Things I’m Loving Friday #34

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I hope your weekend is filled with barbeques, lots of sunshine and quality time with friends and family.

We don’t have any major plans on the calendar but will be enjoying a cookout and hopefully some morning hikes with Sadie this weekend! Sounds good to me!

Now let’s get things started and move right along your regularly scheduled “Things I’m Loving Friday” post! As always, please feel free to play along in the comments section. Your comments never fail to make me smile! 

Things I’m Loving Friday

  • Memorial Day

Memorial Day Quote - Harry Truman

It’s Memorial Day weekend and I must take a moment to say a heartfelt thank you to all of the men and women who have served or are currently serving our nation. Thank you, thank you. 

  • A Few Little Blog Updates

If you have tried to sign up for PBF emails using the box located in the right sidebar of this blog, you probably got an error. Well, thanks to my website guru Tim of Parkin Web Development, it is fixed! (You may also click here to subscribe to PBF by email.) Tim also helped me take your feedback to heart and darken in-text links and add a link to the bottom of every post so you can click to comment at the top or the bottom of blog posts now. Thank you, Tim!!!

We are also in the process of making a more mobile-friendly version of PBF because I know it’s a pain to read on many phones at the moment. If you ever need any help with your blog or website, I cannot recommend Parkin Web Development enough! (His contact information:

Linda's Lollies

I affectionately call these “gas station lollipops” because the only time I ever buy them is at a gas station when I’m on a long road trip. I bought this cherry cheesecake flavor on our way back to Florida from Charlotte and forgot how darn delicious these lollipops taste. Plus, it takes forever to finish one, so it’s a sweet treat that forces me to slow down and savor it which I appreciate.

Express Magenta Dress

When Ryan and I were in Jacksonville earlier this week, I requested a quick stop at the local outdoor mall so I could do a few birthday exchanges. I feel like I’m an all or nothing shopper in that I will like absolutely nothing, or I’ll love every single thing. During my time in Express, I fell in love with everything. Fortunately I had a gift card and was able to pull up a coupon on my phone while we waited in line, so I walked away with three items for less than $40, including a flirty magenta slip dress (currently 40% off and also available in white and black), a high-waisted Aztec skirt (which I’m not sure I can pull off, but Ryan liked it) and a relaxed cropped tank (in blue) that I thought would look cute with the skirt. Lots of fun summer fashions at Express!

  • Publix Once Upon a Cookie Ice Cream

Publix Once Upon a Cookie

I know a bunch of you out there share my undying love for Ben & Jerry’s Oatmeal Cookie Chunk ice cream. Since that flavor is the hardest flavor on the planet to find, I was pretty darn psyched to see a new cinnamon oatmeal cookie ice cream for sale at Publix this week! Naturally I had to buy it and I have only glowing reviews to share. It doesn’t include any chocolate chunks like the B & J’s flavor, but it’s super creamy and packed with bits of oatmeal cookie pieces.

IDEA World Fitness BlogFest Giveaway

Idea World Fitness BlogFest

If you’re on Instagram and want to join me at IDEA World Fitness BlogFest, a four-day event with in-depth blogging sessions, celebrity workouts and behind-the-scenes access to IDEA World (the largest fitness conference in the world and my all-time favorite fitness conference!), check out IDEA’s Instagram account for a giveaway with a chance to win a ticket! I’d love to see you there!

Memorial Day Sales

My email inbox is overflowing with lots of Memorial Day sale promotions!

MEmorial Day SalesSome deals I stumbled upon that I thought might interest some of you (along with some items that caught my eye because internet shopping – even when you’re just browsing – is way too fun):

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    Questions of the Day

    • What is one thing you’ve been loving this week?
    • What is your favorite ice cream flavor at the moment?
    • Any fun Memorial Day weekend plans? 
  • ***Please note that this post contains affiliate links. As always, I truly appreciate your support!***


    1. Katherine says

      Things I am loving this weekend are going to the Jersey Shore (nice part, not the actual show part), going to vegas in a week (1st time) and just signed up for my first stitch fix!! wooo! and of course a 3 day weekend!


