A Dog’s Fears

Work today went by fast. The highlight came early on when I taught a functional training class.


I’ve loved subbing for the instructor who usually teaches the class while she has been out for the past few weeks and I’m hoping I can regularly teach a similar class when the group exercise schedule permanently changes at our gym at the end of August.


Lunch today was enjoyed in the break room.

tuna salad lunch

I packed tuna salad that I ate wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla with sugar snap peas and a banana on the side.

Once work was done for the day, I drove to Great Clips to put my coupon to good use and got a trim.

great clips coupon

It was nothing fancy, but my ends needed it!

By the time I made it home, the daily summer thunderstorm rolled in, so a psychotic Sadie greeted me. She recently developed a fear of thunder that never plagued her as a puppy. Her body shakes and she crawls all over me, panting like crazy when it thunders. She used to only get like this when we crossed bridges (weird, I know), so Ryan and I are quite confused. Why, at the age of five, is she now scared of thunder?

Her Thundershirt seems to help a little, but I’m hoping this fear of thunder thing is something Sadie will grow out of sometime soon. Seeing her all spastic breaks my heart!

Other things that make Sadie freak out:

  • The floating toy in our pool (aka “Bob Barker”)
  • The man that runs around our neighborhood in a yellow t-shirt and Vibrams
  • Skateboards 
  • The smoke alarm
  • The bathtub

Question of the Afternoon

  • Pet owners: What freaks out your pet?


  1. Holly says

    Cans and cellophane wrappers, anything really that ‘crinkles’, she will sit there but turn her head away and look back through the corner of her eye like she’s not really looking at all, so hilarious!! But all in all she’s pretty darn calm!!


  2. says

    Tucker has recently developed anxiety that he didn’t have as a puppy. He’s about 5 years old as well and we actually had to put him on anti-anxiety medicine. We still haven’t exactly figured out what will work best to treat him…it was so much easier when he was fearless!


  3. says

    Thunder freaks out our Bernese Mtn Dog. Recently, over the weekend my step dad bought an Indian Drum from the Pow Wow and Kasa (the Pomeranian) is quite scared of it. Random!


  4. Gina C says

    The smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector sounds freak out my dog. About six months ago, he started whining in the middle of the night and pacing, waking me up. About a minute later, the carbon monoxide detector went off. It was the eeriest thing, as though he knew it was going to go off…and he warned me first!


  5. Libby Harmon says

    My dog HATES it when people stick out their tongues and shakes uncontrollably during thunderstorms. Does the thunderbuddy actually work, though? I should look into that!


  6. Meghan M. says

    I have 2 dogs, a yellow lab who is afraid of mops, brooms, vacuums, basically any cleaning supply and a terrier- mix who is afraid of being groomed, sneezes, coughs, trampolines, and the bird noises my alarm clock makes. What a dog just doesn’t like is so random.


  7. Kate says

    Puddles….not rain, not water (she actually loves baths)….just puddles. She freaks out and tries to walk as far away from them as possible.

    When she was a puppy, she was scared of grass. She would look for dirt or mulch to pee in instead of grass. If none was available, you would have to physically pick her up and put her in the grass to pee and she would WHINE whine whine (while peeing). Thank goodness she’s outgrown that one.


  8. Jackie W says

    We have a German Shorthaired Pointer who is a hunting dog, so he doesn’t mind thunder…but he gets SO freaked out by skateboards/skateboarders!


  9. says

    Haha Sadie is too funny!

    Hmm things Annie is scared of:
    Number one fear is definitely making a farting noise with your mouth. She sprints out of the room! Someone actually did it once in the car by accident and she darted underneath my husband who was driving, yep, right by the pedals — not safe!
    Folding laundry
    Newspapers and magazines
    Opening your mouth wide in front of her

    Yeaaahhh she has issues.


