New Brunswick Bound

Good afternoon, my friends!

How is your Thursday going? Things are looking up around here!

I am officially done with work for the week and will be driving up to Jacksonville with Ryan this evening to spend the night at my parents’ place before catching a 6 a.m. flight to New Jersey. It will be one heck of an early morning tomorrow, but I am thrilled for all of the wedding festivities that await us when we arrive in New Brunswick.

new brunswick weather

I checked  the weather and apparently temperatures climbed to 82 degrees in New Brunswick today! I was kind of hoping for some chilly fall weather and a change of pace, but sunny weather is great, too. I guess I’ll leave my boots behind!

Workout + Work

Ryan and I were up at 5 a.m. today for a workout. My legs are still so stinkin’ sore from Wednesday’s workout, so I concentrated on chest and shoulders at the gym today and left my poor hamstrings alone.

After a workout and protein pancakes for breakfast, I typed up my morning blog post and drove to the gym to start my work day. I had a great time teaching TRX and water fitness and my work day was over in no time at all.


In between classes, I needed to run home to pick up something I forgot to bring to work with me and rather than eat the leftovers I originally packed, I decided to make myself a big salad while I had access to our fridge.

chicken avocado ginger salad

I made a salad topped with avocado, chicken, asparagus and ginger dressing.

chicken salad with ginger and avocado

It was a good one and fueled me through water fitness with no problems!

Now it’s time to pack and wrap up one last project before we’re off to Jacksonville.

Enjoy your evening!


  1. Emily says

    Hi Julie! I go to Rutgers University in New Brunswick and I’m a huge fan of your blog!! The weather this weekend will be perfect for a wedding! Enjoy!


  2. says

    That salad looks yum! Question – when you teach the TRX or water fitness do you actually do the class or you’re more just teaching/monitoring/walking around helping people with form? Sounds like such a fun job (I’m actually looking into getting my CPT certification very soon!)
    -Sammy @


    • says

      For TRX I really can’t do it with them because I have to constantly correct form since it’s kind of a hard thing for people to do correctly (especially if they’re first timers). I just observe, correct, encourage and watch the interval timer since we always do intervals. For water fitness, I do the class, but it’s not challenging since I’m on land. I sweat but only because it’s outside. It’s a lot of slower movements since they have to translate to water.


  3. Lizzie says

    I’m from NJ, too, and this fall weather has entirely caught me off-guard! I’m used to snuggling up in blankets during the first week of October – this is not typical Northeast weather! I hope that you enjoy the trees, though – the leaves have already started to change colors :)

    I was wondering if you might ‘help a girl out’ and start posting your workout ideas, again. I’m in need of a motivational push and your combos have always given me that little nudge to try something new!


  4. april says

    yum, such a great looking salad! i’m on the biggest avocado kick right now :)

    hope you have tons of fun this weekend. safe travels!


  5. Traci says

    I work in NJ and it certainly has not been boot weather yet! :( mine are still untouched in my closet. It’s been a little chilly at night though. Have fun!


  6. says

    Don’t let that 80 degrees fool you. It’s a non-muggy 80 and it’s nice and cool at night. Enjoy NB. I went to college there at Rutgers so I have a lot of fond memories. Stop by clydz for martinis or take a fun ballet/dance class at ABR!


  7. andrea says

    where is the wedding? make sure you go to Clydz for a martini and red mango for some fro yo…hmmm what else can I tell you about….you should have a meet up!!


  8. Meg says

    Hi Julie, not sure how much spare time you’re going to have in NB this weekend but if you get a chance go to Stuff Yer Face (on Easton Ave) and get a stromboli. They are without a doubt the best in my very un-biased opinion. Definitely an indulgence health-wise but so, so, SO worth it.


  9. Robin says

    RU 2010 grad! It’s so cool to see how many of your readers are in that area! Hope you have a great weekend in my old neck of the woods.


  10. Kelsey K says

    Hi Julie! What type of dressing did you use for the salad? It looks super yummy!

    It’s a great time to visit NJ! Enjoy the cooler temps!


  11. says

    I try to avoid syrup because of the sugar.. do you ever top your protein pancakes with any other toppings that you’d recommend?? Have fun in NJ! I was just in NY last weekend and it’s so lovely up there this time of year!


  12. says

    Yay, for another wedding weekend! I dug out all my sweaters and boots from storage a few weeks ago and then the temps in the SF Bay Area remained in the 80s for what felt like fooorrreeevvverrr. I was so impatient to start wearing all my comfy fall gear!


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