Wild Blackberry Run + Roo Sport Review

Stepping out of the shower after a morning run with Sadie and seeing this?

Sleepy Vizsla

That sleepy little face makes it all worth it!

sleeping dog

Tiring Sadie out is virtually impossible, and even though I know she would happily play fetch for hours if I grabbed her frisbee right now, I’d like to think the five miles we ran together this morning tired her out a little bit. Enough to warrant a late morning nap at least!

Our run today took us around our new neighborhood and along a beautiful path surrounded by lush greenery.


Ryan and I have been taking Sadie for an evening walk along this path every night and I still cannot get over the large number of wild blackberries we see growing along the 1.5 mile greenway.

Wild Blackberries

There are tons and tons of them everywhere you look!

Wild Blackberries (2)

So cool!

Roo Sport Review

On today’s run I wore my new Roo Sport pouch that all of the bloggers who attended the Heartbreak Hill Half & Festival received in a swag bag.


Before the Roo Sport, I was pretty married to my armband and used that to hold my iPhone for music on my run. I would slip my house key in my shorts and thought that set up worked pretty well.

I was intrigued by the Roo Sport since I kept finding myself more and more annoyed with my armband because it didn’t make my phone easily accessible when I wanted to adjust the volume of my music, skip a song, take a picture on my phone, etc. I would have to finagle my armband around to adjust the volume or remove the camera part of it to snap a picture that wasn’t super blurry. Not big issues, but still annoying enough to make me curious about the Roo Sport.

The Roo Sport is a magnetic running pocket that is easy to attach to your shorts or pants (or anywhere else you might want it to go) thanks to a powerful magnet. The magnet is really powerful. I accidentally caught some skin from my finger in it the first time I used it and it HURT.

I wanted to wait until I had used the Roo Sport several times before mentioning it to you guys (if I did, in fact, like it) and I must say I am a huge fan. It easily holds my phone, keys, fuel, chapstick and whatever little treasures I might want to bring along on a run with me.

Roo Sport

I keep my phone and fuel  in the large open pouch so it’s easy to access and use the mini zip pouch for my keys and chapstick.

Roo Sport Running Pocket

A couple of notes: The Roo Sport did stay in place when I wore it with running tights/spandex capris, but I prefer using it when I run in running shorts with a tie waistband (my favorites are the Nike Tempo running shorts). I feel like it’s more secure and doesn’t rub or bounce around at all when it’s attached to a tighter waistband.

This was definitely one of those products I didn’t think I would like at all that pleasantly surprised me! I just wanted to share in case any of you are looking for new ways to bring things with you on a run or walk and aren’t a huge fan of arm bands or fuel belts!

Questions of the Morning

  • What do you bring with you when you go for a run?
  • Do you use an arm band, fuel belt or anything else to hold your keys, phone, etc.?


  1. says

    i used to wear a spi belt when i ran which i loved – it stretched enough to fit my iphone, keys, and gel. plus it was around my waist which i found more comfortable than my arm. and adorable sleeping sadie pictures, as always! 🙂


  2. says

    Nothing beats wild blackberries! They’re organic, taste amazing and free.

    I once picked enough berries at a local state park (while on a dog walk of course with my 2 little Weenies) to bake a pie.

    How cool is that!!!


  3. Monique Brewer says

    To be honest, I don’t bring anything while I run. I know, a little dangerous right? I don’t have a way to hold my phone or keys. I’m always afraid that they’ll fall out and be lost forever.

    I usually just hide my keys under the door mat while I run.


  4. says

    Interesting… I have a similar belt AND an arm band, and never use either because I hate anything on me when I’m running. The potential for bouncing drives me nuts on long runs. I usually just slip my house key into my shorts too… it gets a little trickier on longer runs when I have to also squeeze in fuel haha.


  5. says

    I always tie my keys to my sneakers or to the string inside my nike shorts. No matter how many times I tie it I always think that somehow it could get untied during my run.


  6. says

    I’m so glad you reviewed this because I’ve been having issues with how to carry my stuff on a run and I would LOVE to give this a try now! I would be concerned with it being a magnet, but if you said it held up well, then it’d be worth a shot. I’m always a little skeptical of a magnet NEAR my phone though…. surely they provide you with comfort in knowing that it won’t rip all your information off the phone? Maybe that’s a dumb question and magnets don’t do that anymore because technology is smarter?… Another thing I may question would be the weight of it pulling my pants/shorts down… but then again, I trust your judgement and I appreciate the fact that you’ve tried it out multiple times now and give your “Stamp of Approval!” 🙂

    So jealous of your blackberry trail!!!! I love blackberries and I would love a beautiful lush trail like that to run on! I can’t entirely complain though because I’m definitely blessed with the trails I have around my area compared to others I know!