  10. Amanda says

    We have two rescues and the newer one is still afraid of a lot of things. He used to be afraid of trashcans (just walking by them on the sidewalk), but I’m happy to say he’s over that. He’s still afraid of skateboards, bikes, basketballs (we live next to a bball court), and most people .. especially men. Makes life a little challenging 🙂


  11. Amber says

    My German Shorthair is terrified of the most odd things…He is scared of my husband’s weight vest (not on. just when it’s in the corner chillin’) and my husband’s diving equipment. He is afraid of umbrellas (open or closed). He gets scared when someone takes a towel and swats at something. He doesn’t like any loud noises, or clapping, or any gun noises (clicking). We adopted him in December, so we have no idea why he is afraid of those things. 🙁 Makes me sad.
    P.S. We were in Lady Lake, FL this past weekend visiting my husband’s grandma. I waved as we passed Ocala. I’m sure you saw me. 😉


  12. april says

    i have 2 dogs – my puppy freaks out when he sees the garbage truck! i took him on the front yard to use the bathroom this morning and he whimpered as the garbage truck pulled up to our sidewalk. both of my dogs also go spastic when they see or hear the mailman and the gardeners.


  13. says

    My older dog was TERRIFIED of thunder, but he’s mostly deaf now, so unless it’s a really bad/loud storm, he pays no mind. He’s also afraid of the vacuum, the camera, and plastic bags (all of which could never hurt him, lol). My younger dog is afraid of rustling in the bushes and loud noises at night (things that could hurt her haha). Silly dogs!


    • Michelle R. says

      Many years ago, my boyfriend’s family kept the dog off the couch (where he could see out their front window) by just laying a baby gate on it when they went away. He never touched it! I always thought that was funny.


  14. Jessica says

    My lab is afraid big guys with beards. She will not leave them alone. Always makes me wonder if something happened before we got her.


  15. Megan says

    My dog goes bizerk when she hears any kind of siren. She makes whining/barking noises that sound EXACTLY like the sirens. I live in a city, close to a hospital, so this happens pretty much every day.


  16. Nikki V says

    Hana hates having her paws touched. She has gotten better with age about us touching them but if anyone else does, look out!!! Not a happy camper!


  17. says

    Our puppy Maple is just five months old, so she’s afraid of lots of things! Recently it’s the grates in the sidewalks (we just moved to New York City), and walking on the floors in dog shops – I think all the smells make her nervous.

    Poor Sadie!


  18. says

    I know a dog trainer told me if you comfort the dog while they’re shaking, they’ll end up more scared and you have to let them just get over it. You almost have to act like nothing is going on. It’s SO hard to do, but it definitely works! I’ve done it a lot with Elmo, like the rumble strips along highways!


  19. Laura says

    My dog is afraid of kids! It’s crazy because he’s like 110 pounds, therefore outweighs literally EVERY kid that tries to pet him by at least 70 pounds, but he darts around and hides behind my legs whenever a kid comes up and asks to pet him. I’m really not sure WHY he is afraid of them, but it’s kind of hilarious/sad.


    • lexi says

      i have a big husky malamute mix and she is terrified of kids too! it freaks me out because she’ll bark at them non stop, and ya, it’s rediculous because she is so big why is she afraid of little children lol


  20. says

    Delivery trucks, garbage trucks, pretty much anything that rumbles and makes loud noises. That and fireworks or gunshots, and he tries climbing into our laps too, shivering and panting. Oh and the sound of water running in the bathtub. He hears that and thinks he’s getting a bath, which he hates. Last time I ran the tub to do an ice bath for myself and he was whimpering, shaking and panting on the couch as if I was going to drag him to the tub. poor puppy.


  21. Sarah says

    My vizslas are afraid of thunder(they are 6 and this only happened as they got older), fireworks, food crackling in a pan on the stove and smoke detectors. I have always wondered about the thunder shirt.


  22. Michelle says

    My Vizsla is scared of the noises my phone makes…not all phones, just mine. Smoke detectors & unfamiliar people in hats also freak her out.


  23. Lindsey says

    A broom or a vaccum freaks out my boxer Laila I don’t want to laugh because she truly is scared, but its too cute!


