Throwback Shampoo

I am heading out of town on Tuesday next week for an exciting blogging adventure (I promise to fill you guys in the minute I get the okay!) and since I won’t be in town to train my clients any day except for Monday, I’m making it a point to take them through seriously sweaty workouts this week. ‘

One of my clients told me that she “loves to sweat” today and that was music to my ears! Workouts that leave me drenched in sweat are my favorite, so I totally get what she was saying. (Sweating outside in the humid Florida summer heat, on the other hand, is miserable. There’s a fine line between the two, my friends.)


In between training clients, I grabbed a quick lunch in the break room before it was time to teach water fitness.

egg salad with apricots

On the menu for today was a vegetable-packed egg salad with two apricots and almonds.

Once I was done with lunch, I had about 20 minutes to spare until water fitness, so I downloaded some new songs to keep my class rockin’. “Tutti Frutti” was the hit of the day. My water fitness group loves their ‘50s jams!

After water fitness, I was absolutely drenched in sweat. The summer heat is here to stay! I couldn’t wait to hop in the shower and slipped on my old school shower sandals and quickly rinsed off at the gym.

Nike Shower Sandals

Big slip-on sandals like the ones I wore to protect my feet as I showered at the gym today take me back to locker room showers during my high school days after diving or water polo practice. I just needed my Herbal Essences shampoo and I would’ve been instantly transported to the fall of 2002!

Herbal Essences 90s

Actually, Herbal Essences was my “fancy” shampoo that I would save for special occasions. Post-diving or water polo practice, I usually used Suave green apple or tropical coconut shampoo because it was like $1.50 for a bottle and smelled like heaven.

Now I’m all about Marc Anthony Instantly Thick shampoo and conditioner. I also occasionally use L’Oreal Damage Erasing Balm on my hair as well to (hopefully) help with my split ends and keep my hair healthy!

Question of the Afternoon

  • What is your favorite shampoo/conditioner?
  • What was your favorite shampoo/conditioner in high school?

In high school I was all about Herbal Essences, Pantene Pro-V, Daily Defense and Suave. I occasionally used Ultra Swim because I was always afraid my hair would turn green from all of the chlorine, but I didn’t like that stuff at all. It always left my hair tangled!


  1. Jessica H says

    The “old” herbal essences is back! I bought some at CVS recently when I saw a magazine ad in PEOPLE. BEST. PURCHASE. EVER. I cannot stop smelling my hair haha I feel like I am in highschool again and I’m not mad about it!


  2. Bailey says

    I am obsessed with Aveda shampure shampoo/conditioner, it smells SO good and is all natural, so it’s super good for your hair. But it’s like $16 for a small bottle, so I don’t buy it too often. 🙁


  3. Amanda B says

    Julie, I saw the title of this post and immediately thought of Herbal Essences shampoo! I was thrilled that you mentioned it. It was my favorite until they rebranded and released new scents, which still smelt pretty good, but man oh man, that old school Herbal Essences shampoo was my favorite! The smell still takes me back! I need to buy a bottle just to relive that time! Great post. Hah!


  4. Stacey M. says

    I totally understand your reasoning for wanting to sweat from a workout but not from the heat and humidity – there is definitely a difference. After a sweaty workout, you can usually cool down by taking a shower and remaining in an air conditioned gym. If you’re sweating it out in the extremely humid outdoors, you just can’t cool down (until you head back into the air conditioning that is).
    As far as favorite shampoo, I’ve been using Pantene’s Nature Fusion for a few years now but I’ve been seriously thinking about switching. I’ve read that it is one of the worst shampoos for leaving a waxy build-up in your hair over time. I think it’s actually happening to me – my hair used to be naturally wavy with a lot of body, but now it’s completely straight and doesn’t want to hold any style. Though it feels soft and silky, I would rather have some body and style! Like you, when I was younger I used Suave shampoo and have actually considered returning to it because I don’t recall having these hair issues back then. I just need to finish up the bottles of Pantene I’ve been stock-piling like a mad-woman first!


  5. says

    I usually just grab whatever is on special! 🙂 Anything for dry/curly hair. I buy the odd slightly more expensive leave in conditioner every now and then which I use once a week. Apricots….so delighted they’re back!


  6. says

    Bumble and Bumble is great when I have the extra cash, or visiting my indulgent friend, but I think Dove works well and smells squeaky clean. But usually what’s on sale. Ha. I also like Suave Kerotin, which is super cheap.

