Weekend in a Nutshell

Is it Monday already?

The weekend passed by a little too quickly for my liking, but since time flies when you’re having fun, I guess that means it was a good one!


Our Saturday morning began with a workout. After a series of strength training exercises that focused on my legs in the weight room, I completed a new-to-me Nike Training Club workout: Lakey Peterson’s Beach Legs Workout. Loved it!

Ryan and I spent the rest of the day out and about in Ocala.

Ocala Strawberry Festival

Immediately after the gym, we grabbed coffee at Cup O’ the Irish and drove downtown to the square to check out the local strawberry festival. It wasn’t even a quarter of the size of the Florida Strawberry Festival Ryan and I attended in Plant City a few years ago, but we still enjoyed wandering around outside despite the overcast weather.

Strawberry Festival

Before driving home, I requested a pit stop at Stella’s Modern Pantry because I always have fun browsing around the little café.

The last time I blogged about my lunch at Stella’s, I mentioned the my love for Rewined candles made from repurposed wine bottles.

Rewined Candles

I was hoping the candles would be on sale, but no such luck! (FYI – When I said I didn’t buy any of the fabulous-smelling candles because of their hefty price tag before, a blog reader commented to let me know that they are often featured on sale on RueLaLa. Keep an eye out if you are interested!)

I smelled a bunch of the candles on Saturday and my favorite was definitely the chardonnay candle. It smelled like vanilla, cedar and hazelnut.

Ocala Hike

Once we made it home empty handed, Sadie clearly needed some attention, so we headed out to our favorite local hiking trails and covered a five mile loop.

ocala hiking

The early morning clouds burned off by the time we were done with our hike and it was a gorgeous day! This is the time of year I appreciate living in Florida most. Around the holidays I am envious of the snow and winter weather that we don’t get (I think the Chicago girl in me misses it!) and in the summer it can be so ridiculously hot, so the weather from the end of January through the beginning of April is Florida’s “sweet spot” in my book!

After our hike, we drove home to eat and get a little crafty. Well, Ryan didn’t do any craft projects, but I had a few surprises to work on for my sister’s wedding next weekend.

Eventually our stomachs told us it was time for dinner and when I suggested going out for Mexican food, Ryan was more than game!

El Torreo

We drove to a local hot spot, El Torreo, and the food was just as delicious as we remembered.

I wore a new white tunic from White Plum (stay tuned for a giveaway later this week!) and was happy for the extra fabric because Ryan and I both left dinner feeling ridiculously stuffed.

White Plum Tunic

Our meal began with chips and salsa.


If you have mastered the art of eating only a few chips when you visit a Mexican restaurant, please share your tips with me. I am pretty sure I could eat five billion. YUM.

For my main meal, I ordered the shrimp fajitas with refried beans, guacamole and soft flour tortillas.



We left feeling absolutely stuffed, but when Ryan suggested frozen yogurt, I couldn’t say no, so we split a cup of cake batter frozen yogurt before crashing on the couch with Sadie for the rest of the night.

It was a great Saturday!

Question of the Morning

  • What is your favorite thing to order at a Mexican restaurant?

I am always a huge fan of taco salads and fajitas or anything with tons and tons of pico de gallo!


  1. says

    what i would do for some of that FL weather right now. this winter up here in wisco has been way too long and WAY too cold. i dreamt of florida last night…

    fajitas are always my go-to. shrimp/chicken! =)


  2. says

    Oh dear lord my husband and I have NOT mastered only eating a few chips. We have a serious problem with self control + chips. My favorite Mexican is probably quesadillas, but I always switch it up!


  3. says

    My favorite dish at Mexican restaurants is usually Enchilada or Tamales!!!!! Omgness, I can never get tired of those two dishes. And I love candles so much but they’re usually so expensive, don’t you think? So I’m the same way…usually try to get the ones on sale, haha.


  4. Carrie D says

    Bite the bullet and get the rewind candle! I live in Charleston, where they are made, and they are no cheaper here either. They last forever and make your house smell fantastic. Worth every penny!


  5. says

    That is so funny! My boyfriend and I spent last night (our “date night”) hitting the gym, grabbing mexican food (where I got veggie fajitas!) and getting fro yo!
    Fajitas are always my fave but I go to mexican places just for the chips and salsa, because its a special food I don’t trust myself to buy. ;) Sounds like a fun weekend!


  6. says

    YUM- chips and salsa are the best parts of going out to a mexican restaurant! yesterday we went out for sushi and they gave us those little wonton things (is that what they’re called? its the crispy things that go on egg drop soup) and sweet and sour sauce to dip them into. I thought it was so cool- chips and salsa, but asian style!


  7. Sarah Whitney says

    I love really spicy foods, so anything with a kick is yummy to me! I hope that warm weather is headed my way!


  8. paige says

    guac guac and more guac…and as for self-control on chips & salsa i say that i will limit them but i indulge EVERY time cause i treat going out to eat as a special treat since mostly cook at home. :)


  9. says

    Julie! Sunday my boyfriend and I had mexican too! Chips at the beginning, (we ordered queso too) I had steak fijitas! it was sooo good. We don’t eat out very often. I feel like i’m looking at my sunday afternoon in pictures!


  10. Elisabeth says

    I ALWAYS order carnitas tacos (corn tortillas) with refried beans & rice – salsa verde on all of it. Plenty of chips on the side, of course! I could eat Mexican food every day, all day ;)


  11. says

    Chicken fajitas sans rice, beans, sour cream, cheese and tortillas. So basically just the sizzling dish of peppers, onions and protein and a huge salad with the dollop of guac on top. Simple, but satisfying and easy on my sensitive stomach.


  12. Amanda @A Latte Learn says

    I love Mexican! I like to get chicken enchiladas with refrained beams and rice. A margarita is always a plus too ;)


  13. says

    every meal should start with chips n salsa. Ahhhh I am so done for when they are laid out on the table. Enjoy this week in prep for your sister’s wedding! Can’t wait to see and read about it all :)


  14. says

    Ah! I’m so excited to tell you my new secret for not eating all of the chips!! After you eat a few chips, take you hand and CRUSH the rest of the chips in the basket! You won’t be able to eat them anymore. Well, I guess technically you could eat the crumbs but you are far less likely to :) There you have it, my genius solution haha. I just started doing this recently and it’s helped so much.


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