  24. lisa says

    It’s common for pups to adopt phobias in “older” age. Same thing happened with my girl..never a care in the world until she hit about 6-7 years old, then she was TERRIFIED of thunder, wind, the sound of our alarm buttons being pushed… 🙁
    In addition to Sadie’s thundershirt, you may want to try Bach’s Rescue Remedy. We used to give our girl a few drops on a treat before a thunderstorm. It helped take the edge off, but is certainly not a “cure”. She would shake our entire bed with her panting/shaking. 🙁


  25. Janay Campin says

    My little pup is scared of everything!!!! He’s scared of the refrigerator because at one time things have fallen out of it and now he’s just freaked, the vacuum for sure, anything with loud noises really…he’s a little scaredy cat! Hopefully he’ll grow out of that stage since he’s only 5 months!


  26. says

    That is odd that she would have a fear all the sudden. My dog’s most recent fear is this new grocery cart I got to bring my groceries up in my apartment. My husband came in with it making racecar noises. I wonder why he’s scared of it… 😉


  27. says

    my pup, a 2 y/o husky malamute has always been a scardy cat. she’s afraid of a lot of things but the funniest is balloons. i didn’t know she was afraid of balloons until we blew a bunch up for a party and we left them all over the floor and left the room. when i went back she was sitting practically in the (unlit) fire place surrounded by them. to escape she leaped onto the coffee table! it was absolutely hilarious!


  28. Alana says

    My 3 year old australian cattle dog is fearless (maybe because she is deaf? haha), but she takes her neighborhood watch patrol very seriously and goes nutzo over CATS!!!, runners, the mail lady, oh and those ultra-threatening babies in strollers. Our other ACD is about 9 months is is biggest wimp in comparison! She’s terrified of the vacuum, my hairdryer, pretty much all other loud noises, and getting sprayed down with the hose (unlike deafo who attacks it with glee!). Haha talk about polar opposites.


  29. says

    Oh lord, I could go on for days. Anyone carrying ANYTHING – a box, a bag, a suitcase; cars parked in the parking lot; anyone walking on the sidewalk by our apartment; my dad…my dog is a gem (but I LOVE her)!!


  30. Valerie says

    my pup hates plastic bags! one night we were walking her and one blew up off the street and right into her face. her immediate fright and ensuing flailing caused the bag to get tangled in her collar and then on her legs….very traumatic…haven’t been able to cure her of it yet.

    also — not that I want to make you feel bad for getting a job haha but your suddenly being regularly out of the house in the mornings could be causing her to just be sensitive to everything. my husband was out of work on disability when we first got our dog and she completely lost her marbles when he was finally able to go back and she was alone. on the bright side, if this is the case with Sadie, she will hopefully just adjust to her new independent mornings and get back to regular as our dog did.


  31. Krystina says

    How was Great Clips? I have the same coupon and need a trim, but I’ve had bad experiences with cheap chains before.


  32. Caitlin says

    The smoke alarm in our house is so incredibly sensitive and it’s gotten to the point where if the cats hear us turn the vent fan on above the oven, they’re under the bed because they know it’s coming. So sad 🙁


  33. Jess says

    While our Lucy-girl is afraid of thunderstorms, anything loud, she is terrified of flies (yes, the insect) as well!!!!! She freaks out just as much as she does when hearing thunder when she sees a fly inside of her house. My husband and I think it’s funny, but it truly does break your heart when they’re that scared of something! Lucy has a thundershirt as well, but to be honest, I don’t think it does much for her….good luck with Sadie!!!!


  34. says

    My sister has one dog that is afraid of children, skateboards and smoke alarms. The other one is incredibly afraid of thunder, to the point that if it starts raining, she b-lines it home and shakes in a corner in fear of what might come.

    My dog is afraid of garbage bags on the side of the road and our new puppy is afraid of traffic…we’re hoping he grows out of that one.


  35. Deanne says

    Thank goodness for cats. Compaired to the dogs in he above comments my cats are fearless. Trouble hates the vet but other than that only the fire alarm bugs her. She just walks in the other room to get away. When I make cookies she would see me get up to take them out an pre-emptavly leave the room. Once I learned to turn the fan on before opening the door she stopped. If it goes off randomly she doesn’t care she just hates it going off every 10 min while baking cookies.

