Exploring the Stitch Fix Warehouse

Good morning and happy Friday, my friends!

We had a great day with Stitch Fix yesterday and it was so neat to be able to take sneak peek behind the scenes at the company’s warehouse.

Stitch Fix Headquarters

Our morning began at 9 a.m. when Cotille picked our group of bloggers up from our town house and we headed out to grab a quick breakfast at Philz Coffee.

DSC_0253 DSC_0255

I ordered a hazelnut coffee with almond milk and a wrap from the cafe next door and inhaled everything on the drive over to the Stitch Fix warehouse.


Stitch Fix (<—affiliate link!) is less than three years old and last night over dinner we saw pictures of a small room that used to serve as both the headquarters and warehouse of the building. You could hear the pride in the employees’ voices when they talked about the company’s growth and I was so impressed to see the giant warehouse after learning more about the company’s roots.


We had the chance to spend some time in various departments including packaging, shipping, fulfillment and returns. It’s clear to see that the employees work really hard but also make time for fun and enjoy each other’s company.


They’re currently working on building their box robot a box robot girlfriend. Haha! 

One of my favorite activities from the day began with an empty box that we got to fill with clothing and accessories selected by stylists for Stitch Fix clients. Everything was incredibly organized and efficient and it didn’t take us long to catch on to the process of filling a fix.


Once we had our boxes packed, we moved to the packing department to fold everything and prepare our fixes for shipping. My client, Christine, is receiving a cute pair of dark jeans, a sheer blouse with a cami underneath, a cashmere sweater, an adorable black and white wrap dress and a gold necklace. I packed everything up and used the wraps from the dress to tie it all together.


If you are a Stitch Fix client named Christine, check your next fix to see if I packed it for you! I wrapped a little extra love up in there for ya!


When lunchtime rolled around, Mexican food sounded perfect to all of us, so we piled back into the van and drove to Los Cuates Taqueria.


The avocados, black beans and guacamole were fabulous and I loved my chicken salad.

With full bellies, we made our way back to the headquarters for the second half of our final day with Stitch Fix. We spent some time helping with Stitch Fix returns and quality checking items that Stitch Fix customers sent back.


The quality control at Stitch Fix is really intense. If an item comes back with even the slightest defect (smells like smoke, minor make up mark on the sleeve), it is pulled and never used again.

This jacket had a tiny pen mark on the sleeve and was pulled from the racks. 


Items are then available for purchase during a huge clearance sale that is opened up to the public once a year.

Our day with Stitch Fix concluded at the warehouse and we initially planned to head out to dinner, but everyone decided that a relaxed girls’ night in sounded much better. We ordered take out Thai, drank wine and had a lot of fun relaxing together on the comfy couches in the townhouse. After giving us a rundown of the series, Kacia and Raechel also convinced me and Gina to tune into an episode of Scandal and now we are trying to figure out a way to watch every single episode ASAP. That show is crazy!

It was so great to spend quality time with Cotille and the Stitch Fix team, as well as Gina, Raechel, Kacia and Jenna and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to come to San Francisco to learn more about Stitch Fix and share my adventures with all of you.

Now I’m about to board a plane back to Florida. I can’t wait to see Ryan and Sadie!!! We have a fun but relaxing weekend planned and I’m really looking forward to being reunited with my little family!

Have a wonderful Friday!

Question of the Morning

  • Have you ever seen Scandal?
  • What TV show(s) have you recently discovered that you love?

I’ve never really watched The Voice before this season, but my parents got me into it! I’m behind on a few episodes, but I am liking it a lot! Ryan and I are also both still big-time fans of New Girl.


  1. says

    I really want to try stitch fix but my only holdup is wasting $20 if I don’t like anything! that jacket, sweater and necklace are SUPER pretty though and making me want to try this!


  2. Amanda says

    That looks like such a fun place to explore!! My husband and I got hooked on Homeland over the summer and now we watch it every Sunday night. It’s so good!!


  3. Erin @ Girl Gone Veggie says

    How fun!! I love Stitch Fix. I wish I lived close to sf so I could go to that clearance sale! Hahaj


  4. says

    So cool! I did one order from Stitch Fix, and I am obsessed with the shirt and sweater I decided to keep.

    Parenthood is such an amazing show!! It’s done by the same team that did Friday Night Lights (my other all time favorite), and the story lines are complex and thoughtful, and I’ve just fallen in love with all the characters. I recommend it to everyone!


  5. Erin says

    I LOVE scandal and StitchFix… The first two seasons of Scandal (not sure how many there are total) are available on Netflix. I flew through the first two seasons!


  6. Ashley says

    The first two seasons of Scandal are on Netflix and season three is on TV right now and you can catch up on this season through ABC.com. It’s one of my favorite shows!


  7. Christine says

    I am a first time stitch fix client name Christine (ordered earlier this week before I saw your post…) if that was my fix love the sound of everything in it!! Also- scandal is amazing, watch it all immediately!!


  8. Christine says

    I am a first time stitch fix client name Christine (ordered earlier this week before I saw your post…) if that was my fix love the sound of everything in it!! Also- scandal is amazing, watch it all immediately!!


  9. Carly says

    I am obsessed with the Walking Dead. I discovered it 2 months ago from a friend of a friend and caught up to season four which started 5 weeks ago on amc. I have honestly never seen such an amazing tv show and the fact that I would never in a million years think I would watch a show about a zombie apocalypse really says something!


  10. Erika says

    Ahh I want to try Stitch Fix so bad! I need to get on the ball and sign up soon.

    I started watching New Girl a few months ago and it is hilarious! I’m still on season 1 but Jess is just too funny lol.


  11. Ashley K says

    I am about to receive my second “fix” and I am addicted! So worth the $20 because it is a guarantee you will keep at least 1 piece-that’s for sure!!! So jealous you go to go to the headquarters! Look like a lot of fun!


  12. Emily says

    OBSESSED with Scandal – I watched the first 2 (I think) seasons on Netflix (like in a matter of only a couple weeks…) and I caught up on the current season on Hulu. ABC.com is usually pretty good about posting episodes to watch the day after the show airs (in this case, Fridays!)


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