Things I’m Loving Friday #48

We’re officially living in the land of boxes!

moving moving boxes

Everything is all packaged up and today will be dedicated to loading boxes onto the moving truck and cleaning our rental house before we officially wave goodbye to Ocala tonight. It will be a loooong day but a low key dinner with my parents, Leslie and Ross awaits us and I could not be more thrilled. Hooray for family time!

Knowing that Ryan and I have a full weekend with my family ahead of us is obviously the thing that is making me smile the most this week (followed closely by the fact that half of our big move will be over!), but there are a few other things I’m loving this week that I wanted to share with you guys in keeping with the Things I’m Loving Friday tradition we have going around here.

As always, please feel free to play along in the comments section of this post!

Things I’m Loving Friday

How to figure out what is wrong with your cookies

How great is this!? Kendra Nyberg, a bioengineering grad student, and Tessa Arias, a chef and cookbook author, teamed up to figure out how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie… depending on your personal taste! Whether you like a fluffy, chewy or crunchy cookie, their tips will help you make the best chocolate chip cookie for you. I’m not one to play favorites and would happily eat any of the cookies above. Cookie monster!

32 ounce Nalgene

Last year I lost my large water bottle at IDEAWorld and, go figure, I lost my replacement water bottle at IDEAWorld this year. Apparently IDEAWorld is the fitness conference that water bottles go to die. Once I made it home from California, I placed an order for a new 32-ounce Nalgene water bottle on Amazon, but this time made sure to get one with a more narrow mouth because I felt like the wide mouth of my other water bottle made me drip water down my chest a little too often when I’d try to take a sip during a workout on a cardio machine. The narrow mouth on my new water bottle is much more workout-friendly!

  • Pipsqueak the Goat

This video is one of the most adorable videos I’ve seen in weeks. Pipsqueak is one heck of an enthusiastic little goat and watching her hop all over the place with zero coordination or self-control is way too cute. I hope it makes you smile!

  • Starbucks Vegetable Fontiago Sandwich + Bumping Into Former Coworkers

Starbucks Vegetable Fontiago

Apparently Starbucks is the place to run into former coworkers! Ryan and I have been in Ocala for less than 48 hours and I’ve somehow managed to run into two of my coworkers from the gym at Starbucks this morning. Hearing updates about the gym where I used to work is always interesting (they’re undergoing a huge expansion!) and it makes me miss my clients and classes. Meeeemories! Oh, and I think I’ve mentioned this sandwich on the blog before, but Starbucks’ vegetable fontiago sandwich is so, so good. It tastes like egg pizza (and I mean that in a good way). You know I adore my spinach feta wraps, but this is a great breakfast sandwich that I’ll order whenever the craving hits.

Yes To Cucumber Wipes

I was first introduced to these wipes on my trip to San Francisco with Stitch Fix in June and now keep a pack in my car for a quick way to wipe down post-workout sweat or dirt from a hike through the woods. They’re refreshing and do a great job of removing dirt, sweat and make up. I’ve tried a variety of the wipes and the blueberry, grapefruit and cucumber wipes are my favorites.

Suja Green Delight

Suja juice is so delicious but it comes with a pretty hefty price tag. Ryan and I both love it though, so we’ll splurge and pick up a bottle every once in a while. I was pretty pumped when I popped into the grocery store yesterday and saw the juice was BOGO at Publix! Sweet!

  • PTV Smoothies and Juices Recipe Book Giveaway Winner 

Congratulations to Jessica: “My family loves when I make my creamsicle smoothie with almond milk, peaches and orange juice!”

Jessica was emailed first thing this morning. Thanks to all who entered!

  • Labor Day Sales

Labor Day Sale

There are some pretty great Labor Day sales going on this weekend. Here are a few highlights I found that I thought might interest you guys:

Question of the Day

  • Tell me about one thing that made you smile this week!


