Coming Up in November

Good afternoon! How are you guys doing today?

Things are going quite well around here! After working through the morning, I arrived home to an energetic dog who needed some attention. I wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and headed outside with Sadie for some fresh air.

photo 1 (5)

She quickly found a stick and had the best afternoon of her life. Okay, so it wasn’t the best afternoon of her life, but she sure acted like it was in her top three best afternoons ever. Oh the joys of owning a dog! They remind you that the simple things in life are the best things.

photo 2 (5)

Like sticks!


Once Sadie and I were done with our afternoon playtime, we headed inside for lunch.

I made myself a bowl of tuna salad with carrots and celery and served it with a box of Green Giant steamed green beans and almonds and an apple.

DSC_0067 DSC_0069

I ended up going back for a second apple because my first one was too tiny. I bought a bag of small, organic apples at the grocery store yesterday and it feels like two of the baby apples equal one normal apple. They are super sweet and so good!

Coming Up in November

We’re four days into another month and I have lots of fun stuff on the horizon this November.

In chronological order:

And I’m really hoping the cooler weather sticks around in Central Florida for a little while. It’s finally starting to feel like fall. I’m even sipping on hot apple cider tea right now and loving it!

Question of the Afternoon

  • What is one thing you’re looking forward to in November?
  • Any races or athletic competitions on your agenda this month?


  1. says

    Nov looks like it’s going to be so much fun! I wish I lived closer to Disney so I could do some of their many races! And thank you for reminding me that I need to get Friendsgiving on the calendar as well!!


  2. Nikki says

    I see you holding Sadie in pictures all the time. How much does she weigh? I have two vizslas and they are 55 and 65 pounds. Obviously, I got the bigger guys.


  3. Gretchen Stone says

    I’m doing a double road runner this month and am SO excited! :) You run a 10k then recover for an hour in the VIP recovery area (including snacks and free massages) and then run a 5k to finish it off!


  4. says

    Sounds like a fun month ahead!

    We have some good stuff to look forward to as well: recipe exchange party this weekend, a trip down to AZ for a week to visit family, Thanksgiving, Turkey Trot 5k. I have a feeling like the month is going to be over before we know it!


  5. Emma says

    I am looking forward to going home and seeing family for Thanksgiving! My Fiance is stationed at Fort Bragg so we aren’t close. But, great reason to have a Friendsgiving!

    I am going a 5k turkey trot, especially excited because my Mom, who has never ran in her life, is training for it! So proud of her!


  6. Mckenna says

    Can I ask, How do you make your tuna? I know some people make it healthier by substituting the mayo with avocado – I was just curious how you make yours or if you add anything to it?


  7. Ruthie says

    I’m moving to a new city (Boston) to start a great new job!

    Per usual, great Sadie pics! Thanks for always reminding us to appreciate the little things, Julie! :)


  8. Heather says

    Not doing a Turkey Trot this year… so sad :( But I have a Chocolate 10K run in 2 weeks, will be super fun! Then I am training for Boston!! Excited!!


  9. says

    Zach and I are going to his brother and sister in laws in North Carolina for the first time for a big Jara Thanksgiving. It’s the first time we have all been together for a Holiday, so I am BEYOND excited!


  10. april says

    so exciting about your upcoming disney 5k and fun adventures! i’ve heard GREAT things about disney races. :) i live in southern california and have always wanted to run the disneyland half marathon, but it sells out insanely fast!

    i’m most looking forward to visiting china with my mom at the end of the month. i have never traveled to asia before, but it’s been on my bucket list forever! my mom and i found a great travel deal online and booked a trip recently. so excited! :)


  11. samantha says

    Straight No Chaser is AMAZING in concert!!!! This will be a very unusual Thanksgiving for us, since we’ll be in Florida at that time. It’s getting down into the 40′s and 30′s here in Michigan, so it’ll be so nice and warm down there. I’ll be down in exactly 17 days. Think you could possibly give us an actual, true update on the weather? I have NO idea how I should pack!!


  12. janet says

    In November I look forward to starting to volunteer six days a week ringing the Sally Anne Kettle Bell … I have bells of all kinds left right and centre.


  13. says

    I’m counting down to the Philadelphia Half Marathon in 2 weeks. I’m running it with my 2 sisters and our brother. It’s the first half for my youngest sister and my brother, so I’m super excited for them.

    And my parents just moved home from living overseas for 2 years, so I’m looking forward to having everyone together for Thanksgiving this year.


  14. Rachel says

    What will you be doing out in SF?? I used to live there, it’s such a beautiful city! Safe travels! Can’t wait to read your post about it. :)


  15. says

    I’m so looking forward for Thanksgiving and Christmas decor in November. I love LOVE to decor for Christmas the night before Thanksgiving. It’s like a tradition and a special night to share with my mom. I remember how every year she told me and my sister that she wouldn’t decor for Christmas, and because I have a huge spirit I always took all things out and she ended up doing it with me. Now that I’m 23, and she knows my Christmas spirit, she calls me to ask when I’m coming home to decor. Because I live in Puerto Rico Christmas begin in November and they last until mid January so yeah pretty much FUN! Longest holidays on earth, but so cozzy and warm and familiar! Wouldn’t trade them for anything! Definitively one of those little joys in life.


  16. says

    November sounds fun fun fun!
    I am loving that it’s November. It’s getting chilly over here in SF and there’s lots of those gorgeous cold but sunny days – perfect!
    I’m excited for Thanksgiving on the east coast with my in-laws. I’m not so excited about planning all our logistics for our big move to Australia at the end of the year – sheeeeeesh!


  17. says

    I freaking love Thanksgiving, it is my all time favorite holiday. I also have a 10k race this weekend that I am looking forward to! My dog LOVESSSSS sticks. She will pick up any stick that she lays her eye on. She prefers sticks the size of small trees.


  18. says

    I always look forward to my husband’s birthday in November, which is today, and Thanksgiving! We are also going on a mini family vacation to my aunt and uncle’s cabin in a few weeks so I am looking forward to that!


  19. says

    We’re thinking of hosting our first “Friendsgiving” this year! Trying to settle on a date. Also, my husband and I just registered for the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. It will be his first race, I’m so excited! :)


  20. Chris says

    Looks like Sadie is enjoying getting out after her stressful Halloween. We have a 1.5 year old Vizsla Named Riley. He helped greet the trick-or-treaters. Are you bringing Sadie out to San Francisco?


  21. says

    i’m looking forward to friendsgiving and thanksgiving too!

    it is such a wonderful reminder of how to really enjoy life when i see dogs excitement over something as simple as a stick. i watch my dog, mulder, chase a ball like its the best thing on earth. every day. he always has the same joy out of it!


  22. says

    Brian, my husband, and I are doing the Indianapolis Drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving, I had my half marathon this past weekend but other than that fitness-wise things are pretty “regular.” Performance-wise…I am going to see Wicked with my mom and sister at the end of the month…can’t wait!


  23. says

    I just did my first 5K this past Saturday! It was a color run, which was so much fun. The thing I’m most looking forward to in November is flying to Arizona to visit family and friends, and my fiancé coming with me to see where I grew up!


  24. says

    My husband, dad, his girlfriend, and 2 of our family friends are going to Paris, France to celebrate the marriage of my brother and his French fiancé! Then we are having my mom and her husband over for Thanksgiving! It’s going to be a year without a Friendsgiving, but we have so much other fun to look forward to!


  25. Erika says

    Aww Sadie always looks so happy!

    November is my birthday month so I’m kind of looking forward to that. Also, I’m doing my my first Turkey Trot so that should be fun.


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