    I recently tried out Marc Anthony’s curling mousse, since my old mousse stopped being produced, and it’s great. I would definitely try his shampoos/conditioners.

    I actually have a tip though–once a month use a 1:1 parts shampoo and baking soda in your hair, and it gets off any build up and leaves hair shiny. I saw it on Dr. Oz, tried it, and my sister even commented and asked what kind of shampoo I use.


  7. Michelle says

    It is really funny that you mentioned the Herbal Essences Shampoo because just the other day my roommate busted into my bedroom all excited that Herbal Essences began making their “old” shampoos again. In all the years I have lived with her I have never seen her that excited. Haha.


  8. says

    The egg salad looks delicious 🙂

    My favorite shampoo is by far Pantene. I love the way it makes my hair smell and feel. For years, my mother made me feel like only expensive shampoos would work for my hair. But now that I’m on my own, Pantene is just fine for me!


  9. says

    L’oreal kids reminds me of childhood and Pantene reminds me of high school! I like trying different kinds of shampoos now. But lately I’ve been splurging on Desert Essences Coconut shampoo and conditioner. It is THE best. Smells great and made with quality. Worth the price, IMO. 🙂


  10. says

    I used to use Tigi oatmeal and honey shampoo. My fancy one was bumble and bumble can’t remember the exact name but it had cucumber in it. Now I use an all natural one called Moo Goo which is good for the environment and good for you as no harsh chemicals are in it 🙂


  11. says

    I was totally a Pantene ProV girl in high school! I thought it smelled like sweedish fish, it was so yummy. Then my hairdresser told me it coats your hair with wax and is very bad, so I switched to herbal essences. Now, I’m a Wen girl and my hair is healthier than ever, I highly recommend it!


  12. says

    I always used Pantene Pro-V in highschool. Herbal Essences reminds me of my grandma’s house – she has had the same shampoo for as long as I can remember! Currently I don’t have a favourite shampoo/conditioner. I really like Shu Uemura Art of Hair Silk Bloom Restorative Conditioner but it is pricey so sometimes I splurge.


  13. Emily R. says

    Who remember VO5?! I was all about the green apple smell. I also was an Herbel Essence gal, and I liked the smell of Garnier Fructis! Nowadays I swear by Healthy Sexy Hair (by Big Sexy) or Aveda (pricey)… I normally buy the big liters and interchange them once one set is gone, it’s lasts forever!

    How often do you wash your hair? Some of my girl friends can go days, my hair dresser can go like 4 days and it still looks great. I’ve tried dry shampoo, but that initial feeling of “dirty hair” just grosses me out. I wish I could go a day or two without washing it though, it’d probably help it grow!


    • Emily R. says

      My life wouldn’t be complete without typos.. and because I’m OCD I’m going to correct myself: remembers*/ it* 😀


  14. says

    I also had specail ocasion shampoo in high school. It was either Herbal essences or Nivea. Then I also had very cheap chamomile shampoo for every day (costed like 2 euro/liter). Now I use Catwalk or Bad Head. Sometimes I steal my boyfriend’s Head and Shoulders


  15. says

    I use Pantene or Garnier Fructis! For a few years I used really nice salon shampoo and conditioner but realized it didn’t make any difference and cost way more so now I just use the cheaper stuff. I am very low maintenance with my hair in general!


  16. says

    Omgosh, I used to use the Suave Green Apple too! Totally forgot about it until now! I love throwbacks. And my family still uses Herbal Essences but I’ve been trying different shampoos forever now because I can’t find one that fits my hair! It’s thin but I need volume without it getting to heavy. It’s kind of annoying…


  17. Jackie says

    I find that if I use the same shampoo for too long it doesn’t work as well and leaves my hair looking greasy, so I switch up my shampoo every 4-6 months. Some of my favorites have been Aussie and Tresemme, and in high school I liked Garnier Fructis!


  18. Jessica says

    Bed Head was my “special shampoo” when I was a teenager. Also, whenever I see L’Oreal Kid Shampoo I’m tempted to buy it because I loved it as a kid. The smell reminds me of summer for some reason. Now I use Pantene. It helps make my hair silky smooth right out of the shower that I can just use my fingers to comb it. That helps with curly hair.


  19. says

    Ooohhhh man, Herbal Essences was totally the jam! Remember the scandalous commercials? I remember actually being embarresed when they came on when I was with my parents, so I’d leave the room hahah. My go-to shampoo back in the day was usually Garnier Fructis. Currently I’m using Living Proof shampoo on most days, and I alternate with a Joico for color-treated hair. As for shampoo, I’m currently using John Frieda. I like to switch things up all the time, though!


