Made It On the Wall

Hi there!

I’m home from work and so psyched that tomorrow is Friday.

Begging Dog

Sadie is, too!

Work + Lunch

Today was a typical work day: Personal training + Teaching group exercise

Oh and look who officially made the personal training and group exercise wall at the gym!

Personal Trainer Group Exercise Picture

It only took four months. And yes, I think the pictures look like slightly-fuzzy Glamour Shots. I should’ve crimped my hair, let my hands linger on my collarbone and slapped on some blue eye shadow. Next time!

In between training a client and teaching water fitness, I ate a quick lunch that I brought to the gym with me this morning.

Tuna salad

I wrapped tuna salad in a whole wheat tortilla and ate it with a side of two plums and sugar snap peas.

Tuna Salad Healthy

I added carrots, celery and tomato to the tuna salad to amp up the flavor and add a little texture. Delicious! 

Time to start brainstorming dinner ideas! I’m not in the mood to cook at all, so I’m thinking sandwiches for dinner may be on the menu this evening.

Question of the Afternoon

  • What is your favorite fall back "I’m too lazy to cook” dinner?

My favorites: Microwavable quesadilla (cheese + spinach + black beans), a simple sandwich or breakfast for dinner!


  1. Christie says

    Woot, woot! Wall pictures look great!

    My favorite go to meal when I don’t feel like cooking is grilled cheese (any variety) paired with a salad. Easy and delicious!


  2. Stefanie says

    Toasted sub sandwiches (in the toaster oven), tuna mixed with avocado, bean and cheese burritos, or nachos (layer chips, refried beans, and cheese in a Pyrex dish and bake about 10 mins. until cheese melts).


  3. says

    I like mixing a can of chicken, a can of corn and a can of beans with salsa, cheese and/or guacamole. Throw it on a wrap or put a scoop on a bed of lettuce or rice. So stinkin’ easy.


  4. Terri says

    Chipotle bowls… Quick cook brown rice, Canned black beans, rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, cheese, sliced avocado and salsa. YUM!!!


  5. says

    Love the photo…. It’s great when you’re finally included at work, huh? Took me almost 2 years to finally be included (via photo) at the winery, but they got my blog posted last year… #winning!!

    My favorite go-to meal is pasta with fresh corn and a packet of salmon…. I toss that (warm) with just enough Philadelphia cooking sauce and it becomes a fabulous, easy pasta dish that just hits the appt, warm or cold. Mmmmm. Otherwise, it’s definitely breakfast for dinner!!


  6. Jillian says

    My fall back dinner actually involves tuna…its just so dang easy! But instead of using mayo to bind the tuna and veggies together I use avocado. I mash it all together and make quick tuna melts with tomato and lettuce! Easy, healthy, and delicious!


  7. says

    I had one of those nights on Wednesday. After getting home late from teaching barre, I slapped some almond butter on a whole wheat wrap with mashed blackberries and called it a day. Done and done


  8. Ariana says

    I LOVE sandwiches! Like, good deli meat and cheese and French bread! It is SO tasty! I actually got home on Wednesday from work and asked my dad what was for dinner and he told me sandwiches and my day instantly got like 10x better. Not even always a lazy night dinner, just a delicious dinner :)


  9. says

    Ha! OMG – died over the Buzzfeed glamour shot link. Yours, however, are fabulous. It is always so much fun when your picture finally makes the personal training wall…My gym took a number of months as well.


  10. says

    Eggs! Whenever I get home and I’m too tired too cook, I just whip up scrambled egg whites with spinach and some cheese. Sometimes I’ll throw some toast on the side. But it always does the trick and takes no time at all.


  11. says

    Bean Salad! I had the same “I don’t want to cook dinner” feeling last night. I always try to make sure I have a stock of canned mixed beans in the cupboard. Add corn, black olives, feta, and avocado and grilled Cajun shrimp. PC brand Cilantro Avocado dressing and voila, dinner :)


  12. says

    Your wall pics look awesome! My mom totally had those glamour shots haha, I remember telling her I couldn’t wait to get some when I was older. Thank goodness photography has changed a little! Oh, and I worked at my gym for a year (just left to start my own business) and they never put my wall pics or anyone else who started after me. I guess it’s normal to take awhile! I think it’s great for members to connect with the trainers and instructors though!


  13. says

    I love adding extra goodies to my tuna salad too. I usually add diced pickles, radishes, and celery. Yum! For easy dinners, I love tuna or chicken salad sandwiches or scrambled eggs with random veggies and toppings thrown in. It is a great way to use up leftovers!


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