    When we do eventually get a dog though such antics won’t be tolerated. I like Ceasers methods and plan on implementing them. I am the leader. There is no need to worry and be anxious if I am in charge. Calm, submissive. As silly as it sounds we raised our cats the same way. They can be bathed, blow-dried, leased, whatever. They trust us because we’re confident and in charge. Trouble got scared of a man in a hat once, I corrected the behavior and now they don’t even phase her. I am sure with proper exposure and training Sadie could get over her fears. Being anxious and scared is a sad state of mind to live in.


  36. Jessica H. says

    Umbrellas and hats freak out my little love-bug! Dogs are so silly but so loving, and he makes my life better every single day.


  37. says

    Haha, poor Sadie. My college roommate’s dog was finicky over lots of random stuff.
    My two, Cairn Terriers, aren’t so much afraid of stuff as they are angry at it. My oldest, Mr. Gatsby gets so PISSED at thunder and ruuuuuns outside barking like a mad man. One day he’s going to get it. Hatter, my little one, gets made when my dad raises his arms. Like, she goes berserk and won’t go near him; she protects me from them and tries to get me mad at him, too. Terriers are a different set of dogs, though, and are totally full of themselves.


  38. says

    Taking out the trash and trash bags freak my Weimaraner, Bailey, out. Every time we take out the trash and have to open the new trash bag to put in the can she cowers down and hides. I have no idea why this happens. You would think we beat her with a trash bag by the way she acts.


  39. says

    nothing really freaks zoey out but she has really bad allergies and we can’t figure out what they are stemmed from… we have tried everything… food specific allergy diet, allergy shots, etc. and nothing seems to work so we are contemplating a thundershirt to see if her scratching/biting/itching stems from anxiety


  40. says

    Wow, it’s such a coincidence you wrote this today about Sadie and thunder, because I literally JUST encountered this late this afternoon with my dog, Oliver! When he was younger, he wasn’t as afraid as he is now around thunder, but today, he was very fearful. He tends to get nervous around most loud noises, and usually in order to calm him, I’ll hold him and pet him, and try to put the TV on to distract him. I’ve been curious about the thundershirt though, because I have heard good things about it, but wasn’t sure if I should try it on him or not.


  41. Carly says

    I have a gsp and she has been afraid of storms all her life. She pants heavy and just scrambles to get on top of you when the storm hits. She hates the smoke alarm…she does her tail butt-tuck move and shivers with big eyes…breaks your heart 🙁 She also hates when we cook in the oven…if we set the oven above 375 degrees she sits in the living room and has these body shivers like she does when it storms….maybe she thinks the fire alarm will soon be going off…I have been known to burn a few pizzas! “) Oh and she hates the curtains in our bedroom! All other curtains in the house she is fine with! She doesn’t like when I pull them up in the morning….she peels outta there! So quirky but gotta love her!!!


  42. Brittany says

    I have a horse who is completely fearless and if she could, she would conquer the world. BUT………she is scared of one thing, and one thing alone………BALLOONS! I have no idea where the fear came from, but just regular, birthday size helium balloons make her FREAK out. It is the saddest yet funniest thing to see.


    • Abby says

      Our horse likes to think she is the fearless know it all but the one thing she is scared of…other horses! Vehicles, children, the dogs, no problem. Took her in the ring once and nope! She picked up her pace and started almost running around in circles trying to find a way out as I tried to rein her in slow her down. Poor girl!


  43. Katie says

    My beagle mix, Hurley has several random fears. If a fly gets in the house he hides under the bed. So random! Windshield wipers; if he’s in the car and we have to use the wipers he shivers and is unconsolable. He also freaks out during thunderstorms. Luckily my shepherd mix, Dex isn’t spooked by much. It balances out Hurley’s neurosis. 🙂


  44. says

    Haha. Poor Sadie! Our dog Truckee freaks out oddly enough at my husband’s star wars lunch box. (Yes, he has one, and yes he’s an adult/13 year old at heart). It literally makes our dog shake and run around the house and bark at it if we set it down on the floor. I have no idea what the deal is!! Yoda isn’t THAT scary!!


