Running Gear That Gets Me Out the Door

Yesterday I received an email from Erin, an elementary school teacher who wants to get into running. I loved the way she phrased her email when she asked me about my favorite running gear. She wanted to know what running gear motivates me to get out there and run. Not just the necessities… the stuff that makes you want to run!

“Do you have any advice for fun running gear that I should try out to get motivated to MOVE?  I’ve had my eye on some new earbuds/armband for my iPod and maybe some new running shoes but I need help!”

I totally get her email. What is the not-so-necessary gear that adds enjoyment to a run?

Of course quality running shoes and comfortable workout apparel are pivotal, but I came up with a list of a few not-so-necessary items that seem to add fun to any run:


These earbuds ROCK! I don’t know what it is about my ears, but before I discovered YurBuds, traditional earphones would either slip out or make the insides of my ears feel sensitive and slightly sore. Now I only run with my YurBuds and can 100 percent vouch for their TwistLock technology that guarantees that these earbuds will stay in place and won’t hurt. 

  • A Great Playlist

Workout Playlist

Nothing motivates me to get out there and run like an energizing playlist. Knowing that my iPod is full of upbeat songs that I love encourages me to lace up my sneakers and head out the door. You can find a bunch of my favorite playlists here: Workout Playlists. My current go-to playlists include my Half Marathon Playlist and my High Energy Workout Playlist.

  • Headband That Stays In Place

Julie and Sadie BIC Bands

I cannot stand when my hair gets in my face when I workout, so I almost always wear a headband to keep little whispies out of my face. I swear by BICBands! They stay in place and after I slip one on, I can forget all about it since it doesn’t annoy me or slide around. Love them!

  • Yummy Fuel

Gu Chomps

After training for my first half marathon without fuel, I think I can safely add this to my “running necessities” list when I head out to tackle longer runs, but it’s still something that definitely contributes to the enjoyment of a run. By fueling properly I help keep my energy levels up and prevent burnout which makes a run 5,000 times more enjoyable. My favorite fuel sources during long runs are Gu Chomps or CLIF Shot Blocks. They taste like fruit snacks! I typically carry them in my Sprigs wrist wallet.

running fuel wrist wallet

  • An Enthusiastic Running Buddy

excited dog

No, this isn’t an item you can buy, but it is probably the best motivator out there! Whether your running buddy is a friend or something slightly furrier, having a running buddy who is always excited to join you for a run is priceless! There are running clubs everywhere, so if you don’t know anyone who likes to run or if your dog isn’t a maniac like Sadie, Google running clubs in your area to find like-minded people who are training for a race or just looking for a group to keep them accountable.

  • Running Watch

Garmin 305

Even though I’m not a competitive runner and really don’t care about my time, I still love my Garmin Forerunner 305 running watch. Most of the time I head out the door with a specific distance in mind that I’d like to run and this watch allows me to just run without taking the time to plan a specific route since it tells you how far you’re running and your pace. Though a running watch is not a necessity, I am a sucker for my Garmin and think it contributes to my desire to run.


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Now it’s your turn!

Question of the Morning

  • What is one item you think contributes to the enjoyment of your workouts that is not really necessary?


  1. Noelle Smith says

    Glide is something that may not add to my enjoyment but it sure keeps my skin happy. Payday candy bars cut into small bites make my long runs enjoyable. They also help keep my energy levels up and it’s so nice to have a little treat while running.


  2. says

    I would say a goal! Not necessary, because you can still go run without one, but if you have a race on the horizon, or even a small goal (like “I will run 5 miles” or “I will run 2 minutes without walking”) it can be more fun!


  3. Ali says

    I went on my first outdoor 5k run last night. It was a big feat for me to finish! This post made me excited to run more :) I just spent way too much ordering items on my lunch break!


  4. says

    Definitely cute running clothes and an energetic playlist!! Sometimes my laundry piles up and I have to wear my old grubby running clothes, and the workout just doesn’t quite feel the same. But it does inspire me to get moving and get the laundry done so I can wear my cute shorts the next day!!


  5. Val B says

    For anyone interested in finding people to run with, check out My sister recommended it to me as a great way to get out and meet people wih common interests when I moved to a new city. My running group I found through that site has been phenomenal, I went from a few 3 mile runs a week (maybe) to running with the group 5-9 miles three times a week minimum, and at a pace I never thought I could sustain at long distances. And the group gets together socially as well, and shares other interests like kayaking and sailing.

    My motivation to run had been fitness before, but it’s now turned into friendship. If I miss a run I’m actually disappointed to miss my friends. I highly recommend running buddies!!


