Outdoor Running Circuit Workout

Hello, hello!

How are you guys doing today? Things are going well around here. I am getting ready to pack up and catch an evening flight to San Francisco in a little bit, but I’ve enjoyed a productive day in Orlando so far today!

Ryan and I woke up a little late this morning since we had a late night last night and he didn’t need to be at his company’s trade show booth until 11 a.m. Plus, blackout blinds in hotel rooms make it 10,000 times easier to sleep in, so we definitely took advantage of the extra-dark morning! We really need to look into purchasing blackout blinds for our bedroom in Ocala.


Once we finally woke up, we headed outside for a 4 mile run together. Every mile or so we stopped to complete a short round of bodyweight exercises, so our overall workout looked like this:


It was a good one and we returned to our hotel room nice and sweaty.

After a quick shower, I grabbed an egg sandwich from the hotel cafe before setting up camp to get some work done.

I worked on my computer all morning and before I knew it, my stomach started growling for lunch. I ordered a roast beef sandwich from the hotel cafe.


I requested the quinoa salad on the side instead of coleslaw and was disappointed to find that it was more or less a rice salad with a sprinkling of quinoa.


Oh well! I was hungry and it did the trick! Time to pack up my things and head out.

See ya from California!

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  1. says

    I hate it sometimes at restaurants when you have it in your head what something is going to be like and it is just completely different to what you thought it was going to be.

    At least you got what looks like a nice workout done :)


  2. says

    Thanks for the fun workout! I’m still trying to get out and run 4 nights a week but the cold & dark makes that less fun. Short but well-rounded workouts like this will be perfect!



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