  45. Katie says

    Aww poor Sadie! 🙁 Even though it breaks your heart, is it kind of cute at the same time? 😉 I kind of secretly love it when my cat is scared of things. Then she comes to me for protection and it always reassures me that she trusts and loves me. I hope this is just a phase for Sadie. 🙂


  46. Amy says

    My precious mutt, Smeegle, freaks out about:
    1) Baths. He knows the word “bath” even when it’s spelled; he also seems to sense when we are even thinking about giving him a bath;
    2) Suitcases. He doesn’t freak, but he gets majorly depressed because he knows a suitcase means someone is getting ready to disappear for a while.
    3) Rides in the car. This freaks him out in a good way. The opportunity to ride in the car sends him into fits of joy, complete with a happy dance and full facial kisses for the benefactor!


  47. says

    Charlie freaks out about the weirdest things too. He is afraid of guitars (my brother watches him while we are out of town and plays a guitar), and today he freaked out because of a long cylindrical package that came for me in the mail. ::sigh::


  48. Megan says

    Rita: vaccum cleaner, lawn mower, ladders
    Dooley: vaccum cleaner and thunder. He’s a rescue and came to us that way. So needless to say summer in FL is his least favorite season!


  49. Jenna says

    Our 3 dogs are universally terrified of thunder and fireworks! But one of them who is extra skiddish has a newfound fear when the ice machine is on in the freezer! One drop of ice and boom instant panting and shaking! Treats are a good distraction 🙂


  50. says

    There is a guy who practices his bagpipes in the park down the street. I like the music, but it makes my dog go bananas. Those things are so loud, the dude has never even noticed her barking her brains out.


  51. says

    Oh my gosh! Dogs and their fears. You feel so bad for them, but at the same time just want to shake them into understanding!

    Sparty used to be fine in the car – we lived in Ohio when we first got him and would drive home to see our families in Michigan (about 4 hours). He would just lay down in the back seat and sleep. Ever since we moved to NC and had the 10+ hour long car ride down he hates car rides. He gets all shaky, panty and droolie. If I go in the backseat with him to calm him down he gets as close to me as he can and crawls all over me.


  52. says

    My dog, Chance, can really get into the zone when he is outside sniffing around. If a squirrel or human approaches him quickly from behind, he literally jumps. It is highly amusing.


  53. kyla says

    I have no idea why, but Sadie’s fear of your neighborhood man that runs in yellow and vibrams just cracked me up! I can only imagine what that must look like for a dog.


  54. says

    I don’t have pets anymore (well my parents have 3 dogs that I guess are still partially mine). But growing up we had a pug who got freaked out by car washes. If she was in the car while we got one she would bury herself behind you or climb down on the floor under the seat.


  55. Sarah says

    Hey Julie! My poodle (Sandy) was never afraid of thunder as a younger dog, but it wasn’t until a few years ago (she’s 12 now) that she developed a fear of storms. She shakes and crawls all over whoever is nearby. I don’t understand what the turning point was for her. Hopefully Sadie will settle down again. 🙂


  56. says

    I have a 7 lb chihuahua, and she gets freaked out by smoke detectors too, but it’s the low battery beep that gets her. Ever notice how the batteries only seem to die in the middle of the night? I never hear the beep, I get woken up Pita shivering like the boogeyman’s going to get her lol. I love being a big dog owner vicariously through your Sadie posts, she seems like such a sweetie!


  57. Abby says

    Our black lab is about 8 and he never used to be afraid of thunder either or any of the following for that matter. Although sometimes we’re confused, sometimes its hard rain and he’s panting and pacing. Other things that freak him out: fireworks, guns (even when he sees it not just the sound), and whenever the oven is on. I think it’s because he knows that its been on when the smoke detector has gone off before…idk weird.


  58. Kristin says

    My dogs also hate the smoke alarm. They go crazy barking for 5 min straight after they hear it. My westie also barks like a mad dog at the windshield wipers in the car. It is so bad that we try to go as long as possible before we turn them on. Just recently he goes crazy when I spray my dry shampoo on my hair. Not sure what that is about. Silly puppies!