  1. says

    Thanks for the sites for the Labor Day Sales Julie 🙂 I am smiling this week because I turn 47 tomorrow and I feel fabulous at this age. My kids make me smile, as they have had a great first week back to school. Happy, healthy and successful. 🙂


  2. says

    Yay for the first half of the move being over! We moved from upstate NY to Finland this summer, and man it was laborious! 😀 Hang in there!
    P.S. The second half of moving is SO much better when you are in your new home and get to organize and set it out. 🙂


  3. says

    Ahhhh so many boxes! I’m a college student so I’m constantly moving from apartment to apartment, so I feel for ya. At least you have family time to look forward to!

    I’m heading out right now to check out some of those sales. Thanks for sharing 😉


  4. says

    I LOVE those face wipes! I finally got one of those vegetable noodle maker thingamajigs and it makes dinner prep so much fun! I’m trying to think of a good labor day salad to use it for. Yay for the big move! 🙂 So awesome! Also, I think I’m going to include a recipe or two of yours on my labor day cook out recipe round up !


  5. says

    Moving is the worst! But once it’s done, everything is so nicely cleaned and organized…for a while at least haha

    I’m so happy to have a 3-day weekend! Me and my friends are having a pool party on Sunday (probably the last one of the summer) and Baylor’s first football game is Sunday too! Sic ’em 🙂

    (still bitter about your UCF Knights beating us in the bowl game last year…just sayin’)


  6. says

    My cousin’s oldest daughter turned seven last night, and when we met in the parking lot of Amazing Pizza Machine in Omaha, she ran up to me to get a big hug. She’s NEVER done that before. Melted my heart!

    Good luck with moving! We’re just finishing ours, and thought we’d never finish. How’d we get so much stuff?! 😀


  7. says

    So funny, I was just thinking about the science behind baking earlier this week, and than bam its here on your Friday Favs. Love how things work like that… Anyways, the thing I am loving this Friday is it is one day closer to fall! I am really looking forward to cooler temps, colored leaves, and the changing of the seasons!


  8. says

    I recently found your blog and I am obsessed! I’m not a big commenter, but A NARROW MOUTH NALGENE!?!? You mean I can take a sip of water on the treadmill without looking like an idiot? Best day ever. Thanks!


  9. says

    I definitely slop water all over myself with my wide mouth Nalgene! Mine is still going strong, but if I lose it then I’ll have to upgrade to this version. I’m obsessed with those facial wipes! All those deals make me really want to SHOP! I’m headed to the beach this afternoon and that is making me smile 🙂

    Happy weekend to you!


  10. says

    Moving is rough, so it will be good to have family time to help you relax this weekend. I’m smiling this week because I am about to board a plane to Southwest Florida (from San Francisco) to see my family for the weekend. I love hanging with my parents in my hometown. Have a good one!!


  11. says

    I have just seen what you said about your water bottle, and I find that the camelbak water bottles are the BEST for workouts, no messing around with twisting off lids! I live in the UK ands I ordered mine from amazon :). So if you end up losing your new water bottle at IDEAworld again – take a look at the camel bak ones 😉 !

    Take care and good luck with moving house!



  12. says

    Eeeeeeek! I am so glad you posted about those water bottles! I can’t find narrow mouthed 32 oz bottles locally! Hooray! I have one of the wide mouth bottles but rarely use it since I nearly drown myself when drinking out of it.


  13. says

    Happy moving! I actually enjoy moving because it allows me to get rid of things I don’t need and gives a “fresh start” kind of feeling. 🙂 There are so many awesome sales going on right now. Yesterday I bought 4 pairs of shoes at Macys for $35 TOTAL. One of the pairs cost me $4. I literally walked out of the store with the biggest smile on my face.


  14. says

    I just moved from PA to CA, so I definitely know that moves can be tough. Luckily, my fiance moved about three weeks before I did, so I got to skip out on the major unpacking once our stuff arrived! Totally the way to go 🙂

    Something that made me smile this week: coming across these Ryan Gosling leggings while I was browsing at a shop –>
    Way more than I’d ever spend on a pair of goofy leggings, but it made me laugh


  15. Kelsey says

    I smiled like a kid on Christmas morning when I opened my first Stitch Fix!! I love everything the stylist sent me and can not wait for the next one to arrive. Thank you for recommending this great service! I had never heard of it before reading your blog 🙂


  16. says

    The science of cookie baking???! GENIUS!!! That sounds like the most fun experiment ever. Hmm something I’ve been loving this week… overnight oats! After a hiatus of roughly two years, my obsession with Greek yogurt + oats is back (in full force too!).


