara Kolpek says

    YEAH!!! I’m so happy to see you using ‘So Delicious’ products!!! I recently discovered their Coconut Milk Creamers and they are wonderful! They come in original, hazelnut (my favorite!), and french vanilla. I know they are sold at my local Whole Foods….you should check them out! 🙂


    • Allison says

      My mom actually has a side business that she runs and has sublimation mug press, its pretty cool. She is working on getting her shop up on Etsy. As soon as it is I will give Julie the link to share 🙂


  9. says

    I’ll have to try that coconut milk! I always use almond milk for everything and it seems like it’s a lot more common to use other milk alternatives than it used to be. I also love the mug! Super Cute!


  10. says

    Does coconut milk taste really “coconutty”? I’m a big drinker of almond milk. I just don’t care for coconut, so I assume I wouldn’t like the milk…


  11. says

    OK, you are really starting to encourage me to wake up earlier and make a hearty breakfast! I seriously need to work on this, it’s only 11am and I am starving!! I bet those eggs are GREAT for holding you over


  12. says

    I’ve been using SoDelicious’s vanilla flavored coffee creamer, but this would be a great way to switch to something probably slightly healthier! I’ll look for this next time I’m in the grocery store!


  13. says

    Thats such a cute and practical gift! Everyone always needs mugs and they will always be happy when they think of the event because now it’s associated with yummy coffee.


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