  59. Amanda says

    My lab Chase is terrified of balloons! Like, jump in my arms scared (it should be noted that he is 100 pounds). He also does this thing when we start out on a run where he’ll tuck his tail between his legs, and swing his body around so he can look behind us. I’m convinced that he thinks we are running FROM something every time we start out. It cracks me up every time!


  60. LeAnn says

    My dog growing up was absolutely terrified of thunderstorms. We lived on the coast of NC, and multiple hurricanes in the same month are what triggered it when she was a few years old. She did the same things; began trembling, would hide under the computer desk & in the bathtub, her HR increased tremendously, and she would run through the house. She could sense a storm coming about 30 minutes before it hit. We tried calming methods that the vet told us to use, but nothing did the trick. We ended up getting her a prescription for puppy Valium, and would give her half a dose for long storms. During short summer storms we would just hold her (all 55lbs) and that calmed her a bit. Drugging her seemed over the top, but it was so much better than seeing her suffer through the anxiety.


  61. says

    My aussie, Dusty, was always scared of T-storms, but now he is so old he can’t hear them! It is funny and nice because he doesn’t tremble anymore. The bad thing is that everything scares him 10 ft off the ground now because he doesn’t hear us walking around or coming up to pet him! Poor buddy, he is an old man at 13 yrs.
    Other than that, as a puppy he loved to chase cats and deer but once he cornered them he ran away scared as can be. He was like OMG I forgot they had claws and antlers!


  62. Katherine says

    Our dog is a pretty timid dog as it is but he is scared of trash cans/bag (walking on trash day is always fun) and anything sort of cleaning mop/broom. But he the best most cuddly dog in the world so its ok.


  63. Kaylee says

    I kid you not, my corgi Allie gets seriously freaked out when you do Matthew Mcconaughey impressions. If you say “Alright alright alright” that way he does, she flips out and starts barking at you and getting upset. It’s freaky! She also hates when you say my cats name (Mr. Biscuits) or sing that new Sheryl Crow country song. Plus the basic dog fears, like vacuuming. She’s such a little weirdo!


  64. Laura says

    Our dog is scared of the vacuum cleaner. She doesn’t freak out but she keeps her distance and keeps a close eye on the vacuum until you put it away!


  65. Monica says

    Our 3 year old beagle/terrier mix never was afraid of thunder until we moved to a new house. Now she does the same things as Sadie; shaking uncontrollably, panting, hiding… The Thundershirt helps sometimes, but not always. NO idea what changed!

    Another weird thing – she gets excited about motorcycles, and even tries to pull towards them on walks, but anything non-motorized with wheeles (rollerblades, skateboards, scooters) she is terrified of.


  66. Sarah says

    Our lab is 5 as well, and has recently developed a fear of thunderstorms, too. When she was a puppy, we wondered if she even heard them because she never flinched when it thundered. Now she wants to be right near us during storms, and snuggles up to us. Our method of dealing with it is to ignore it. I’ll even talk to her in an excited voice, and play with her so she’ll see that storms are nothing to worry about. Good luck! 🙂


  67. Kira says

    Thunder and fireworks are the two main ones for my dog, but she also has a fear of snow sleds! Whenever I was younger, she would always try to run after me and bite the sled and pull it out from under me to try to “save me.” Guess that’s just a part of dogs’ loyalty that we can’t help but love!


  68. says

    You can break Sadie of her fear of thunderstorms!! First of all, it’s good to know that dogs have certain times in their lives when a “fear imprint” can occur, so probably what happened was she was home alone and there was an extra loud clap of thunder. What you should do is get a recording of a thunderstorm (or a white noise app for your phone) and turn it up loud. Walk her around the house, giving her treats and distracting her from the sound. The key is to do this OFTEN and eventually the sounds will be no big deal. Good luck!


  69. says

    Haha this reminds me of Marley and Me when they come back after a week and the babysitter said it thundered all week. I have what I like to call a little scardy cat. He jumps at everything, and it isn’t because he was abused when he was younger, I’ve had him since a baby and he has been spoiled rotten, it’s just who he is. I don’t believe you can train the fear out of a pet, just comfort them when they are scared. I’m glad her thunder blanket works though!


