Tabata Workout

I have an awesome workout to share with you guys today!

Tabata Workout

I went to the gym this morning with plans to shake up my cardio routine a little bit. As I warmed up on the elliptical, I typed up a fast-paced workout on my phone, inspired by the Uplift workout class I took in New York City back in December. 

The class incorporated two tabatas that got our heart rates up and kicked our butts in the best way and I created a few of my own tabatas to do after my warm up was done.

Tabata Workout Four different tabatas that will leave you dripping in sweat

How do tabatas work? You simply complete an exercise like burpees or sprints for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest for four total rounds. (Like the Uplift class, the tabatas I created incorporated two exercises.) One tabata lasts for only four minutes but leaves you dripping in sweat!

If you’re looking for an easy way to time yourself during tabata workouts, check out the Tabata Timer app.

Tabata Timer app

It’s fabulous and extremely user friendly.


After my workout, I headed home with Ryan to make myself a fast and filling breakfast.

Bagel with almond butter, banana, cinnamon and chia seeds

On the menu for today: A toasted bagel topped with almond butter, banana slices, cinnamon and chia seeds

Toasted bagel topped with almond butter, cinnamon, banana and chia seeds

So good.

Now it’s time for me to head out and do that work thang!

Question of the Morning

  • Do you ever incorporate tabatas into your workouts?


  1. says

    I wonder if I’m the only person out there who is struggling to make tabata plural or singular? And I’m an English teacher, go figure.

    Anyhow, I plan on using tabatas (right form) because they’re short and quick! It doesn’t take a lot of time. I just find with two small children, going to the gym can be a never happening fairy tale.

    And you ate a bagel? I mean, I feel like bagels have gotten such a bad rap over the past few years! I like peanut butter on them. (Peter Pan IS the only PB for me though!)


  2. says

    I have found tabata workouts to be a great way to workout while pregnant! While there are many exercises I can’t do, there are plenty that are safe and this form of workout allows me to workout at home if I don’t have the energy/motivation to make it to the gym. I tend to switch it up between burpees (slow & no push-up thanks to a baby bump), squats, planks, and high knees (working one leg at a time and tapping down quickly). Love that Tabata Timer you recommended above too, totally agree – so easy to use.


  3. says

    I’ve recently started doing tabata style workouts to mix up my running. A friend has started them too and has since become a way speedier runner, so that’s me sold!


  4. says

    I love tabata!!!! They always leave me sweaty!

    Thanks for the app!! I’ve been looking for one for so long, but some are too complicated so I just use a digital clock… hard but not impossible!


  5. Erica says

    I’m also happy to see you eat bagels too. I’ve been eating a half bagel this week with natural PB. It’s been what seems like years since I have bought them as I feel too guilty with the carb overload. I kind of get in a rut for breakfast where I will eat the same breakfast for a week…..or a month! I love Tabatas and am thrilled with my instructor has them as part of our HEAT class at the Y.


  6. says

    I like to incorporate tabata’s into my workouts from time to time. I usually will put one as a finisher at the end of a strength workout. My favorite is kettlebell swings and burpees!


  7. says

    This is excellent! I heard of Tabata but never looked into it, I always seem to be too busy to get a long workout in so this is just what I was looking for…no excuses now!


  8. says

    I teach a class that is Tabata style people LOVE it! It gets you sweaty in a hurry and keeps you burning calories even after the class. This is a great workout because you can do it almost anywhere minus the kettlebell! I really like the Bit-timer app as well for timing these out and there is a song you can get that has the timing and cues in it as well. The song makes me cringe when it pops in my playlist outside of class. I guess that’s the sign of a tough workout ;)



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