Top 13 in 2013: Workouts

Yesterday afternoon I kicked off a super-short series on the blog entitled “Top 13 in 2013” and shared your top 13 PBF recipes from the past year. As promised, I’m following up that post with your top 13 most popular PBF workouts from 2013.

I was happy to see a mix of treadmill workouts, elliptical workouts, circuit workouts and strength workouts. You guys are a well-rounded bunch!

Here are your top 13 most popular PBF workouts from the past year: 

Top 13 Workouts of 2013


1000 Rep Workout



Cardio   Arms Workout







Leg Workout


More popular 2013 workout-related posts:


  1. Haelena Bondi says

    Thanks for putting all of these workouts in one post! I love that I can scroll through and see some of my favorites, like the 45 minute boredom fightin’ cardio workout, and that I can also see some workouts that I somehow missed but look fantastic none the less! Thanks Julie, and have a great New Year! :)


  2. Ceecee says

    Hey! Question- when you make your egg white protein pancake, do you use egg whites from a container o do you separate the egg?? If you use from a container, what kind do you use??? Thanks!!


  3. says

    Oh my gosh I love these! Thank you so much – so helpful. I just signed up for a new gym and have to start doing boot camp type workouts on my own and I’m really nervous about people in the gym and my skill level, etc, but these are something I can follow and know I’m not messing up some machine! Thank you :)


  4. Emily says

    I’ve seen your blog several times and like your workout plans. Would you have any recommendations for a girl who ran two marathons within 7 weeks of each other and injured her feet? I can’t bend them too much (as in steps) without pain.



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