  17. says

    Ugh… I feel you on the boxes. Been there done that more than once in the past year. One after a move and one after a flood in our house. The worst part about that was that I didn’t get to box up anything so opening each box was a total surprise! Made for fun unpacking… Good luck!


  18. says

    You’ve got a big light at the end of your tunnel. It’s all exciting! As for that cookie article, I love that article – it is SO cool and I love the food science aspect of it. Not to mention, that cookie recipe is always the best in my opinion. Right now, I’m loving KeVita drinks – sparkling probiotic drinks that taste wayyy better than Kombucha 🙂 Happy Friday!


  19. Christina M says

    That sandwich looks AMAZING!! The things I’m loving this week 1) Those Labor Day sales you made known! and 2) Spending time with the BF 🙂 Last night we got to cook together, hang out on the sofa while he picked his Fantasy team and we laughed to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and then waking up this morning and making breakfast together. Simple.. but he works crazy hours (2 AM to Noon), so we rarely get time to just hang out! aaannnd 3) My sister is visiting from NY!!


  20. Jessica McB. says

    When I first saw who won the giveaway I saw my name and for a second thought it was me! But sadly no… 🙁 Oh well, maybe next one.

    The “baking the most delicious cookie” reminds me of America’s Test Kitchen. That is one of my favorite shows and even though I don’t always agree with them I love their advice.

    Nalgene bottles are the best. I always carry two with me to work. I even have one that glows in the dark and is great for late night hydration.

    Something I’m loving this week is setting up my fantasy football team. I love football season!


  21. says

    That cookie picture is life-changing! I swear mine turn out different almost every time, even though I follow variations of the same recipe and this explains so many of the mysteries of cookies that have haunted me.

    One more to add: If you use butter substitute like Smart Balance they puff up like little cookie cakes, almost like the picture with “more flour” except even puffier. If you have high cholesterol or are just trying to cut a few calories and don’t mind a muffin-like cookie it’s a good swap!

    Congratulations on finishing the move! You must be exhausted, I’m so impressed that you still found time to blog amidst all that packing!

    Have a great weekend everyone!


  22. QueenofFitness says

    well, it wasn’t technically this week but at the end of last week i mailed in my LAST school loan payment EVER! i went straight from undergrad into grad school because i had to have a master’s for my profession. i finished in 3 months shy of 10 years. i am beyond excited!
    good luck on your move julie! can’t wait to see pics of your new place.


  23. says

    Narrow mouth nalgenes are just the smartest. I constantly spill on myself when I’m standing still! Good luck with the rest of your move! I’m moving this weekend, too, though probably on a much smaller scale. It’ll all be done soon!


  24. lilly says

    Omg, I love pipsqueak!! Literally have loved him for years!! We joke that we need a pipsqueak in our house all the time! …. and I LOVE Suja juices!!!


  25. Lyndsey A says

    Pipsqueak was adorable! You should go to youtube and watch Buttermilk the goat under “Buttermilk ‘plays’ with her friends” HILARIOUS,


  26. says

    Good luck with the move! So nice that you had a relaxing dinner with family to look forward to.

    Do you prefer the narrow mouthed Nalgene over water bottles with straws like the Camelbak? I find that those with straws are super easy to drink when working out! I even have one in 33 ounces so drinking a lot of water is a breeze!


  27. says

    <3 Suja juices <3 Best juice ever, but spendy. Around me, a grocery store called Wegmans has the best prices and the other day they were an extra $1 off so I brought quite a few home with me.

    The best part of my week was realizing that it was Labor Day weekend! Hope the move goes smoothly for you guys!


  28. says

    I love the Yes to products! I recently moved to Finland and they sadly don’t carry that brand here. The say Yes to tomatoes moisturizer smells divine. I’ll have to have my mom send me a package of face wipes 🙂


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