Treadmill HIIT Workout

Are you ready to heat things up a little bit around here this morning?

My morning certainly was a sweaty one thanks to this treadmill HIIT workout:

20 Minute Treadmill HIIT Workout

There are quite a few fast-paced walking breaks in this workout, but the super-fast running intervals made my heart beat awfully fast. You can easily increase or decrease the difficulty level of this workout by playing with the recovery times and the speeds.

Just in case you’re unfamiliar with high intensity interval training (HIIT), this method of training refers to workouts that alternate between intense bursts of activity and less-intense activity (or complete rest). It’s fantastic for those who may be short on time and want to sneak in a quick workout and is widely recognized for its ability to improve aerobic capacity. (It’s also something I recommend to clients who are stuck in a plateau.)

After my time on the treadmill, I had to train a client, so I grabbed one of my no bake granola bars and a handful of almonds to tide me over until I had time for breakfast.


Once I made it home, I fixed myself a real meal!

On the menu for today was a green protein pancake (that apparently died when I tried to flip it).

Green Protein Pancake

On the side, I also had a small serving of plantain chips and sipped on a hot mug of coffee.

Plantain Chips

That’ll do it!

Now I’m off to work again. Hope you guys have a fantastic Wednesday!

Question of the Morning

  • Do you ever incorporate high intensity interval training (HIIT) into your workouts?


  1. says

    I looove HIIT workouts! I always feel like I can power-pack so much into a shorter amount of time when I do them! And a HIIT treadmill workout is my total favorite! I’ve actually found it improves my speed and shortens my time per mile! :)


  2. says

    I try to do one or two HIIT workouts a week. I especially like to do a HIIT workout when I get bored with my normal running. It helps the time to fly by faster too! I think protein pancakes just decide that either they’re going to act like normal pancakes or get all crazy and not flip for you haha


  3. says

    I do a lot of FitSugar’s HIIT workouts and love them! I love that they have different levels of beginner, intermediate, and advanced to pick from based on what your fitness level is. Definitely helps to beat boredom when working out too – sometimes steady state cardio can seem to take forever!


  4. Kimberlee says

    Still cannot receive your blog posts by e-mail. Keeps telling me “the feed does not have subscriptions by e-mail enabled” Is it not possible to receive your blog by e-mail anymore?


  5. says

    Since my half marathon in March, I’ve been all about HIIT workouts! They quick and efficient which makes it that much easier to spend the extra time with my family. Plus, they’re never boring and things are always changing throughout the workouts!


  6. says

    I try to incorporate HIIT workouts but they always give me a headache! I’m super paranoid about headaches because my mom died of a brain aneurysm. I know it’s ridiculous but it’s kind of scared me off HIIT workouts. I need to work on getting over my fear!


  7. says

    I incorporate HIIT into my workouts every week. Sometimes this involves speed work at the track, sometimes speed+hill interval (that is brutal), and then I often try and do intervals on my bike. I only started integrating HIIT into my workout this year and have already noticed a substantial change in my speed, heart rate, and endurance. It definitely works!


  8. Abby says

    I have been doing HIIT workouts quite often lately! I am short on time as a college student, and these workouts guarantee I get in a great workout in a short amount of time. They are also amazing and curbing workout boredom!


  9. Lillian says

    Ok, I’m a newbie at doing scheduled intervals on cardio machines (I do them sporadically when I’m on there, just not so planned out). How do you safely adjust the speed quickly enough for those shorter intervals? Example: going from speed 4.0 to 10.0 at the 15 minute mark.

    I try it, but I get nervous that I’m going to lose my balance and hurt myself! Any advice would help!!



  10. Emily says

    I love these types of quick, intense workouts! :) Julie, I’ve been following your blog for awhile and I really credit a lot of my fitness success to the workouts you post. I usually screencap them and save them in a folder. Thanks for being an inspiration!


  11. Heather Cory says

    love HIIT! I feel like I get a better workout in a shorter amount of time than just going for a long run, for example


  12. Erika says

    HIIT workouts are my favorite because you can get a good calorie burn, even when you’re short on time. I’ll be adding this to my Pinterest board, thanks!


  13. says

    Julie I had a baby 6 months ago and have been getting back into the swing of things but struggling with how much fitness I’ve lost. I thought a HIIT would help take my mind of of it so I just tried this one of yours and holy cow I loved it!! I just finished 3 miles in the time it took me to finish 2 last week!!! This is great!



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