  70. Rachel says

    I also have a vizsla. He’s terrified of bag clips (those things to keep your chip bags closed). Yup, he hates seeing the chips come out. He is also afraid of every new toy I bring home for him for at least a few minutes. He always manages to get past being afraid of the new toys though.


  71. Cassie F. says

    Rachel, my Vizsla is also afraid of every new thing we bring home for at least 10 minutes as well!

    He is also afraid of the oven, he will not go anywhere near the kitchen if I am cooking something. He will sit as far away in the livingroom, where he can still see me, and will sit there watching me and trembling, so weird.

    He also every once in a while will notice that the ceiling fan has two pulls on it to turn on the fan and the light, and will get fixated on growling and barking at them…

    and lastly his other big fear is of the garbage cans on the sidewalk on garbage day. He will bolt the other direction as soon as we get close to one. We now avoid the sidewalks on garbage day!


  72. Kristin says

    I have had the exact same problem with my dog. She used to be cool as a cucumber during storms but around age 8 they started to freak her out. I’ve tried everything from the the Thundershirt to Rescue Remedy. The vet has told me that it is really common for dogs to develop new anxieties as they get older. Still breaks my heart to see her shaking like a leaf at every clap of thunder. And fireworks…..for fireworks we have to bust out the doggie xanax. 😉


  73. Julie says

    My dog, Lucca, is afraid of water. To the point that you have to drag him out to pee in the rain and he walks around puddles and won’t go into wet grass. He also hates lound noises (like if something drops on the floor) and yelling ( I feel bad for him during football season bc I am a hardcore Redskins fan and scream like crazy)


  74. Karen B says

    Aww poor thing! My boyfriend and I just adopted our dog Cody a month ago and we are finding that he is scared of most loud noises. He hates the fire alarm and the vacuum. The first time I vacuumed, I looked all over the apartment for him and finally found him hiding far under the bed behind all of our suitcases. That has become his little hideaway anytime I vacuum (if I can’t do it while he is out of the house). We haven’t had a thunderstorm yet so it will be interesting to see how he reacts!


  75. Kelsie says

    If you continue to comfort her and give her attention during her freak outs, she’s going to connect the 2 and keep doing it. I was told by a dog trainer to never comfort a dog during or right after a breakdown. They will just keep doing it if you give them some kind of attention.


  76. Steph says

    In addition to being afraid of the typical thunder and loud noises, my silky terrier Sophie has a fear of balloons! My husband gave me flowers which had balloons attached and our dog completely lost it when the balloon was in the same room as her. We ended up hiding the balloon in the closet!


  77. Kimberly says

    My pit/vizsla mix Harrison is afraid of tall men, people wearing hats and hoodies, and the broom. Actually, I think he USED to be scared of the broom but now just pretends to be scared so he can get as close as possible to the broom and then dash away.


  78. Dani says

    My dog is terrified of any sort of construction sign (‘sidewalk closed’ or even an orange cone). He will practically drag me in the street to avoid going anywhere near them! He is also super afraid of anything with wheels OTHER than cars. He freaks when he sees a bike, skateboard or stroller, even when they’re not moving!

    I laughed out loud at the man running in vibrams. HAH! Does he know that your dog is afraid of him specifically?


  79. Jennifer says

    My 90 pound Doberman is afraid of feet! He hates to be touched with feet. If you accidentally brush him with your foot he gets all jumpy. I think perhaps he was kicked as a puppy or something, kind of sad.


  80. Julie Miller says

    My dog, Paka, is terrified of fireworks (thunder isn’t a problem as we live in California and rarely have any). Once during the 4th of July fireworks, he tried to climb on shoulders in the hot tub and fell in. It was pretty funny.


  81. Brittany @ proteinandpumps says

    Everything BUT thunder freaks my oldest dog out. He is nervous 24/7. Poor guy.


  82. Jill says

    Our dog, a chubby, wrinkly English Bulldog, is afraid of loud noises, specifically opening up a new trash bag for the trash can. I think the motion of us shaking out the bag to open it plus the noise just really freaks her out! We try to open them in the laundry room with the door shut so she doesn’t see/hear it.


