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Hello, hello!

I hope you are having a lovely afternoon.

My afternoon was as lovely as it can be when you have an annual women’s exam on the agenda. I like my doctor a lot but I am still waiting for the day when I feel even 10 percent more comfortable once I slip into that paper gown. It’s never a fun experience, but everything seemed to check out okay and I was on my way a little more than an hour later. (There was a serious wait time before I was brought back to an exam room and I entertained myself by catching up on some emails on my phone.)

Work + Workout

Work today went well! My TRX class was the highlight of the day for me since I put some time into planning a new shakeup workout for the class.

As for my own workout (I don’t do the TRX workout with the class which I explain further in this post), I kept things short and sweet since I wanted to have time to shower before my appointment. After 10 minutes on the elliptical, I rounded out my workout with a 15-minute Nike Training Club (NTC) workout and some additional leg exercises in the weight room.

Nike Training Club Beach Legs

Today’s NTC workout was the Beach Legs workout, which is quickly becoming a go-to workout for me on days when I want to work my legs but I’m not in the mood to pound out tons of heavy squats, deadlifts or lunges. It’s awesome and if you’re looking for a quality leg workout that doesn’t require weights and keeps things moving, I highly recommend it!


Before I headed out to my doctor’s appointment, I grabbed lunch in the break room. (<—I accidentally typed “weight room” at first. Now that would be a treat.)

My salad was enjoyed out of a Tupperware container, but since I made the same salad for dinner last night, I’ll share last night’s photo with you instead since it looks slightly more appealing.

watermelon feta salad

Feta + Watermelon + Arugula + Olive Oil + Salt + Pepper

feta watermelon salad

I’m pretty sure that is my all-time favorite salad. It’s so simple but so, so good. A summertime staple for sure!

Since I am done with work for the day, I am planning to run a few errands before heading home. I’m hoping to swing by Ulta to pick up a heat protectant for my hair. When I had my hair done for my sister’s wedding, the woman who did my hair seriously stressed the importance of a heat protectant, especially since my hair is so thin. I should’ve asked her for brand recommendations because I have no idea what I should buy, so if any of you have any recommendations for heat protectants you use and love, please let me know.

See ya later!


  1. Sarah Whitney says

    I bought heat treatment for the first time this week! I just bought an amazing new curling wand after using my friend’s one last week. I have the finest hair on the planet, so she told me I absolutely needed heat treatment. She recommended Frizz Ease, but they didn’t have it at Target. I wound up getting Tresemme. I haven’t used it yet, but I’ll let you know how I like it! I’ve also heard that Chi is a good option :)


  2. Stephanie says

    Keratin Complex Thermo-Shine Spray! The little bottle will last you months! Spray a little on your hands and then work it through your hair – don’t spray directly on because it will weigh your hair down. I do it while hair is wet and then add a little more for extra shine/protection. It’s done wonders for my thin, dry hair.


  3. Jess says

    I’ve been using Tressemme heat protectant spray for years. I use heat on my hair pretty much daily and my hair is still very healthy so I guess it’s been doing it’s job! Plus, it’s affordable and doesn’t have a strong or lingering smell.


  4. Abby says

    I use Tresemme, and it seems to work well. I’ve gotten a few compliments on how healthy my hair is when I get it cut- so I think I might be doing something right. :) Plus Tresemme is pretty cheap and usually lasts me 6 months or so.


  5. Britt says

    I downloaded the Nike app last night and did the Cardio Killer 15-minute workout this morning. It kicked my butt! Maybe it was a little too challenging for a dark park at 6am. :) Thanks for introducing me to it yesterday – I’m so glad to have it.


  6. Lori says

    Ok… I have no idea what to recommend for a heat protectant but if I can get a recommendation for a smudge proof mascara that would be amazing! I get serious racoon eyes two hours after application. I have tried so many!




  7. Brynn says

    I love using Tressemme heat protectant spray. It gives good coverage and works well. I use it before I blow dry and if I style my hair.


  8. Cassie says

    I use Organix brand heat protectant and buy it at Target…it’s much cheaper than Chi or other salon brands and it smells better! At the salon though, my stylist uses Kerastase or Bumble and they smell good too (but with a higher price tag).


  9. says

    I think your American NTC program is slightly different than the Canadian one or maybe I have downloaded this workout yet, but it looks like so much fun, hope I am wrong and it is there waiting for me.


  10. AJ says

    Did the people at Ulta suggest a heat spray for you? I’ve been wondering the same thing since I use a flat iron on my hair almost every day and my hair is very thin as well.




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