Things I’m Loving Friday #30

Happy Friday!!! I think it may be time to abandon the roman numerals I usually use to designate these posts since “Things I’m Loving Friday XXX” might give some people the wrong idea. Sexyyy!

How are you guys doing today!? We have lots of activities on the agenda this weekend, so I’m more than ready to kick off the fun. But first, let’s hop to it with your usual Things I’m Loving Friday post where I share some of the things I’m loving this week!

As always, please feel free to share something that’s making you smile in the comments section. I always love reading about the things you’re loving lately!

Things I’m Loving  

  • Gopher Tortoise Sightings

Gopher Tortoise Baby

On nearly every walk Ryan and I have taken with Sadie this week, we’ve seen a gopher tortoise or two. A gopher tortoise sighting is always exciting since they’re a protected species and on an early evening hike on Wednesday, we stumbled upon a baby (pictured above)! Sadie thinks gopher tortoises are quite boring, but Ryan and I think  they’re awesome and love watching them create their underground burrows.

I just wanna have ABS-solutely all the pasta and breadsticks

Hilarious. And so, so true.

  • Healthy Kids Day Donations

Healthy Kids Day Donations

Tomorrow is Healthy Kids Day at my gym and I am so grateful for the incredibly generous donations we have received for this special event. I reached out to a bunch of the companies I have worked with before (or those whose products I love!) and was floored by the enthusiastic responses I received. I cannot wait to drop everything off this afternoon and see everyone’s excitement. Thank you so, so much to Blue Diamond, Nature Box, Kashi, Ayala Herbal Water, General Mills and Stonyfield for your generosity! 

  • (Faux) Horn Watches

Horn Watch

I’m not sure why it took me so long to purchase a (faux) horn watch, but I’m glad I finally bit the bullet and bought one when I saw a great deal for a Kenneth Jay Lane watch ($57!) on RueLaLa a few weeks ago. My sister has been wearing the horn watch Ryan and I gave her for her college graduation for years and I love the casual look of the watch and the way it is a little more subdued than a flashy gold watch. I’ve been wearing my new watch non-stop and like the way it can be dressed up or dressed down. More gorgeous horn watches: Ann Klein watch, Michael Kors watch 

  • My Birthday Weekend


My birthday is this Sunday! Truth be told, I don’t really feel like it’s my birthday, but I have a feeling I’ll get into the spirit a little more once the weekend festivities begin. Ryan has a birthday date planned for tonight and we’re going to a BBQ/bonfire party at my friend Heather’s on Saturday night! Plus, my friend Laurel and her husband are spending the night with us on Saturday, so there’s lots to look forward to this weekend! (Oh, and the above picture was from my birthday two years ago. An absolutely awesome birthday on a cruise ship with some of my best friends!)

Almay Eye Makeup Remover Pads

I first tried these eye makeup remover pads in Sarasota last week and it was love at first swipe! My friend Carrie packed them in her toiletry bag and let me use them during our mini vacation. I was so impressed with the way they easily removed my waterproof mascara. They’re also incredibly gentle and I knew I needed to pick some up for myself ASAP after I said goodbye to Carrie. I am loving them!

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    Question of the Day

  • What is one thing you are loving this week?

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    1. says

      Well happy early birthday!!! A cruise birthday sounds like SO MUCH FUN!
      And I’ve seen that tank top- so hilarious, and so true, agreed!
      This week I’m loving my body pump classes! For obvious reasons 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend!!


    2. says


      I hope your birthday weekend is fabulous! I’m heading off to a family wedding in Northern California … and I’ve got cowboy boots in my bag to wear for the barn reception.

      I remember seeing gopher tortoises when I lived in Florida, I believe they are a protected species actually.

      And those make-up remover pads are awesome, I haven’t bought them in a while … thanks for the reminder.

      Have a good weekend!! 🙂


    3. says

      Happy Early Birthday!!! Mine was on the 27th last month.

      This week I have been loving my healthy homemade fruit smoothies with my new Matcha Green Tea powder! It’s my new obsession. Have you tried it before?

      I’m also really pumped because I’m going on my first run today after taking 2 weeks off to rest a foot injury. Not being able to run has really killed me and I will no longer take my feet and the ability to walk/run for granted.


    4. april says

      happy early birthday, julie! my birthday was earlier this month, as well. april babies are the best – not that i’m biased or anything 😉

      hope you have a GREAT weekend!!


    5. Jessica says

      Happy Birthday Julie!

      My half marathon ( Nike Women s Half Marathon in DC) is on Sunday as well, and I am looking forward to it!! Very nervous- its my second one:)


    6. says

      Happy (almost) birthday! I’m sure once the weekend begins and you wake up with lots of “Happy Birthday” wishes, it will feel like you’re birthday. I know that sure made my day feel super special a couple weeks ago. 🙂


    7. says

      Happy Birthday!