    2. says

      birthday cake is ooooobviously my favorite ice cream flavor 🙂 🙂 and i think i need to hit up some sales this weekend! we have family time on friday, friends over for dinner on saturday, and innsbrook on sunday! 🙂


    3. says

      Ahh! This is definitely the time of year I start going overboard on the clothes shopping! TJMaxx is my JAM. I’m LOVING the two dresses, two tops and shorts I got there yesterday in preparation for the long weekend in North Carolina!


    4. Jess says

      Love love love that aztec print skirt. Ryan was right!!!
      I have had my eye on one but haven’t scooped it up yet.
      I’ve seen them styled with pretty much every color top under the sun.
      But my favorites are royal blue & any color neon.
      P.S. Target has tons of just simple neon tanks and t’s on sale this week.
      (And in my area they’re only $5.40 each, what a steal!!!)


    5. Nikki says

      It’s odd you mentioned Ben & Jerry’s oatmeal cookie chunk ice cream. There is a discount grocery store where I live. They have products either ready to expire or not popular and they brought in a huge stock of that flavor. It’s only 99 cents each.


    6. says

      I SO want to go to Idea World Fitness Blogfest!

      I’m also an all or nothing shopper, but had a great shopping trip earlier this week … which helped me put together my Friday Favorites today.

      Moosetracks is my favorite Publix Ice Cream, oh how I miss Publix!


    7. says

      We used to sell those lollipops as fundraisers in elementary school! I wasn’t a huge fan of most of the flavors, but they sure do bring back some fun memories!


    8. says

      Love your Express finds! I’ll be hitting up the outlets in Williamsburg since I can walk from my house (dangerous!). I also saw the Banana factory store is 50-70% off everything so I know I’ll be going there. Have a great weekend!


    9. Katie says

      I am loving running and the sense of community I get from it!

      When I was in Boston with my running club for the Marathon, I met a really nice guy who showed me around the city and helped me find a prime spot to view my friends in the club run. He is in Maryland this weekend, so I am looking forward to seeing him and returning the favor and showing him around here!

      Also, I plan to run on Monday to honor our fallen heroes. I recently found out about an organization called “wear blue: run to remember”. The mission is to build running communities that honor the service and sacrifice of the American military. On Monday, runners across the country are encouraged to run and register their miles in honor of our heroes. Currently, there are less than 1800 people registered on the site to walk or run a mile for a Fallen Hero. Please make the commitment to honor our Fallen this Memorial Day and register your mile at the site


    10. says

      Man, I love Express…..they always have the cutest clothes, esp. dresses and skirts with all the bright colors!! I might have to take a little stop in soon….enjoy the long weekend!


    11. says

      Yay!! I’m so happy there is now a link at the bottom for comments!! And I just find it crazy how many great sales they have on memorial weekend!! I have two things I’m loving this week, and that is the time I had with my boyfriend before he left for his internship, and that I finally came up with a design for my wrap bracelets, better late than never haha


    12. says

      The obvious ice cream solution is to add your own chocolate chunks. Nut butter + chocolate chips on a spoon? Ice cream + chocolate chips on a spoon!


    13. says

      Oh man, that ice cream looks flippin’ amazing! I haven’t been adventurous in my ice cream choices recently, but I wish we had Publix in NY so I could get some of that.
      This week I’ve been loving spoonfuls of almond butter as a late night snack, the weather, and wearing flip flops!


    14. says

      Geesh – Memorial Day sales everywhere!
      I’ll be running the BolderBoulder – the US’s largest 10k. It includes a slip ‘n slide and keg stand station, so that should tell you how hard core and serious it is 😉


    15. says

      I cannot get over H&M’s sale this weekend. They’re practically giving away all their clothes! I love it. Thanks for such an awesome roundup of other sales, too — my summer wardrobe is in desperate need of an upgrade, and I think this weekend will be the perfect time to make that happen 🙂


    16. Allyssa says

      I also LOVE that skirt!!! Can’t wait to see it on PBF in the future! My favorite ice cream flavor at the moment is definitely anything coffee related!


