Polar Loop Review + Giveaway

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential, LLC on behalf of Polar. As always, all opinions are my own. Stay tuned for a giveaway at the bottom of this post where you have a chance to win a Polar Loop of your own!

Polar Loop Review

Having a goal motivates me. It doesn’t have to be a big, lofty goal. Small goals add up to some pretty amazing accomplishments, right?

When I received the opportunity to try out the Polar Loop, an activity tracker that notices every jump, step and run, I was very intrigued and immediately agreed! I had a feeling it would motivate me to move more throughout the day and I was absolutely right. That is my favorite thing about the Polar Loop: It’s motivating!

Polar Loop

I see so many people at my gym wearing fitness trackers and I’ve heard more than a few of my clients rave about them, so I couldn’t wait to set up my Loop and get moving when it arrived in the mail.

Set Up + Battery Life 

A little tip: When fitting the Polar Loop to your wrist, check out the instructional How To video online.

Polar Loop Fit to your wrist

Though directions are included, I found it much easier to watch someone go through the steps of fitting the Polar Loop to their wrist than figuring it out with the illustrations. 

Once I had the Polar Loop fit to my wrist, I charged it using the USB cord that came with the Loop and set up an account on Polar.com. An important side note: The Polar Loop has great battery life and charges quickly! I figured I would need to charge it at the end of each day, but it lasts several day without needing a charge. 

When I created an account on the Polar Loop site, I loved checking out the map of the world to see what people around me were doing! I zoomed in on Florida and enjoyed looking at the activities my fellow Floridians were completing.

Polar Loop Florida

You can also set your profile to private (which is what I did) if you’d like so no one can see what you’re doing and you can be oh-so-sneaky. Or, you can allow only certain people to see your profile by adding them as “followers” which I think is a great way to sync up with friends and family members to motivate each other to move more throughout the day.

Once the Polar Loop is set up, you can press the button on the front of the tracker to view the LED display that flips between showing you the time of day, calories burned, total steps and your daily activity goal.

Polar Loop Calories

Polar Flow App + Inactivity Alerts

The Polar Loop can also connect to the Polar Flow (free) app and give you real-time updates about your movement and activity levels for the day.

Here’s an example of the breakdown:

Polar Loop Data

One thing I really liked about the Loop was the inactivity alerts! If you’ve been sitting for too long, an alert will let you know and that was a big motivator for me to get off my butt and walk around or move even if it was for only five minutes or so.

Adding Your Heart Rate Into The Equation

The Polar Loop does not come with a heart rate monitor so this is an added cost if you want it, but it’s a great way to get accurate data about your overall calories burned and how hard you are working at certain times during the day. The Polar Loop retails for $109.95 and the heart rate monitor is an additional fee, but even without the heart rate monitor the Loop can tell the difference between activities like sleeping, walking, running and more. It’s also safe to use in the pool! 

Polar Loop Tracker

What Trends Did I Notice?

Some days it was really easy for me to hit my activity goals. On Saturdays, Ryan and I often work out and then take Sadie for a long hike after breakfast, so meeting my activity goals on Saturdays is rather easy. (And if I incorporate running into my workouts, it’s much easier to hit my goals!) On other days when I am working from home or even days when I am personal training, it’s a little harder because I am often sitting or standing around and only walking from one place in the gym to the next.

Since my hometown is not very walkable, the best way I found for me to hit my activity goals was to increase the distance of Sadie’s walks!

vizsla 001

So, I think it’s safe to say Sadie is the Polar Loop’s number one fan.

On days when I might be more inclined to play fetch with Sadie in the backyard, if I was under my goals on the Loop, I’d leash her up for a walk instead so she wasn’t the only one getting exercise.

Polar Loop Giveaway

Now here is your chance to win a Polar Loop of your own!