      Love the watch! I used to wear a huge Michael Kors watch, but my boyfriend bought me a smaller one because “the one you wear looks like a men’s watch.” Haha. It is MUCH lighter, I must say.


    8. Christina says

      Happy Birthday 🙂 So I love those eye makeup remover pads too, but as an fyi, Costco sells them in a large bundle at a cheaper price than the drugstore!!

      Enjoy the weekend 🙂


    9. says

      Ah! Those tortoises are so cool! I’d love it if I could spot one of them on my walks….although I’m not sure they’ll be likely in inhabit Philly anytime soon 🙂 Also, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! xo Kelby


    10. says

      I started back running this week, and while I was out on my travels I saw loads of rabbits and bunnies. That made me smile. It is the simple things 🙂


    11. says

      Those tortoises are too cool! My dog is the same way about all the lizards/iguanas we have here. One thing I am loving this week is getting back into blogging and running! I took a little hiatus when I had my baby but now I’m back in action and it’s so motivating/fun!


    12. says

      I’m loving birthdays! Was mine on Monday and I’m not really a huge fan usually but got some wonderful presents and going on a very belated dinner with a big group next Saturday night! Happy Birthday in advance!!!


    13. says

      HAHAHA Tripple x on the things you’re loving would be hilarrrrr. Oh my god, I totally need to buy that ABSsssollutely tank. That’s totally me. My husband would get a kick out of it (and not be surprised).


    14. Heather Cory says

      Happy Birthday!! I’ve seen that tank top all over the place! So cute haha. I’m also loving my HIIT workouts this week. Such a great way to fit in a quick sweaty workout when I’m not in the mood to go to the gym or do a long workout.


    15. Karen says

      Have a great birthday!! I actually do not like the Almay eye makeup remover at all. It stings. Neutrogena is by far the best!! 🙂 different eye sensitivities, I like to basically dowse the cotton ball and stick it right in my eyes. Lol


    16. Bridget says

      Happy early birthday! I will always remember your birthday because as of last year, it’s my wedding anniversary too! Good things happen on April 27th 🙂


    17. says

      Happy Early Bday! Sounds like a fun weekend of celebrating ahead. How adorable is that baby turtle?! I’ve used those Almay pads before, and they are wonderful! I’d forgotten about them. I’m definitely going to have to pick up a new pack soon.


    18. says

      I am loving my new foundation I got from naked! It was a little on the expensive side but perfect! Doesn’t give you that cakey look but makes your skin look flawless and feel oh so smooth !


    19. says

      Happy Birthday Julie!

      I have been reading your blog for several months, I love it! This week I turned 25 and started my own blog – my quarter life crisis. I hope you don’t mind but I adopted your “Things you are Loving Lately” post. I always look forward to your Friday posts. On my post today I included your PB Oatmeal Cookie Dough Overnight Oats – I have been eating this every morning. Have some in the fridge for tomorrow morning. Your blog has really inspired me and I always reference your blog while setting up my site. Hope for you to enjoy my site as much as I enjoy yours ( – still a work in progress!

      Hope you have a great birthday weekend!


    20. says

      OMG I love that tank top! I need to try to find one of those tops…. I’m a total carb lover 🙂 Happy early birthday! Hope you have an amazing weekend!

      One thing I’m loving this week is I just switched over to self hosting on my blog! woohoo!


    21. says

      I haven’t worn a watch in I don’t know how long! But I’m loving that white one. It is fancy+chic but doesn’t draw too much attention, which is usually what I would go for. I hope you have a blessed weekend! And lots of fun. 😀


    22. says

      Happy Birthday! What I’m loving lately are these post! Ha! However, you always have me buying things:) I’m going to try those wipes stat! And what I’m really loving lately is my new Michell watch! !!


    23. says

      I hope you had a fabulous birthday! Mine was only a couple of weeks ago and I wasn’t very excited to celebrate mine.

      That tortoise is too cute, so cool to see them on your walks. I so want that singlet top in my life too 🙂

      Hope you had a great weekend!


    24. Kimberlee says

      I have stopped receiving your blog by e-mail! I go in to re-subscribe and it’s telling me the feed does not accept e-mail through FeedBurner. Has something changed as I always received a daily e-mail? Please help! Thank you!!


    25. Ashlee O. says

      Younique’s “Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes” mascara- Its pricey if you buy it sans a sales person, but MAN OH MAN, it is incredible. I have small lashes and usually use three- yes, three- different kinds of mascara layered on. This mascara trumps my three mascaras! It literally is like putting on fake lashes everyday. I got it much cheaper through my cousin who began working in sales for this company recently. It took me a few days to really get the process down so that my lashes didn’t look too clumpy, but even with a little clumpage here and there, I was SO unbelievably happy with how long my lashes looked, it didn’t matter at all. Now I’ve got the hang of it and they are just my favorite makeup discovery EVER.

      Sorry to shamelessly plug my cousin’s page, but it is much cheaper than Amazon:



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