  20. says

    I’m actually using Herbal Essences again after the girl who used to cut my hair told me it was the least-bad brand in terms of drugstore shampoos after trying to sell me the fancy salon stuff. I still love the smell! I totally used to rock Ultra Swim back in high school during swim team season and forgot that it existed until I read this post… thanks for that trip down memory lane!


  21. Nicole says

    I use the Healthy Scalp shampoo and Pantene Pro-V conditioner…..though, the gal that cuts my hair will sometimes use something that smells like lavender and mint – I feel so relaxed afterwards.
    In High School – I was like you: All about Suave and Herbal Essence. 🙂


  22. Elisabeth says

    I loved the old school Herbal Essences in high school! I don’t care for their current products, though…

    My favorite shampoos now are Paul Mitchell The Wash and Biolage Color Care. I have blonde highlights, so I also use a purple shampoo once a week that gets the brassy tones out – it’s Regis Designline Silver Shine shampoo. I rotate shampoos daily so my hair doesn’t get used to one type 😉


  23. Dee says

    My current favorite is the clear shampoo! I had received a sample pack, and instantly fell in love with it 🙂 but back in the day, I was definitely a pink herbal essences and garnier fructis.. They both smelled amazing!


  24. says

    I love that Herbal Essences has throwback bottles now! That stuff was awesome! Remember when Britney Spears was a spokesperson for them? Better yet–remember all of Britney’s Pepsi commercials?! haha


  25. Jennifer F. says

    I used Aveda in high school and college, once I started working and hitting the gym more often I switched to Sleek Look (I think Matrix makes it) to smooth out my curly hair. In the last year or so I switched to Suave’s version of the sleek shampoo. My hair dresser even commented on how my hair seems less damaged lately :-). I’d love it more if it smelled like coconuts or flowers haha maybe I’ll have to pick up some Herbal Essences since it is back!


  26. says

    Oh man Herbal Essences brings me back! I remember using it when I was young. Now, its back?! Crazy. I love Wen Hair products and Its a 10. They work miracles for those who highlight their hair!!


  27. Holly says

    My absolute fave is Bumble & Bumble its a little $$ so usually I use Garnier or Pantene-In high school it used to be a brand called Salon Selectives..


  28. Geneva says

    I also use the L’Oreal damage erasing balm to attempt to get rid of and prevent split ends. I never had a problem with split end until about 6 months ago, I haven’t dyed my hair in over 4 years, and I get regular haircuts, but they still show up a few days later. Have you had any luck with the balm? Mine don’t seem to be getting worse, but they don’t seem to be getting better either.


  29. Jennifer says

    My all time favorite shampoo &conditioner is Revlon Super Soft. A stylist rexommended it to and it is AWESOME!

    Oh. I totally used herbal essence growing up. Who didn’t? And htose commercials? Unforgettable!


  30. says

    Pantene Pro-V to this day makes my scalp burn (weird, right!) But Herbal Essences, Suave, and all the others mentioned were high school staples (I am around your age so it makes sense). I used V05 in the summer to combat the yellow/green/dry/brittle blonde hair from the pool.


  31. says

    Haha I used to love the old Herbal Essences too, but now I use whatever “fancy” products my mom gives me because she’s all about nice beauty products, but most of the time I use different shampoos in rotation! I heard that it’s good to rotate them every 1-2 months so I usually opt for Dove’s yellow shampoo (forgot the kind), Aussie, or the new fruity Herbal Essences (there’s a bunch of different kinds). 🙂


  32. says

    haha, I used to use Herbal Essence all the time too! Or at least I would steal it out of my parent’s shower from time to time.

    Now I am really into Biolage or Gaudier Fructis. I am not really one to stick to one brand haha


  33. Traci says

    Ooh boy I used to love Herbal Essence, there was one with marigold or something like that in it that smelled incredible. I switch shampoos and conditioners pretty often these days because I like to try new things and compare them but I love all of the Organix products (using the brazilian keratin right now but the coconut and argan oil are my favorite) and switch back to them pretty often. I also like Alba Botanica shampoo and Wen (although Wen is pretty pricey, so I don’t buy that often)!


  34. Sarah N. says

    I definitely need to get a bottle of the classic Herbal Essences! I use Infusium (which smells AMAZING) and Burts Bees GUD Vanilla Flame…which I recently discovered and am LOVING the scent.