  6. says

    Cute workout clothes are a huge motivator! This is also kind of silly, but I work out at the gym and I always bring Yes To! Cucumber face wipes with me. I’m way more willing to sweat knowing I have face wipes to stay clean, and I feel refreshed after using them.


  7. Karissa says

    Comfy, functional workout clothes that are still somewhat cute! Honestly, till about 6 months ago, I used to just workout in old, oversized T-shirts and the like and never realized that what you wear really DOES make a difference in the workout- not even just mentally! :-)


  8. says

    Those yurbuds sound fantastic! Everyone seems to love them. And I always wanted a dog to run with because it seems like so much fun, and even if you want to stop, hahaha…im sure you probably can’t. ;)


  9. Holly says

    Totally lame, but I really do now know why everyone raves about Lululemon. Now they are all that I run in- the run speed shorts. But I also love my Mizuno shoes.
    And, such a GREAT idea to carry the chomps in your wrist pouch- totally borrowing your idea!


  10. Laura says

    Definitely my dog, Margaret! She is the best running buddy and never tries to talk me out of a run-always ready and eager. Since we got her 2 years ago, the only time I have run without her is when I’ve been in a race that doesn’t allow dogs and it always feels strange not to have my running buddy with me!

    I also adore my Garmin 410 and feel lost w/o it to tell my my pace and distance!


  11. says

    I run with my phone, but I hate using those armband holders. They always slide off and bounce and I haven’t found one yet that just isn’t horribly uncomfortable. So I found some lululemon running capris with very snug pockets my phone fits in perfectly. They haven’t stretched out (I’ve been doing this for months) and I can tuck my headphone cord up through my shirt to keep it out of my way. Since I figured out this method, it is sooooo much easier to run with music and not drive myself crazy!

    Next up: some yurbuds, because the stock iPhone earbuds are always falling out on me :)


    • Rachel says

      OMG tucking your headphone cord up through your shirt, this is a genius idea! Or else I’m incredibly dumb for not thinking of it earlier lol.


  12. Kristin says

    thanks for the great suggestions!! I’m not currently a hardcore runner, but I’m trying to get into it and this stuff will really help.

    Random question – in the pic you have above for the BICbands, which size are you wearing? I want to buy some and I can’t figure out what is the best size because i don’t want them to be too wide, and yours looks just right! thanks! :)


  13. says

    I love my garmin too and my running playlist! It’s not essential but using body glide to stop chaffing especially on long runs helps!

    I also just starting using fuel for my long runs as I’m training for my first half and it makes all the difference. I also always wear Skins which are a compression running pant and they make so much difference. As does a new cute running outfit :)


  14. Khara says

    I agree with many of the comments… Motivation! Nothing gets my butt out the door like registering for a run. Running apps! I like map my run and charity miles has a fun one that donates money to a charity of your choice for every mile you run. Good tunes! I can vouch for the Higher Energy Workout playlist that is in this post – I rocked out 10K to it yesterday. Fun running gear! I love fun and functional running shoes and clothes :)


  15. Brandie says

    I’m currently training for my first half marathon and loved this post! I’m curious as to how you carry your water on your long runs?? Random question I know but I’m curious! Thanks!


    • Christina says

      I woud love to know too! When training for my first half marathon I had to get really creative with bringing water around and would love to know what everyone else does!


    • Rachel says

      I carry my Gatorade in a 20 oz bottle and just run with it in one of my hands. Takes some getting used to, but I don’t find sports belts comfortable


  16. says

    I’m obsessed with BICbands too! Such fun colors and they’re the only thing that works to keep my hair out of my face when I run.

    I just bought new running shoes and they are a huge motivator! New workout clothes are also a good motivator for me. Gotta make my money worth it!


  17. Bobisa says

    “Nothing out there motivates me to get out there and run like an energizing playlist”.

    This sentence! Hahaha ….Editor AND Writer, you say?


  18. Rachel says

    I recently got yurbuds and love them! They take some getting used to, but they’re awesome. Plus the colors are pretty :). I NEED music/podcast during a run, so this is my vote for enjoyment.


  19. says

    I actually hate those ear buds. I run with one ear bud in to listen for cars/etc, and I take the ear bud out as I approach various intersections/turnarounds. I CANNOT, for the life of me, get those earbuds BACK in and twisted properly while on the move. So they’re in my “running gear junk drawer” now. At least they were free? heh


  20. says

    I went and got some Yurbuds today after seeing your post. I have tried several other brands and been unhappy with the fit, with ear sensitivity and the buds popping out. Thanks for the advice, so excited to run tomorrow with these!


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