Visiting Stitch Fix Headquarters

Hello from the overflowing closet at Stitch Fix headquarters!


So many beautiful clothes!!!

About a month ago, I received an email from Coitlle, the marketing director behind Stitch Fix, inviting me and a handful of bloggers out to San Francisco to tour the company’s headquarters and learn more about Stitch Fix and everything that goes into creating a “fix” for their customers.


I’ve blogged about my experience with Stitch Fix before, but for those of you who may be unfamiliar with the company, Stitch Fix (affiliate link!) is a personalized styling service. You create a style profile by answering various questions about yourself and then a stylist selects five items they think you will love to send to your home. The styling fee is $20 per “fix” but you can apply that toward the items you want to buy, should you choose to keep anything from your fix. Return shipping is free, so you can easily send back whatever you don’t want by placing everything in the big return envelope that comes with every fix. It’s a really awesome concept and the company is growing like crazy!

I arrived in San Francisco at 10 p.m. on Tuesday night and immediately headed to the townhouse where Stitch Fix arranged for our group of bloggers to stay while we are in the city.


I am so impressed by the time and energy the company put into making the townhouse look incredibly festive and cozy! We walked in to find holiday decorations everywhere, twinkling lights along the fireplace mantel and Christmas music playing in the background. After a six hour flight, it felt great to unpack my bags in a place that had such a homey touch.

Of course they added a little Stitch Fix flare to the decor!


We ended up staying up until 1:30 a.m. (4:30 a.m. Florida time!), but Raechel, Kacia, Gina and I we were all so excited to be in the city and had so much fun chatting away in our pajamas, drinking wine and snacking on peppermint chocolate.


Stitch Fix Headquarters

Our first full day in San Francisco kicked off at 9:30 a.m. with a short walk to the Stitch Fix headquarters.

DSC_0157 DSC_0154

A pit stop for coffee at the adorable Cafe Madeline occurred on our way!


Once we arrived, we were immediately greeted by lots of smiling faces and some seriously stylish women who escorted us to comfortable couches so we could participate in the “Flash,” a morning meeting that occurs daily at Stitch Fix where the buyers present recent purchases to Stitch Fix stylists.



We had a chance to try on some of the items and offer our feedback. I thought this animal print scarf was a lot of fun!



I was also excited to learn that some of the fixes will start to feature purses and I fell in love with this oversize slouchy cross-body purse.


So cute!

After The Flash, Cotille put us to work and had everyone from our blogger group pull ten pieces for a random Stitch Fix customer. I pulled “Lily” out of a hat and had to pick 10 pieces for her according to her style preferences.


I selected the following items for Lily and joked that styling her was so easy because we had the exact same preferences and body type!


I selected two flowy skirts, a navy blazer with lace detailing, fun dresses and printed items that I thought matched her romantic and classic style preferences.

And then we learned that the random people we selected to style were actually the bloggers in our group, but they were given fake names. I just happened to randomly pull my own name, disguised as Lily, out of the hat!

It was fun to see how the other bloggers styled each other according to their style preferences.

Jenna unknowingly styled Kacia and did a great job!


Once our styling activity was done, it was lunchtime. Our group walked a couple of blocks to grab sandwiches and salads at The Sentinel.


I ordered the chicken mole salad with tortilla chips and thought it was fantastic! We ate outside at a local park because the weather was absolutely gorgeous. (Thank you so much to blog reader Dallas for stopping by to say hi!)


After lunch, we walked back to the Stitch Fix headquarters to complete our final activity of the day. Styling “Quinn,” the Stitch Fix mannequin!

We were given six different occasions to style around ranging from a “romantic date night” to a “glam girls’ night out” and a “preppy picnic in the park.” We then piled into a mini van and drove all over the city, posing Quinn in front of various San Francisco hot spots.

DSC_0226 (Me, Raechel and Gina)

Taking Quinn the mannequin all over San Francisco was a great way to get outside and see the city.


And because I know you guys freak out about stuff like this just like I do, check it out…


The FULL HOUSE house! (Oh heeey, Uncle Jesse!)

And the Mrs. Doubtfire house!



One of the most beautiful stops we made was in front of the Palace of Fine Arts.


DSC_0237     IMG_4003

It was an amazing day and I am pumped to have more fun with the Stitch Fix team today!

Hope you’re having a fabulous Thursday!


  1. says

    This looks like such a fun trip! I really need to try Stitch Fix. I signed up for the service a few months ago, but have been hesitant to get that first fix because I’m afraid I’ll spend too much money! However, this behind-the-scenes peek just might be the push I need.


  2. says

    Ooh this all looks like SO MUCH FUN! I’m so envious of the awesome trips you get to take and blog about. I’m heading to San Francisco tomorrow for the weekend with a few of my girlfriends and I can’t wait. Reading this post got me extra excited. Also, I’ve been thinking of trying Stitch Fix after reading about it on a few blogs and I think I just need to take the jump :)


  3. says

    Wow, some snarky people coming out of the woodworking today! :)

    What a fun experience this must have been! And in such a beautiful city — San Francisco is definitely on my list of places to visit!

    Have a great day, Julie!


  4. says

    Hey Julie,

    I’s sure I’m just one of many people that has asked this – but would you mind posting sometime about how you curl your hair? The curls in this post look different than what you used to do (I think you used to curl with a flat iron?) and they look FAB!! Would love to see how you do them. Thanks so much :)


  5. says

    Oh my goodness Julie!! This looks like so much fun and you have got me thinking that I might want to try this stitch fix business out. Having someone else do the shopping for me is a genius idea! Have fun!!!!


  6. says

    That looked like a blast! And super jealous of the weather. It’s cold here in the Midwest. I loved that you got to see the ‘home’ of Mrs.Doubtfire. Such a cute movie. And, or course we can’t forget Full House. Very interesting concept with Stitch Fix. I will have to check it out.


  7. Katie says

    I actually learned last time I went to San Fran that that’s not the Full House house! (bc I’m a dork and wanted to see it). Those were used in the opening scene but the actual house is on a regular street not even across from a park or anything. Kinda crazy!


  8. says

    Okay may I just say, what an awesome trip! I have heard of Stitch Fix before but didn’t really know much about it, thanks for explaining! Also how awesome is San Fran?! Never been but definitely want to go one day!


  9. Jenna Kiernan says


    Great to see that you’re out here visiting San Francisco! I’m a Florida girl too but have lived here for just shy of two years now. I so thoroughly enjoy reading your blog because it totally reminds me of home! I’m not sure how long you’re in the city or if you’re aware of this but there is a huge Make A Wish event going on tomorrow for a 5 year old boy, Miles, who is battling leukemia. He is going to be “Bat Kid” for the day and will be saving the city alongside Batman. There is a flash mob that my roommate and I are participating in at noon tomorrow in the middle of Union Square. Miles will be eating lunch with Batman in the Burger Bar restaurant of Macy’s until they see the flashmob signaling them that Lucille the Seal needs help. Lucille is the Giants baseball team’s mascot. Anyways, just wanted to let you know. It’d be an incredible event to experience while visiting. :D


  10. Jenny Cardozo says

    Hey Julie,

    I see that someone already commented on this…but I love the way you’re doing your hair lately! It looks a little diferrent than it usually does. I would love it if you did a demo! I always curl my hair using a straightener because it lasts the longest, but I’m looking for a fun change.



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