Collection of Leg Workouts

When I’ve shared workout roundup posts in the past, a number of you requested upper and lower body workout roundups. I’m popping in today to share a bunch of my favorite leg workouts that you’ve seen on PBF over the past few years.

There’s a combination of strength and circuit-style leg workouts, as well as workouts that incorporate plyometrics for some serious calorie burn.

Giant Collection of Leg Workouts

Hopefully some of these workouts will appeal to you!

If any of the exercises listed in the workouts below are unfamiliar to you, click the link above the workout to visit the blog post where the workout was originally featured and you will likely find links to demonstrations of some of the exercises.

Collection of Leg Workouts

Legs Like Jello Workout

Leg Workout


Fast Leg Workout

Explosive Leg Workout

Burnin' Legs and Abs Circuit

Jump Rope Lower Body Circuit Workout


Targeting Legs Workout

Past Workout Roundup Posts:


  1. says

    I love how you design these! Ah and wall sits, I use to be pretty good at them, but I haven’t done them in a while (couple of years haha) and I’m sure by now they would kill me, maybe not. But I definitely want to incorporate one into my leg day to see how hard it is for me!


  2. Brittany says

    Leg workouts look INTENSE! I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to walk for a day! :-)

    Just a heads up! I saw on Gilt there are Blue Apron meals on sale! I’m going to try one for my husband and I!


  3. says

    Julie- I LOVE printing out these workout roundups you post and taking them with me when I travel for work. You never know what you’re going to get with hotel gyms and It’s great to go in with a printed out plan that you can tailor to the equipment available. Thanks for posting these!!


  4. zoe says

    Hi julie! Could you recommend if these types of circuit workouts would be good for doing on off days after power yoga? I’m looking for a total body circuit workout that is more of a cardio emphasis but still with a big variety of exercises. thanks!


  5. says

    These are AWESOME! I can’t wait for my foot to recover so I can try them. Question – do the step ups really work? I stopped incorporating them into my weight training awhile back. What are they intended to work?


  6. Caitlin says

    The “Fast and Efficient Leg Workout” has become a staple in my gym routine since you posted it. I do it every few weeks and I love it every time. Thanks!


  7. Amanda says

    Hi! Do you mind sharing what app or program you use to create these graphics? Including the ones that you use when you add text and/or graphics to photos? Thank you!


  8. Jennie says

    I’ve done the Burnin’ Legs and Abs Circuit and boy can I feel it the next day (…let’s be honest, I can feel it later the same day…haha). Thanks for the ideas!!!



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