Fitness Tracker Polar Loop

To enter this giveaway, please comment on this post and tell me what feature of the Polar Loop intrigues you most. Are you most excited to see your overall activity for the day tracked? Are you interested in your sleep data? Do the inactivity alerts intrigue you? Let me know!

I will randomly select a winner on Friday.

Good luck!


  1. Laura says

    I’d love to get an accurate gauge of my daily activities. I use an older Polar watch now but it doesn’t connect to an app so that would be a neat feature to have too!


  2. Sonya says

    I have Polar watch now with a heart rate monitor but the fact that this tracks daily activities as well as fitness is awesome. Plus I love the fact that it will alert me when I’ve been sitting too long. This would be a great addition to the existing heart rate monitor I have. :-)


  3. Caroline says

    I’d be most interested in two of the features: the sleep patterns as well as the activity data. I’m a 1st grade teacher and I’m always curious as to how much sleep I’m actually getting and how much I move as I run around the classroom!


  4. Jenna Kiernan says

    I recently moved to San Francisco and would love to begin exploring the city while wearing a Polar Loop! I’d love to see how my heart rate fluctuates while climbing the steep hills. It’d definitely motivate me to walk more challenging routes home!


  5. Stephanie B. says

    The inactivity alerts sound like such a great idea – I know I could definitely use that. I think the app looks great, too, and so interesting. I think it would really keep me more accountable.


  6. Sarah says

    I would be interested in seeing how much activity I have every day and how much sleep I’m getting. However, the whole inactivity alarm would be great! I have a desk job and I make an effort to get up and walk around a little every hour but some days time just flies by and I find myself sitting for 2 or 3 hours and not getting up at all. A reminder alarm would be so sweet!


  7. StacyB says

    I would like the activity tracker as I love wearing my heart rate monitor when working out so it would be greet to see activity level throughout the day. I think it would help to keep me honest in regards to how busy I really am.


  8. Maria Ross says

    It would be great to see how it tracks my constant walking in a two story school building since I pick up my kids from classrooms.


  9. Ashley says

    I’m not a huge fan of the inactivity alerts because I often times have meetings at work that last at least an hour, and it would be difficult for me to just get up in the middle of them! But I would like to know my overall activity level for the day. Sounds like a great prize!


  10. Angie says

    I love that it tracks even the slightest movement.. I’m on my feet all day long at work (vet tech!) and it would be interesting to see how many miles I log running back and forth throughout the clinic some days!


  11. Lisa Decker says

    I am goal orientated and this device would keep me on track and focused on my achievements! I like the technology component also to help me reach my goals. I am very visual and this would be great to keep me on track during the day!!


  12. Kristy says

    I would love to see what my daily/ weekly activity looks like. Working at a school, I am constantly moving from one class to the next and would love to see how much activity is happening throughout the day. Also, I think it would help motivate me with my current fitness goals :)


  13. says

    I’d love the ability to track my daily activity (or lack thereof). The most intriguing part of the Polar Loop to me is the inactivity alerts. I love the idea of a device telling me to get up, move around and stop being a coach potato!


  14. Hannah says

    I’ve been in the market for a band like this, and know Polar is a well respected brand… I am most interested in the activity tracker as I sit at a desk for most of the day, I’d like to see what I need to do in the evening to reach my goals!


  15. jamie says

    Hey Julie! I love the look of the polar loop, very stylish. I am intrigued by the sleep data, I would love to see what all info it provides. This loop would help so much to motivate me to be more active. My husband has been looking into an activity band for himself, maybe I could be a good wife and give it to him ;)


  16. Eleni says

    I would love to win this loop so that way I can get an accurate gauge of how much I walk per day. Sometimes I just google map it but that’s really not effective!


  17. tennis gal says

    How do you get it to make a sound on inactivity alerts, I see them on diary but don’t get any notice while wearing. Also, doesn’t seem to be an accurate calorie account of high intensity classes at gym like spin for calorie burn, have you noticed this? Way under for spin and hot vinyasa classes but sometime I think the steps are over estimated????


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