  7. says

    That pouch intrigues me., looks very stable. When I job outside, I just hold my phone or put it in my pocket to listen to music. When doing longer runs I used to wear a belt to hold my water but it bopped around too much and it was so annoying!


  8. Kim M says

    The standard black medium office clip is a really nice double if you are in a pinch or just want to be frugal. I string my key through its metal clasp and fold up cash/ID Ito the clip then clip it all somewhere inside my clothing.


  9. says

    Oooo I’m very curious about the Roo Sport! I’ve heard about it once before but no one reviewed it. It didn’t look like it would stay in place so it’s nice to hear that it does. I run with an armband, but like you I find it cumbersome when I get a call, want to change songs, etc. Might have to look into it! Thank you!


  10. Mary Beth says

    I’m curious about the roo …. the magnet doesn’t damage your phone? Silly question, I know. But I’ve heard horror stories about powerful magnets messing with electronics….


  11. Amy B says

    Hm seems like it might even be a good idea even for a trip to Europe to hide your passport, money etc. Wonder if it would work with jeans? Hmmm I will have to look into it!

    Thanks Julie!


  12. Amanda says

    I recently got a spibelt because I lost my ipod shuffle and didn’t want to pay to replace it, plus I love to make playlists on spotify and wanted to be able to run with my phone. So far I really like it … doesn’t bounce around, but the only thing is its not super easy to get my phone out and change songs. Forces me to make really good playlists 🙂


  13. Molly says

    I’ve had my Roo Sport for 2+ years and I love it!! I never felt comfortable with the armband and once I bought the Roo Sport, I never looked back! In response to the magnet messing with my phone- I haven’t had any issues with it messing up my Iphone and I always have it in there when I run. You guys should definitely give it a try!


  14. says

    I hold a lot, which makes me a super high maintenance runner. But I usually have my phone on a sleeve, keys zipped away in one of my shorts pockets (I refuse to buy shorts without a designated key area!) pepper spray in one hand (depending on what time of day/where I am) and a water bottle in the other hand. I’ll wear a spibelt if I’m doing a long run and need fuel. I have TOO MUCH stuff. But usually if I’m running with a buddy I only take my keys and water, and I try to run with a buddy a lot.

    We got my mother in law the roo pouch last christmas and she loves it, she uses it on her morning walks, and cant get enough of it!

    You’re lucky you’ve got Sadie to keep you safe instead of pepper spray! 🙂


  15. Tina says

    Great post! I had never heard of Roo Sport before your post and I am totally intrigued. I’ve out to the website to order and was wondering, is your the size small or large?



  16. says

    I used to use an armband, when I had a smaller HTC phone, but when I got the Galaxy S 3, it became too cumbersome, so now I usually stick it in my bra (if I’m outside), or don’t bother with anything, and just rest it on the cardio machine I’m using (Planet Fitness machines have an actual slot to put stuff like this. 🙂 )


  17. says

    Sleepy puppies are the BEST! I wish my dog would run 5 miles with me..she will do about 2 and then she’s DONE! And she’s a black lab too, but I’m think it’s because she just gets overheated so quickly!


  18. says

    I never bring my phone because it’s too bulky! I just have my Garmin, my keys and my ipod nano that I usually stuff in my bra if I dont have any pockets haha but I know that’s not the best solution! You’re post just made me realized that I bought a Flip Belt (www.flipbelt.com) at the RNR Montreal last year and never used it haha I’ll definitely try it!

    And Sadieeeeeee <3 I love your dog!! If I wasn't so allergic I would SO get a vizla!! So cute!! And I want a running partner, it would be the best!!


  19. Mina says

    I don’t take anything with me on my runs and sometimes it just doesn’t feel safe to be without my phone. I run early – 5am during the week. I’ve tried the SpiBelt but hated it because it bounced. Does this bounce?


    • says

      This didn’t bounce for me when I wore it with shorts with a tight tie waistband! It bounced a little when I wore it with spandex capris, but once it “found its place” and settled a bit, it didn’t bounce around or bother me. I prefer wearing it with shorts though!


