A Fun Morning for Sadie

I think it’s safe to say someone had a pretty fabulous morning.

happy vizsla

Sadie got to go on a five mile run and enjoy about 40 minutes of fetch… all before 8:30 a.m. Lucky girl!

First, she accompanied me on a hot and sweaty morning run around our neighborhood.

garmin forerunner 305

When our run was over, I was more than ready to immediately hop into the shower, but when I went to let myself back into our house, I realized I locked myself out. (Our front door currently cannot be opened from the outside – even with a key – and I totally forgot. We’ve had it fixed once before, but the problem surfaced again earlier this week.) Ryan was able to leave work and let us back inside and while we waited, I grabbed the Chuckit! and played fetch with Sadie in the backyard.

Apparently the five miles we ran together were child’s play to Sadie because she sprinted all over our yard like she wasn’t the least bit fazed. She had a blast and it was actually a really nice way to start the day. Watching a dog basically do back flips over something as simple as a tennis ball is a good reminder to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.


Breakfast this morning included a toasted whole wheat English muffin, a cup of 2 percent Greek yogurt, a sliced banana and three dates.

breakfast plate

The creamy yogurt and banana slices stole the show!

fage bananaOf Possible Interest

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  1. says

    Yay for Sadie! We were probably running at the same time. I went on a 7 mile neighborhood run, but my Max only made it about 1.5 miles before I had to drop him back by the house. Breakfast was a green smoothie bowl topped with vanilla chex and blueberries…. perfect for a hot summer morning! Have a great weekend!


  2. says

    Sounds like a great morning! My little shih tzu is not really a great running partner- she isn’t actually a great walking partner either since she stops every five seconds =)

    Thank you for being so honest about your running and how hard you find it because I feel the same way. Running is SO hard for me and I wish more than anything that it was easy for me! It makes me feel better that you are still so committed to it and gives me hope that I will grow to love it!


  3. Kristine says

    Hi Julie–

    I’ve been meaning to ask you this question regarding your running. I know you make half marathon playlists and listen to music while you run. How you carry your ipod/phone when running? My armband will stay up for like 5 or so miles, but the velcro doesn’t withstand the sweat very well.

    Love the blog and the pictures of Sadie!!


    • says

      I had the same issue with my armband when I started running. I finally broke down and bought an iPod shuffle (they’re $49) that clips onto my shorts and I’m so glad I did. No more readjusting during races or long runs and they’re so small that I barely notice it on my shorts!


      • Annie says

        I’m another ipod shuffle fan. The money is well worth it, they are SO handy! And if it rains you can just tuck them into your shirt and they don’t cause trouble (mine survived a downpour earlier this week!). The battery also lasts a long time!


  4. says

    Dogs are the best. I was always so amazing at how much energy our dog had to go chase the ball around the backyard! We had one dog that literally did not know how to play fetch. He would stare at us like we were crazy if we threw the ball. The other one made it very clear when she was done by lying down and not getting back up haha


  5. says

    It’s amazing how my dog can be completely out of breathe walking/running with me, but as soon as I come in the house and pick up a toy… Energy is completely restored. LOL


  6. says

    Awe, Sadie is too cute. Lucky little pup.
    I love being reminded of those little pleasures. Like when dogs get excited over the simplest thing – it makes me smile.


  7. says

    Every day when I read your posts I get more and more energy to get up early and run… then, I sleep in the next morning so I run on my lunch break… Maybe I should read your posts at the end of the day, just before bed!!

    Okay – time for my lunch break run!


  8. says

    Oh I love dates! Sorry to hear you locked yourself out, glad to hear Sadie was out with you to play. The last time I locked mysel out poor Bentley kept staring at me through the window. I felt so bad for him, he was so confused why I was just out there in the front yard and not letting him come out an play.


  9. says

    Hi Julie, I’m interested in learning more about the healthy living summit. I am a new blogger and am working on making my blog better , learning more, all while meeting fellow bloggers. Would you recommend the healthy living summit ?


  10. says

    My boy boxer, Whiskey, is SO SO obsessed with his ball. He even sleeps with his ball like a teddy bear. My two pups were running around ridiculously happy this morning and just looked like knuckleheads. I got a call from work that I had a surprise day off and I guess the pups picked up on my enthusiasm because they just started bouncing all over the place. What smiles!


  11. Diane says

    Our one door is doing the same thing right now! If you don’t mind my asking, what was wrong with the lock the first time?


  12. Kathryn says

    I noticed your watch, is it a heart rate monitor as well? I’m looking for one for my spinning classes so I don’t overdo it but also stay in the “zone”. Do you have one you recommend?


  13. says

    Oh nooo getting locked out can be so much drama but glad it worked out! And I miss running so much! I wonder when I’ll be ble to start up again with my little one around now 🙂


  14. Jill says

    I’m on the opposite end of fitness and at a big low for a long time now due to a lot of issues. But your blog is still one I visit because of your positivity. Whenever I lock myself out, I am not a positive person about it …at all.
    Butter on your bread? No nut butter or nuts ! 🙂


  15. says

    Sadie is totally adorbs! I know playing fetch with my labradoodle, Cal, is a perfect way to start the day 🙂 He’s so sweet and he never runs out of energy. Your run this morning sounds lovely. I haven’t truly been able to run for about a month know because of debilitating shin splints 🙁


  16. says

    See THIS is why I want a dog! I grew up with cats and no one in my family can understand why I want a dog…but it’s because they’re so active and playful! So cute


  17. says

    I love the pictures of Saide! What a productive and relaxing way to start your day. I love getting so much done before most have even gotten out of bed. My puppy seems to have endless energy like that too!


  18. says

    Bummer on getting locked out but lucky for Sadie!! One of my old apartment buildings my key didn’t work for the front or side door for awhile. After nearly getting stuck outside late one night (and calling friends to come try and help me get back into my building), the management had to create a door code to let ourselves in just in case! NO FUN!


  19. says

    My younger dog has energy for DAYS! She runs around the house/on the dog beach for HOURS. So you would think she would be all about running with me, right? WRONG! She lasts about a block or two, then is done and wants to lay down, haha. Silly dog!


  20. says

    Sadie is one lucky lady!

    Some days I wish my two little pups could keep up with my running but I’ll take their endless cuddling any day 🙂 Some times when I feel like I need a running partner to give me a little push (and my human friends are busy, lol), I will stop by and pick up our friend’s yellow lab, Molly. She has accompanied me on some 5+ mile runs and doesn’t even seem to loose her breath!


  21. says

    I took my Mum’s dog out for a 45min progression run last week and at the end of it he was laying panting on the floor waiting for me to take him home! He’s clearly not as fit as Sadie is!


  22. says

    Hi Julie! I was wondering if you had any suggestions on strengthening a hip flexor? I’m training for my first race (a 10K!) and I’m experiencing a lot of pain in my right hip flexor. I’m working on stretching it well but didn’t know if you had any other suggestions? Thanks for any/all help! Love your blog!



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