Cup O’ the Irish in Ocala

Little local coffee shops are so fun to visit.

Cup O the Irish Ocala

This morning, after our respective workouts (legs day for me), Ryan and I drove to Cup O’ the Irish for a Saturday morning pick-me-up.

We decided to make breakfast out of our visit, so I got a caramel cappuccino to enjoy with a filling chocolate peanut butter and banana smoothie.

photo (7)

Everything was wonderful. Cup O’ the Irish, we will be back!

Once we made it home, Sadie was in full-on crazy mode, so we decided to take her to the nearby hiking trails so she could release some of her energy. It is dreary and cloudy today, which is perfect hiking weather. Without the blazing sun beating down on our backs, our hike was quite pleasant.

vizsla hiking

We covered right around three miles in about an hour.

silver river hiking

As we drove home from the trails, we started brainstorming lunch ideas and agreed that grilling out sounded fabulous!

While I chopped vegetables, Ryan fired up the grill and prepared the chicken.

vegetables for grilling

He grilled everything up and I transformed our vegetables and chicken into two salads with avocado and goat cheese before topping them off with honey mustard dressing.

chicken veggie salad with honey mustard salad with honey mustard dressing

Not too shabby for a Saturday afternoon.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


  1. says

    Am I the only one that gets kind of overwhelmed with those crowded chalkboard menus? Btw, I think it’s so funny that Sadie sometimes looks really puppyish and other times looks a bit old.


  2. Sara @ LovingOnTheRun says

    Sounds like a great and active Saturday so far! I just finished up a 13 mile run now time to relax with the hubby!


  3. says

    I never thought of putting barbecued veggies in a salad – I’ll have to try that.

    Sadie looks like she had fun on the hike. I agree, if it’s a bit overcast it makes it so much nicer to be outside rather than when the sun is beating down on you.


  4. says

    Little hole in the wall coffee shops are the best. I think the coffee and everything just tastes better since it’s made without the “shine” of a label! This looks like a great morning together for your little family 😀 Enjoy the rest of your day!


    • says

      I’m not sure what they put in the smoothie, but if I had to guess, I’d say peanut butter, banana, milk and chocolate (?) protein powder. Ryan and I rarely get the same thing at coffee shops because he doesn’t like coffee. He’s a chai tea latte fan!


      • Cup O' The Irish says

        Just found your blog. Thanks for your kind words. The Smoothie had Natural PB, Banana, Milk, Ghirardelli Chocolate and Whey Protein. HOWEVER, since Ryan likes Chai, we would love for you to come in sometime and have him try our Hot Mess. Its a Cup Creation with Chai & espresso & a blend of awesomeness!


  5. says

    I love local coffee shops! I usually spend a good amount of time asking them about all their specialty drinks (I’m probably the annoying customer) but they are usually really nice and always give great recommendations. That grilled chicken and veggies salad looks so good.


  6. says

    Had to check out the cafe….had to laugh at the two British breakfast options…Ireland isn’t even part of Britain..clearly not set up by Irish people! 🙂 Smoothie sounds divine though!


    • Cup O' The Irish says

      Thank you for checking out our Shop and the kind comment about the smoothies. I love that we can provide real fruit smoothies with our various drink options… which is our intention as we are a European-Styled Coffee Shop. I did want to hopefully kindly correct your misinterpretation of the menu items and ‘Irish people’ comment. My husband, who created the Cup, is from Ireland. He was born and raised and all his family are still there… well, thats as Irish as it gets really. He and our kiddos are proud to be from Ireland and that is what we find of most people here with Irish heritage. Our food is Irish-styled: bangers, bacon, eggs… are all regular items there. We simply ‘American-ize’ them when we throw them in a wrap or on a bagel. A truer Irish meal would simply place those items on a plate rather that wrap them. Thank you for your comments to the original post and I would love to invite you in to the Cup. We have an awesome staff that will make it a great time!


  7. Nikki says

    What kind of honey mustard dressing do you use? I have a hard time finding dressing without tons of junk and sugar!
    (I’m in the same boat as your hubby! Chai tea latte all the way! In the summer I get it made like a frappuccino.)


  8. says

    My husband and I went to our little local coffee shop this morning too! It’s my favourite. It’s so cute and in a little flower nursery. A frothy hot chocolate and egg sandwich was the perfect post run treat. Love it!


  9. says

    Sounds like the perfect day! I’m waiting for the weather to get better here in Australia again so my boyfriend and I can do more hiking again.

    I love good coffee shops like that. Your smoothie sounds and looks yum!


  10. says

    I’m always excited when I visit coffee shops because it’s kinda one of those things I enjoy doing~And hiking sounds so fun right now! It’s surprisingly cloudy and kiiind of rainy in Socal too, but I don’t mind it one bit since it’s my favorite type of weather! 🙂


  11. says

    Sounds like a great Saturday so far. That smoothie sounds wonderful! We had big plans to go hiking today, but called it off after looking at the radar. Turns out, it never rained…would’ve been perfect hiking weather. 🙁


  12. RunnerGirlEats says

    What a great Saturday! I have a smoothie similar to that almost daily and it never gets old. So tasty!


  13. Caroline says

    What honey mustard dressing do you use? I have a hard time finding one that’s not too unhealthy/loaded in fat and sugar !


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