  20. says

    I could’ve used that this morning. I typically take my phone and housekey along. My set-up is pretty DIY; I use a tight headband around my arm to keep my phone in place and stick the key down my bra and just hope it won’t fall out. It’s a little hillbilly, but I haven’t lost either yet. However, this little pouch would be incredible!


  21. says

    I got a call around 8pm Saturday from a friend who was breathing heavily. She was in the middle of a run and came across a ton of blackberry bushes. She called me to grab some buckets and meet up with her to pick. So, we did!

    Fun time of year in the South. We totally overlook those bushes the rest of the year.


  22. says

    I looove that path Sadie is in. So much green in one single place :O, at least for a person that lives in a dessertic island like I do.

    When I go for a run I usually take my Ipod and the keys. My pants have an internal pocket that works great for me.



  23. says

    Mmmmm, wild blackberries!

    I typically just take my iPod and any key I may need. If I’m running somewhere unfamiliar, I’ll hold my phone (mainly so I can take photos) but I absolutely hate having to do that. If I’m running a longer distance I may bring water and fuel, but that’s it. I don’t care for having lots of things with me!


  24. says

    AWESOME!! I was just thinking last night I need something else besides my armband! I love to take photos while I’m out running and I don’t enjoy having to take off the band and pull out my phone etc… I’ll have to look into these! THANKS 🙂


  25. says

    That trail looks nice! I’m not sure what area of Charlotte you’re in but the southern end has a nice trail that’s called The Greenway and it’s about 8 miles long! Very dog friendly!


  26. says

    I’ve been having the same problem with my armband. I bought one so that I could run with my phone rather than holding it, but then realized that it was really inconvenient to change songs or take any pictures. I started wearing it on my forearm, but that still didn’t make it easy to take my phone out for pictures. This looks like a good solution! I may have to check it out 🙂


  27. Rachel says

    You seem to be running a lot lately….is it because you don’t have a steady gym right now or are you ramping up to train for a half?

    I’m about to train for my first half so it’d be fun if you went through training at the same time!


  28. says

    It’s crazy the gadgets that they have for runners nowadays! 🙂 What I bring depends on where I’m running. If I’m running around the school track field, I’ll bring my phone/water/keys and leave it in a backpack on the side of the track. I can see it the whole time, so I feel safe. If I’m running trails, I’ll just wear my dorm key around my neck. 🙂


  29. says

    I’ve only been doing 5km so nothing! No phone, no ipod, no keys…I leave them in the gym! Just fresh air and the noise of the world around me! Blackberries this time of year! You are lucky!


  30. says

    Blackberries fresh off the bush are the BEST. They taste so much better than store bought! I grew up in an area in British Columbia where blackberry bushes were abundant but I don’t live there anymore and now this post made me crave a real blackberry haha.


  31. says

    When running I normally just bring my house key, attached to my dogs collar, for anything 5 miles or less. If going longer, I wear a Camelbak and carry water, fuel, tissues, band aids, and chapstick. I like to be prepared! 🙂


  32. says

    I started only buying workout pants with pockets. Like, real pockets same as men’s shorts and pants have. I’ve had decent luck with Lululemon and Lucy brands, but it does severely limit my ability to just run out and pick up a cute pair of capris/shorts to work out in. Anyway, I just got sick of armbands and extra bags like you did, stuff was never quick and accessible! I keep my phone, fuel, and keys in my pockets and it works. Once I even ran 8 miles with a water bottle in my pocket; it hardly bothered me. I wish clothing manufacturers would recognize the value and market for real pockets in women’s gear!


  33. says

    I don’t run, but I strength train several days a week. I stick my iPod in an armband, but you’re right, it is so annoying when changing songs. I’m not sure if I roo bag would get in the way when trying to lift, but it might be something to consider!


  34. Briana says

    Random question – how old was Sadie when you started running with her? We have a german shepherd puppy who is about to be 6 months – we’ve done a mile run/walk with her, but can’t wait to take her for longer runs, but don’t want to push her too hard.


  35. says

    I definitely want to check out the Roo pouch! I’ve been looking for something like this! Thanks for posting your comments!

    Those black berries look divine!!


  36. says

    Haha I love that it’s a Roo pouch…like a kangaroo. I usually just bring my phone and keys on runs- I hold my phone and put my keys in my shorts!


  37. V says

    I use an amphipod for my cell phone and Chapstick and dog treats on my runs. It doesn’t bounce and I love being hands free when I’m on my own. Most times I have smokeys leash in hand.
    It stretches so I can put a couple of dates in there for long runs.


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