  35. says

    I used to use Suave vanilla scented or V05 strawberries and cream smell. I’m sure I smelled like melted lipgloss all through high school… Now I use Pureology. I can’t believe I spend so much for shampoo but luckily a bottle lasts forever.


  36. says

    That egg salad looks amazing!

    I use a variety of shampoos–Herbal Essences, Aussie, Pantene (whichever is on sale and I have a coupon for!). I love Aussie’s deep moisturizing conditioner, which I use once a week. It really is moisturizing, and it smells so yummy.


  37. Jessica says

    FYI…Herbal Essence brought it back! Lovin it! Definitely my middle/high school & college. Lately, it’s been Dove or Pantene until I realized a month ago the original Herbal Essence is back!!!!


  38. says

    I am an Aveda girl for sure! It is my guilty pleasure, but you know what? I am 41 years old and I get compliments on my hair ALL the time! And my boyfriend is always smelling my hair. 😉 I love the damage remedy conditioner and the shampoo (can’t remember the name) that gets the chlorine out – cuz I have a pool. In highschool I was at the mercy of my mother who bought whatever was on sale – usually Suave or V05 or some crazy stuff that made my hair fall out. By college I discovered Aveda and have been hooked every since. I miss Cherry Almond Bark conditioner big time!


  39. Maria says

    I am a full time PT and fitness instructor in Texas where we get some serious heat, but I am always thankful I am not in Florida, its way more humid there. Fridays I teach 6 classes throughout the day, and I usually shower 3-4 times a day if I was in the sweaty Florida heat I would have to take WAYYY more.

    Now that you have started working at a gym (and teaching outside water fitness) do you find you are taking more showers? Do you get annoyed and are over joyed at the 1 a day shower days? Or is that just me?


  40. says

    I was a BIG herbal essence gal I mean literally made my Mom buy me all the smells but now I use organic natural stuff and still trying to find my favorite! Thanks for sharing brought back memories 🙂 Love + Shine CourtStar


  41. Gail says

    I didn’t know you were a diver! Too cool, I was a diver in high school and college and now I coach little ones and high schoolers!


  42. says

    I always loved Herbal Essences and I still do. I just really like how it smells and their smoothing shampoo makes make curly, and frizzy hair feel soft and manageable so I can straighten it. 🙂

    That egg salad looks yummy! I haven’t had egg salad in so long. I definitely need to bring that to work for lunch one day next week.


  43. Jenna says

    I currently use Organix Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo & conditioner. It leaves my hair so shiny and soft. And I love that it is sulfate free and safe for color treated hair. But in high school I obviously lived with my parents and my mom would buy Matrix Biolage. The smell of that brings back so many high school memories. If I had to buy my own shampoo it was definitely the Suave Strawberry.


  44. says

    Suave and Herbal Essences actually make my hair feel like straw so while I love the smell of them, my hair hates them! I used to use Pert Plus when I was little (it smells great, to me) and now I just use head and shoulders because my dad has dandruff and I just like the way it makes my hair smell, so now I buy it for my house, too!


  45. kyla says

    I used Pantene for curls in high school but also John Freida blonde shampoo, sometimes my mom’s salon shampoo, I bopped around!

    Now I use Herbal Essences’s Totally Twisted. Love the smell and it works great on my hair!


  46. Rebecca says

    Oh my goodness, Julie. Thank you for the huge throwback to my high school days as well…I used Herbal Essences as well as the VO5 stuff (blueberries and cream is a huge scent memory for that!).
    I remember trying ALL the tricks for keeping hair from becoming a rats nest with swimming. Conditioner in the cap (which just made your cap pop off), Ultraswim shampoo …which few could afford (or convince their parents to buy), and having your hair “stripped” (also heard it called a “Malibu”) at the salon. I remember my sister looking at my hair in disgust one day in high school at how “green” my hair looked in the sun….fun days!
    I would never forget our stupid “true test of a swimmer/diver” was that if in the middle of the day if you licked your hand, it would smell like chlorine, lol we were such nerds, but I miss it!


  47. Jan Klein says

    I was an Apple Pectin shampoo girl when I was younger. It smelled so good! Now I’m obsessed with a Keratin infused shampoo & conditioner that Rusk makes.


  48. hilary says

    i use herbal essence’s long term relationship shampoo, but the old herbal essence line is back and i just might have to go back! that was my first “adult” shampoo.


  49. Sharan says

    Herbel Essence Long Term Relationship = scent of freshman year of university. I probably used it in high school as well. Fructis was really popular when I was in junior high.


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