50 Rep Workout: Part Two

Good afternoon, my friends! How is your Tuesday going?

My day began with an early morning workout that was awfully similar to the 50 Rep Workout I shared with you guys last week. I really enjoyed the way that workout incorporated cardio and strength training and kept me engaged the entire time, so today’s workout was modeled off of that one and looked like this:

50 Rep Workout - Part Two

Links to some exercise video demos:


Once I arrived home, breakfast was on the brain and I got to work in the kitchen.

Today’s morning meal included an egg white and oatmeal protein pancake made with chia seeds and served with an apple on the side.


I also brewed myself my first cup of coffee from my brand new Keurig!

Keurig Elite

Ryan and I traded in my old Keurig for a new one at Bed, Bath and Beyond yesterday. Yes, they really do let you pick out a brand new Keurig when you bring in your old, broken machine. Super impressed with their customer service! We received our first Keurig as a wedding present and have enjoyed it for three plus years. Over the past six months or so, it has worked off and on, and only brewed about 1/8 of a cup of coffee for the past 1.5 months. It also hasn’t worked with traditional K-cups in a long time, but that didn’t really bother me since I use the refillable K-cups.

I’m quite happy to have a fully functioning coffee machine on my hands again!


After breakfast, I headed off to work (where I am currently on a quick blogging break). It will be a late night at the gym for me tonight!

Question of the Afternoon

  • Coffee drinkers: Do you have a coffee machine? If so, what kind?

We have a Keurig which I love but I must admit that my mother-in-law’s Jura-Capresso machine is the best coffee maker I’ve ever used! She bought hers refurbished and it’s absolutely amazing. I cannot help but down a lot of coffee whenever Ryan and I visit her because it is so darn good.


  1. says

    I am a little spoiled. I got two new coffee machines for Christmas and kept both! A keurig mini which I love!! And a new Mr Coffee regular pot for weekends when I feel like sipping on my decaf all day.



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