Boot Camp Workout: Three Minute Stations

Good afternoon! It’s a go, go, go kind of day but I typically enjoy busy days when I’m not stationary. When I’m busy but locked in front of my computer all day, I start to feel restless, but when busyness translates to lots of different “must dos” that take me a bunch of different places, I’m much more stimulated and energized.

The highlight of my day so far? A great workout! I know I’ve said it before, but I feel like I work out as much for my mind as I do my body. I feel more alert, engaged and just plain happy after a workout! In between training clients today, I snuck in a workout of my own and attended my favorite Wednesday boot camp class.

Boot Camp Workout

Today’s boot camp workout was more challenging than usual in a good way. It included 12 different stations that incorporated various exercises that we cycled through non-stop for three minutes until it was time to rest for 30 seconds and move onto the next station.

Boot Camp Workout - Complete each station for three minutes before resting for 30 seconds and moving onto the next

Links to demos of some of the exercises:

I know I’ll be revisiting this one on my own in the future. I loved it and each station passed by in a flash!


After my workout and a little more work, I drove home to quickly shower before a Taste of Ocala meeting. I thought I’d have time to each a more substantial lunch, but I was in a bit of a hurry, so I quickly heated up a tortilla with cheese in the microwave and headed out the door.

Tortilla with Babybel cheese

My snack did a decent job of helping me make it through the meeting without a grumbling stomach.

As soon as the meeting concluded, I drove around town distributing posters for the event.

Taste of Ocala

My final stop took me to Starbucks where I bought a vanilla decaf latte. (I think caffeine after noon keeps me up at night.)

Starbucks Vanilla Latte

Once I finally made it home, I was more than ready for lunch and reheated last night’s edamame + whole wheat pasta dinner.

Edamame Whole Wheat Pasta Whole Wheat Pasta with Edamame

It hit the spot! If I make this dinner again, I’ll take notes because Ryan and I loved it. I used soy sauce, chicken broth and a dash of honey to make a flavorful sauce and the dish tasted a lot like a stir fry with pasta.

Time to change and head back out the door. I’m already dreaming of couch time tonight!


  1. says

    Wow you sure are go-go-go!!

    That edamame pasta dinner looks incredible. I’m having edamame tonight too – in some combination with my homemade guacamole I made this morning… :)

    And boot camp workouts ROCK!


  2. says

    Brilliant workout!! Love the variety! I did the total body sculpt workout this morning which flew by…45 minutes, no rests and all different exercises, another NTC app success! Totally pinning this one! Was it all body weight or did you guys use weights?


  3. says

    I loved boot camp class! Always something new and the camradarie was awesome.

    Whew! I’m already tired from the day just reading your post. I love being busy too!


  4. says

    I LOVE this workout! A perfect mix of constant variation between stations, but being able to get into a little bit of a groove of the moves during the interval! My favorite!


  5. says

    I agree with you, I love days where I’m “actively” busy. When busy means sitting and working at a desk/in front of a computer all day, I’d rather not. That pasta + edamame looks fab! I hope you recreate it and post a recipe soon! :-)

    Isn’t couch time the best after a busy day? :-)


  6. says

    I pinned your workout to my board, I am going to bring it with me to the gym tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!
    I love those “great workouts.” I had one of those today…I was following a gpp workout and it was a good one!


  7. says

    Caffeine after noon keeps me up, too! My caffeine cut off used to be 4 but then in the past year I have been so much more sensitive to it. My new routine is a morning coffee and then caffeine free Yogi tea :) The inspirational message on the Yogi teas is the perfect pick-me-up in the middle of a work day.


  8. says

    Your schedule always seems so packed! Over the past year I’ve learned to appreciate a more “simplistic” lifestyle, but much of the time it’s a fail, hehe…but I try! :P And no wayyy caffeine barely keeps me awake for the next 3 hours even if I drink it at 5PM, but I’m thinking that’s not such a good thing. My body’s probably way too abused by the substance.


  9. Erin Sulla says

    Just finished this workout! Awesome! I’m getting bored of my workouts so it is fun to switch things up. Love these ones you can do at home! Keep them coming! :)



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