Weekend in a Nutshell

The weekend is almost over and I hope you’re enjoying every minute of it!

Our weekend has been full of holiday fun!


On Friday night, Ryan and I decided to stay in, decorate for Christmas and enjoy a homemade dessert. I loosely followed The Pioneer Woman’s recipe for pear crisp and we both had no trouble polishing off every last bite in our bowls.

pioneer woman pear crisp

Our house is now almost fully Christmasified, but we still need to decorate our tree!


Saturday began with a trip to one of our favorite local coffee shops, Cup O’ the Irish, for coffee and peanut butter smoothies.

cup o' the irish ocala

Once we made it back home, Sadie made it quite apparent that she needed some serious attention.

photo (1)

We wanted to take advantage of the sunny weather, so we took her out to some local trails for a 90-minute hike.

hiking silver river ocala

Temperatures reached 85 degrees on Saturday which is great and all, but since I’m originally from Illinois, I cannot help but think, “This isn’t how the holiday season is supposed to feel!” (I know many of you are bundled up right now hating me for saying this, but I really do miss the seasons! I may need to unfollow all of you posting gorgeous snowy pictures on Instagram.)

Sadie, on the other hand, was loving the warm weather and had a blast on our hike.

silver river hiking ocala

(Her face kills me.)

After our hike, we drove home and made lunch before it was time for me to head into work for a few hours. Once I arrived back home, it was a little after 7 p.m. and I was more than ready for dinner. Ryan suggested Pronto’s Pizza and I was all for it!

As I looked over the menu, this sign caught my eye and made me feel 5,000 years old.


Yes, those born in 1992 can legally drink.

We each ordered a salad with garlic knots and decided to share one of their ridiculously cheesy calzones.


photo (2)



Once we arrived home, we did some research on a Christmas idea we have for my family and called it an early night. It was so nice to have a weekend in Ocala filled with quality time with Ryan!

On the agenda for tonight: Decorate the tree!


  1. says

    That pear crisp looks amazing! As does both of your salads with those garlic knots! When you said you went to a pizza place I was expecting both of you to order pizza :) Calzones always remind me of Seinfeld when George used to buy them for his boss.


  2. Heather says

    Living in NC, I feel like we have the best of both worlds. Mild springs and falls, but we definitely have enough cold days in the winter and around the holidays to put you in the spirit. And, where I live is less than 3 hours from the mountains, if you are ever feeling the need for some real winter weather :)


  3. says

    That pear crisp looks so good! And even though I’ve lived in Florida my whole life, I still hate when it’s this warm this time of year! I’m glad we’re not having snow and ice like some parts of the country, but it would be nice if it were at least a little cool for December!


  4. says

    What a gorgeous trail! Being a South Floridian myself, I totally agree with wishing there was some snow or even sweater weather! I almost melted on my 9 mile run today. :( you better take a bunch of pictures of you tree tonight. It’s so much fun to see all these trees!


  5. says

    mmmm that Pear Crisp looks heavenly! I wish we had some of that warm weather right about now!
    Also, where I am from the legal age to drink is 18 which means… 1995 babies are drinking AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH they would have been born when I was 10 GAH


  6. Emily says

    ’92 baby over here! But I’m Canadian so I’ve been able to drink legally for over 2 years at this point. And even sooner in Quebec (drinking age is 18, 19 in Ontario).


  7. says

    Looks like a fun and yummy weekend! Here in Texas we’ve been iced in all weekend and unfortunately the Dallas Marathon was cancelled; which I have been training to run…. major bummer and I would gladly welcome 85 right about now!


  8. Casey says

    I just moved to Florida from upstate New York and while it’s hard to complain to my family who’s currently trapped in a blizzard, I feel the same way!


  9. Amy @ Run with Perseverance says

    I know exactly what you mean about the weather not feeling like the holidays in Florida! No matter how many decorations I put up and how much Christmas music I listen to, I just don’t feel like it’s December when it’s 80 degrees. Florida problems….


  10. Jenn says

    I hear you on the weather. It’s 30 C where I am and so not like Xmas…I can’t complain but it just doesn’t feel like the holiday. Christmas = Christmas = Heart though…

    Where are you working? I thought you were a writer?

    Can I email you to pick your brain about blogging and stuff some time? :)


  11. says

    I live in Tampa so I’m totally on the same page! I find myself taking our warm weather for granted when I see pics of people shoveling their driveways but the cooler temp just puts you in that much more of the Xmas spirt! I just hope we’re all not wearing shorts down here on Xmas day…. Again! Lol


  12. Ashley says

    Sadie is awesome :) I had to comment because we just got a vizsla puppy- she is 9 weeks old and adorable. We absolutely love her. However, I won’t be heartbroken to see the puppy days go- I’m ready for less biting, less chewing, and fewer early mornings! She does not understand the concept of sleeping in. Ha. Anyway, just had to share the vizsla love! Love your blog!


  13. Lisa says

    We’re from Pennsylvania but vacationing in Disney World this week. We’re enjoying the ‘almost record highs’ while everyone back home is freezing and shoveling. I do enjoy the seasons and don’t know how you get in the Christmas spirit without cold ;)


  14. says

    Yep, definitely feeling old about that one too!!! I’m not too much older than 21, I’m only 24, but still… my younger sister can drink now and that makes me feel ridiculously old!!


  15. Ashleigh P. says

    I feel you on the picture about feeling old! Every time I hear of a birthday in the 90′s it makes me feel SO OLD!! That pear crisp looks amazeballs!


  16. Lori says

    Ok 2 things! I lived in Southern California for 6 years and I moved back to Ohio because I missed my family and I really missed the seasons! I could not quite get used to wearing tank tops and flip flops on December 25 :/
    And 2. I love the Pioneer Woman!!! I made her homemade green bean cassarole for Thanksgiving and it was FABULOUS!!!


  17. says

    It just got cold as of this weekend, its been in the 80′s all “Fall” – I totally know how you feel with the “It doesn’t feel like the holidays when its warm” thing. I was getting kind of bummed out until the cold hit – now it’s in the 30′s at night (For Southern Cali that’s cold!) and I am actually using my blankets and heater. Hope you get some cooler weather soon!


  18. says

    I know you miss the seasons and all, but seriously, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I’d trade you spots in a heartbeat… I miss living in FL SO bad right now, this winter & cold really sucks (I’m in WI now)!! The snow is ok for about a day, then everyone is pretty much over it. ;) My husband & I are dreaming of the day when we can move back to FL.
    Your dessert looks amazing, as does that cheesy calzone, yum!!


  19. says

    I really love that you have a healthy balance with food and life. It’s great to see that you can indulge and keep your meals healthy too. Now I am craving garlic knots! Haha :) Lovely post, as always.



  20. Emily says

    Can I just say that I love how you and Ryan split food sometimes, work out together, etc.? He seems like he’s supportive of, and on board with your healthy lifestyle. I love that!


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