25 Minute Interval Treadmill Workout

Good morning! I hope you guys had a great weekend!

Judging by my Facebook and Twitter feeds, a lot of running occurred yesterday. Marathons galore! (Congratulations to Monica for her marathon PR!)

The only marathon I participated in over the weekend started around 7 p.m. yesterday and included back-to-back episodes of New Girl.

new girl

Ryan and I love New Girl and were cracking up. We missed a few of the episodes when the show debuted last year, so it was fun to watch a few of the episodes we hadn’t seen before. (Winston wasn’t in the first episode!?)


Now for today!

We awoke at 5 a.m. for a Monday morning workout. I began my time at the gym on the treadmill and completed a 25-minute interval workout that incorporated incline walking and running.

25 minute treadmill interval workout

***Edited to add: The inclines in this workout are 9.0, 3.0 and 1.0. Some commenters thought I was truckin’ along at an 8.0 pace at a 10.0 incline. No sir!

I wore my new Reebok #getafterit t-shirt that the company sent me thanks to my partnership with Reebok through FitFluential.

reebok get after it shirt

The shirt fits true to size and is extra long which makes this crazy-long torso girl very happy. It’s the same shirt the Reebok women wore to FitBloggin’ that I liked immediately because it looked feminine and didn’t have a boxy appearance like many other t-shirts.

Speaking of FitBloggin’, I updated my Blog Travel page on Friday and forgot to mention it. You can find recaps from various blogging events on that page, including all of the blogging tips from the Central Florida Blogging Conference that previously appeared on the blog. I’m trying to stay organized for ya!


Breakfast this morning included scrambled eggs, sausage and half of an avocado.

eggs avocado

Protein packed!

eggs sausage avocado

Time to get started on today’s to do list!


  1. Marie says

    So, there goes my excuse for not going to the gym before work because i don’t have enough time! I usually tell myself I need to spend at least 45 minutes on the treadmill to “make it count” (because staying in bed burns so many more calories, right???). I’m guessing this is probably a great workout though, so maybe I’ll try it in the morning! Thanks!
    Also, I need to check out ” New Girl”. I keep hearing about it!


  2. Sarah P. says

    I love the workouts you post . I especially like how this workout only takes 25 minutes. Also, I have been wanting to see “The New Girl” for a while now. You seem so busy all the time I don’t see how you find time for a show marathon haha.


  3. Claire says

    Oh my!!! Note to self: read entire page before just glancing at the workout and attempting to compete it! I had seen this workout briefly when you first posted it, but just now had the time to try it. I did not see the side note about the change of incline and was practically dying at those high speeds and inclines so I shortened that part to 1 minute which still killed me! can’t wait to try it correctly next time!


  4. says

    so excited to try this out. I realize I am finding this way after the fact- but googled treadmill intervel workouts (my new thursday dedication) in prep for tomorrow and am excited to come across this one.

    thanks for sharing 🙂 subscribing so I can follow along 🙂



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