  83. says

    Lucy, my poodle hates clothes. She freaks when I put them on here. I remember she used to prance around for the first few years showing off her clothes. Then all of a sudden, she hated them.


  84. says

    My dog Murphy FREAKS out when I blow on something. Think blowing make-up off a brush, dust off a picture frame, etc. He hides! It’s so crazy! Also any high pitched beeping and/or smoke alarms. Silly kid.


  85. Katie says

    I love this question! My dog doesn’t like people riding by in bicycles. And she doesn’t like loud car noises like a motorcycle or the UPS truck if it goes by us on a walk. She’ll try to run after it like she’s big enough to do something about it! She also hates storm drains but she’s a rescue with a few scars on her legs so we wonder if something happened to her before that involved one.


  86. Lisa R. says

    Haha, I love this post. My boxer mix is terrified of bubble wrap and it’s actually really funny. Just one pop of the bubble wrap and he runs as far away as possible. Even if you don’t pop it and get it close to him he freaks out. I think we learned this when we got all our wedding gifts in the mail. One other thing he’s afraid of is flies. He loves to try and catch the fly with his mouth but then when the fly turns and starts to go after him he bolts and hides in the closet.


  87. says

    My German Shepherd/Chow mix is petrified of the vacuum cleaner. He is also scared of small children and bicycles. The vacuum causes him to shake pretty bad where the small children and bicycles cause him to bark and hide behind me.


  88. says

    My beagle mix is scared of the box fan (doesn’t matter if it’s on or off), the chlorinating turtle that floats in the pool, rolling trashcans or most things on wheels and aluminum foil. She’s a nut!


  89. Heather T says

    My dog Kyleigh is five and she’s also terrified of thunder. Every time we have a storm she hides in the closet! She’s also scared of the bathtub, windshield wipers, the fire alarm and she will disappear if you even touch the vacuum. But above anything else…her worst enemy is the elevator!


  90. says

    My older dog is afraid of the vacuum, thunder, fireworks, the noise the neighbor makes rolling his lawn mower into the shed (sounds like thunder), bicycles…and fireflys. Fireflys only b/c he saw a firefly at the same time he heard a firework, and now, somehow thinks they are related. For thunder and fireworks, we use the thunder jacket and xanax if it is really bad. The vet told me that his anxiety will get worse as he gets older, and to try to treat before hand. He also mentioned that he had a client whose dog barreled past someone, right out a door, during a thunderstorm.

    I do remember the dog trainer telling me not to comfort him when he gets like this, and to try doing fun things during storms. Also, to try giving treats. He won’t even eat when it happens, so treats are out. Fun times!


  91. Michelle says

    Lol I set the smoke alarm off once while I was cooking, so now basically every time I even go near the stove my dog runs off and hides in the corner.


  92. says

    My dog gets SO scared of fireworks! He got so freaked out this past fourth of July when people were setting off fireworks in our neighborhood that he is still scared to walk around the neighborhood at night. 🙁


  93. says

    Bauer-my olde english bulldog, is petrified of thunder as well. He hides in the closet when he hears it.
    Mulder-my chocolate lab mix is a bit skiddish to begin with so he gets a little nervous around new men, especially those with facial hair. But the funniest thing is that he is afraid of the “raspberry noises” people make.


  94. Kat says

    My dog is afraid of bouncing balls and of watching people exercise. If you do situps or pushups in front of him, he starts to bark and bite at your clothes. It’s quite a site considering he is only 9 pounds. We like to joke that he is more of a book nerd than a jock. 🙂


  95. Katie says

    My 90 pound black lab mix is afraid of fireworks and storms of any kind. When the wind blows he starts getting anxious it’s gotten worse with age he’s 10. This summer has been the worst he actually makes himself sick because of storms. The only comfort he finds is being out IN the storm, wether it be rain, wind, thunder&lightning, hail or fireworks he’s calm IN the storm. I love my crazy dog…


  96. Sarah says

    The vacuum, bicycles, motorcycles. He’ll bark at pretty much any noise outside, but I think that’s more him being “protective” rather than being scared. Also, he hates baths and is not a huge fan of swimming (but he’ll do it if you go in with him).


  97. says

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