    17. Caroline says

      Ben & Jerry’s Oatmeal Cookie Chunk is hands down my favorite hard ice cream. It was initially limited addition and I wrote multiple letters to Ben & Jerry’s requesting (demanding?) it be kept on the market. Publix isn’t in my area – and that’s probably for the best! – but I’ll be traveling to Nashville in a couple weeks and I’m going to make a point to stop.


    18. says

      I bought that same magenta dress a couple weeks ago and absolutely love it!

      My favorite ice cream flavor at the moment is lavender. We have a local ice cream shop in town that makes the best honey lavender ice cream!


    19. says

      I’ve been loving Corepower hot yoga classes this week.

      Vanilla bean ice cream topped with fresh berries… yum! Is 10am too early for ice cream?….

      Weekend plans to paint, paint, and paint. Crossing my fingers that I might get to go to Florida for one night!


    20. says

      Oooh, I LOVE that skirt! Linking up with you for my own version of Things I’m Loving Lately today! Definitely summer wardrobes (so happy the snow is gone finally) new shampoo, the Garmin 220 and photos of my son from my mama while I work. Enjoy your long weekend! 🙂


    21. says

      Just signed up on instagram for the Idea World Fitness contest, fingers crossed 🙂 I love how many sales are going on right now, I can’t wait to check them out!


    22. says

      Love your Express finds, especially that skirt! There are a lot of reasons I can’t wait to move to Florida, but one is for the fact that I can now buy the things you tease me with from Publix! haha. That ice cream, yum!


    23. says

      Those lollipops are incredible! I always have to pick one up when I get the chance to! The cheesecake would be amazing:)) awesome express finds! And congrats on the page updates! Happy weekend to you!


    24. says

      Reading that quote from Truman made me tear up. As a military sister/daughter/granddaughter, Memorial Day is really meaningful to me, and I love hearing that people are celebrating the sacrifices of our servicemen and not just the three day weekend. So thank you for remembering. <3

      And on a lighter note, I love that skirt! Hope you post a pic of the full outfit! 🙂


    25. Lauren says

      I’ve been loving grapenut custard ice cream lately…sounds a little strange but its so creamy and delicious! I try to eat it in moderation but hardly ever happens its so good!


    26. says

      I’m so glad you mentioned that everything is 50% off this weekend at Old Navy! I have been wanting to go there to get new shorts for summer, so I will be hitting up that store this weekend!


    27. says

      I’m obsessed with President’s Choice ‘Loads of’ Chocolatey Caramel Treats Ice Cream! It’s soo good. Hoping to enjoy the Spring Weather this weekend and get our veggie garden going. 🙂 Happy Long Weekend. (Mine was last weekend, Canada, but now that I’m on mat leave I have lost track of the days.)


    28. says

      You can totally pull off the skirt!!! Favourite ice cream flavour…Banoffi pie…caramel, chocolate and banana!!! Loving instant mug cakes this week….I’ve had one every night thus far!


    29. Angela says

      Hi Julie! I have been reading your blog every single day for the past few months and I have to say, I am I obsessed with it! You are incredibly motivating and your your sweet personality is infectious. Thank you for your wonderful blog!


    30. Katie says

      Hey Julie! I love all your suggestions for Memorial Day sales–I’m so much more motivated to do sale shopping when I already have references on what’s looking good!

      Quick question: All of the links are bringing me to blank images. Is there something I can do to see the images that you are redirecting to?


    31. Sarah Whitney says

      Julie, I just ate the Once Upon a Cookie ice cream and LOVED it!! I threw some chocolate chips in there, and it tasted so much like Oatmeal Cookie Chunk!! My stomach thanks you so very much for sharing!



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