Hooray for Almond Milk

Hooray for coffee shops that have almond milk!

Chelsea Coffee Company Ocala

I’ve never been a huge milk lover (yogurt, cheese and ice cream are a completely different story), but I’ve been an almond milk fan from my very first sip. I think it tastes better than regular milk and I am always thrilled when coffee shops have it available.

After the gym this morning, Ryan and I swung by Chelsea Coffee Company, a local coffee shop that we first visited a little less than a year ago. Since our last visit, they started offering almond milk, which made me so happy!

I ordered an almond milk cappuccino with a pump of white chocolate syrup and loved it!

I also bought one of their honey walnut date bars which was gooey and delicious.

photo (45)

Two thumbs way up for Chelsea Coffee Company!

Leg Workout

Backing up a bit to today’s workout…

Right after we woke up, I ate a Luna bar before Ryan and I drove to the gym around 8 a.m.

My time at the gym began with a 20-minute cardio warm up before I headed into the weight room to complete a leg workout that looked like this:

Leg Workout

It was fast and efficient.

Following our time at the gym, we hit up the coffee shop before driving to the farmer’s market to browse around.

photo (42) photo (43)

We left with some local produce and I ate a fresh peach in the car on the way home that was incredibly juicy!

photo (44)

Now it’s time to entertain Sadie and shower before we head over to a friend’s house for some fun.

Catch ya later!

Question of the Morning

  • Are you a milk lover? What is your favorite kind of milk?

I’m an almond milk lover through and through. These days my favorite kind of almond milk is unsweetened vanilla. Mmm!


  1. says

    I love almond milk and every chance I get I always replace it with almond milk for my coffee. I totally understand you, it taste better and it’s healthy too.


  2. Julie says

    I have never liked milk either. I have recently discovered that I do like vanilla soy milk. I still can’t drink it but I use it on cereal and in coffee. Almond milk is ok. It has a bit of a stronger flavor but is still better than regular milk.


  3. says

    I am lactose intolerant and also try and avoid most soy products so almond milk is my go-to! I love it. I wish that more coffee shops would get on board and offer it as an option. Although that may be bad for my wallet…


  4. says

    I’m a total almond milk lover as well and it’s awesome that so many coffee shops are picking up on the trend. Also, I just found out that TCBY has almond milk fro yo. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m excited.


  5. Katelyn says

    I don’t like most dairy (ice cream and some cheese are the exceptions) but almond milk is amazing. I always have unsweetened original on hand and sometimes I’ll buy chocolate almond milk as a treat. :)


  6. says

    I’m lactose intolerant so I used to have lactaid and soy milk, but I’ve heard neither one is necessarily “good” for you. Almond milk is my new go to :)


  7. says

    Almond milk is my absolute favorite! I constantly have a carton stocked in my fridge. I usually have the unsweetened original silk almond milk but when I make it to Trader Joe’s I pick up there unsweetened vanilla – it is so much cheaper and just as good! I am just like you – I get soo excited when I go to coffee shops and they have almond milk!


  8. says

    I agree that the best milk is ice cream=) I’m unfortunately allergic to almonds, but recently discovered this milk in glass jars from Whole Foods – it’s low heat pasteurized and from grass fed cows. It tastes unlike any milk I’ve ever tried! I also like coconut milk for a healthy non- dairy alternative.


  9. MK says

    How much weight do you do for each exercise? I tend to slack off in the gym so I like to have an estimate to follow so I know if I should be going heavy or light or medium, ya know!


  10. says

    I’ve been fan of almond milk since my first sip too, and I’ve never been a huge fan of regular milk. However, I’ve recently been loving 2% reduced-fat milk with added DHA. The Horizon Organic and Target brands both taste delicious with breakfast cookie dough cereal. Follow the link below for the recipe if you’re interested in dessert for breakfast. :)



  11. says

    I think I would love that coffee shop since it is named after me!! Oh, and almond milk is definitely my favorite. I think that is why I tend to go to smaller local coffee shops rather than chains like Starbucks. They don’t have almond milk and that is quite the bummer.


  12. says

    I’ve never been a fan of regular milk but I love a good foamy latte! There is a coffee shop in the Pacific Northwest called Mercury’s Coffee…they have the best almond milk drinks AND they offer syrups like dark chocolate and agave. Gotta love a local, almond milk latte :)


  13. says

    This post made me smile because me and one of my BFFs always say our friendship formed thanks to talking about our milk preferences. We were two of the only gym-going girls in our dorm, so we would walk to the fitness centre together on mornings before class. We made small talk over our favourite milk types and became fast friends!


  14. Jessica says

    I’ve been working almond milk into my smoothies and baked goods lately.

    A great afternoon pick-me-up treat– throw a cup of Blue Diamond Almond Milk Mocha iced coffee into the blender w/a frozen banana and some ice. Delish!


  15. says

    I wish Starbucks would introduce almond milk!!! Or even coconut milk!! I do love soy lattes, etc, but I would love the option of another non-dairy milk!! Hooray for Chelsea’s coffee shop. Love local coffee shops!


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