In Need of a Studio 54 Outfit

Good morning, my friends! I hope you had a nice evening and are feeling rested today.

Ryan and I had a fun Tuesday night playing Scrabble over dinner before we headed outside to entertain Sadie with several rounds of fetch.


We waited until close to 8 p.m. to play outside so we weren’t sweating like crazy. I think Sadie had a blast!


The picture below perfectly sums up Sadie’s fetching technique: Wait until Ryan has the frisbee and then take off at a full sprint the moment he winds up to throw!


Blurry dog!


After our outdoor fun, I prepared a bowl of overnight oats before bed.

overnight oats with banana

This morning I topped the oats with a sliced banana and dug in! 

overnight oats

In Need of a Studio 54 Outfit

Next month I will be heading off to Las Vegas for Merri’s bachelorette party.

bachelorette 114

Merri is not only one of my very best friends, but she is also one of the most fun people on the planet. She’s always talked about partying it up in Vegas for her bachelorette party and now the time is here!

I’ve been to Las Vegas one time before, but I was in elementary school, so I think this experience will be rather different! To say I am excited would be a serious understatement. Merri is such a wonderful friend to me and our group of girlfriends from college tends to go all-out for bachelorette parties, so I am pumped!

During our first night in Las Vegas, everything will be Studio 54 themed. It seems like a lot of my friends are having good luck finding a Studio 54-themed outfit to wear, but I am at a loss! A quick Google search reveals lots of metallic clothing and slinky dresses. If you’ve ever attended a Studio 54-themed party or have outfit ideas for me, I’d love to hear them!

Right now I’m thinking something like this would be fun:

gold jumpsuit

I think it may be time to hit up Goodwill and local vintage shops!


  1. emily says

    AHHHH SO much fun!!! I went to a Vegas this past July for a Bachelorette party and it was AWESOME!!! I HIGHLY recommend the Thunder from Down Under show at the excaliber…..Look it up! Try and request front and center and they will include the bride in the show…so funny!


    • Laura says

      Agreed! I went to Vegas last summer for a sorority sister’s bachelorette party and Thunder from Down Under was one of my favorite parts of the trip! My friend the bride was pulled on stage, along with a few other brides in the audience. VEGAS IS AMAZING!!!


  2. says

    This is neither here nor there, but you should know that whenever I go to read your blog, I start singing your blog name in my head to the tune of “peanut butter jelly time.” It goes something like: “It’s Peanut Butter Fingers time, Peanut Butter Fingers time, Peanutbutterfingers, peanutbutterfingers, peanutbutterfingers and a baseball bat!”

    I know…I’m super lame. But I thought you’d get a kick out of it.


    • Girl Child says

      omg ur hilarious!! I have 3 boys and we sing that song often, however, my brain never sand it to PB “fingers” time LOL.. you have just corrupted my mind and I will read her blog again without hearing that version.. love it..


  3. says

    That outfit is perfect for Studio 54! Wear some large shiny dangly earrings & lots of gold to match the outfit. Fun! Vegas is awesome when you’re old enough to really enjoy it.


  4. says

    Yay Vegas, I wish I could be in your shoes. That outfit looks good, it reminds me of the one Beyonce wears in Austin Powers Movie “Goldmember” Maybe if you watch that film you could get some cool ideas. Rock Vegas Gold Style


  5. says

    That sounds like so much fun! If you don’t have luck at Goodwill and are willing to spend a little more money, I’m sure American Apparel has tons of options, I feel like half their catalog is Studio 54 themed!


  6. Betsy says

    You have to go to Thunder From Down Under while you’re there-it’s definitely an experience! If you stay at the Venetian, check out the Cafe Lux Restaurant-amazing food without the high price!


  7. Shady says

    I was in Vegas 3 weeks ago and I found it horribly overrated. It was like a big, loud, bright theme park. I love big cities but Vegas is ridiculous and I’m hoping to never go back.


  8. Bucknell Alum says

    Okay so one of the fraternities has an annual studio 54 party when I was in college. It was always epic and people went all out. One of our best costumes involved buying a few yards of sequin fabric and turning it into a halter top with black skirts. I wish I could post some old Facebook albums here because it would be filled with great ideas. Have fun!


  9. Katie says

    LOVE Vegas! Went in May for my sister’s bachelorette party. The Rock of Ages show at the Venetian is by far the most fun thing I have done there. The gold outfit is perfect, reminds me of something Samantha Jones would wear on Sex and the City!


  10. Erin says

    Maybe envision some ideas of what you might like to wear and then do some searching on ebay! I feel like once you have some ideas you will surprised at the amazing and well-priced selection there. Just have to be comfortable not trying things on


  11. Maria says

    You HAVE to eat brunch at Mon Ami Gabi! Their waffles are to die for. No joke! My husband and I went there 3 of the 5 days we were in Vegas.


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