30 Second Rest Workout

As I headed to the gym this morning, I found myself wishing that my gym offered a BodyPump class on Friday mornings. I love the fast pace and intense muscle burn I get from BodyPump and have a hard time replicating it in my own workouts.

Today I decided I would take a cue from BodyPump and up the pace of my strength-trainig workout, allowing only a 30-second rest in between sets. I also split up my 20 minutes of cardio into two 10-minute spurts which helped my workout fly by!

In the end, my workout looked like this:


Exercise Weights Reps Sets
Leg extensions 35 lbs. 15 3
Leg press 130 lbs. 15 3
Elliptical   10 min.  
Hamstring ball curls Bodyweight 20 3
Push ups (girly) Bodyweight 15 3
Elliptical   10 min.  
Shoulder raises 10 lbs. 15 3
Bicep curls 15 lbs. 15 3
Tricep dips Bodyweight 15 3
Various crunches Bodyweight 20 4

It was a pretty decent workout, if I do say so myself!


I arrived home and promised Sadie I would take her on a walk after breakfast, since my tummy was grumbling! Sometimes after a big dinner, I awake the following morning feeling hungrier than usual. I don’t understand it, but I listen to the ol’ tummy and give it what it wants.

I got to work in the kitchen, toasting two waffles and slicing up a frozen banana.

I ended up eating one of the toasted waffles before plating my breakfast because I’m an animal.

waffle with yogurt 040

I topped the remaining toasted waffle with vanilla Greek yogurt, frozen banana slices and chia seeds and dug in!

waffle with yogurt 043

Another great morning meal!

Happy Birthday to…

The first-ever man in my life.

lugano to lucerne 087

My dad!

My dad is the man with whom I can eat ridiculous amounts of chocolate marshmallow ice cream. The man who points up when there’s nothing to look at, just so he can tickle you under your chin. He’s the man who cried the most on my wedding day. The man who cannot, for the life of him, pronounce the word “edamame.” He’s the man I know I can always turn to. The man who will tell it to me straight. He’s the man who sat on my bed when I was 15, asking me to explain exactly what I meant when I said I had my first boyfriend. He’s the man with whom I can split an entire can of black olives. The man who cannot go grocery shopping without making a bee line for the bakery. He’s the man who has a passion for his family and loves “his girls” more than anything in the world. The man whom I feel so grateful to call my father.

019_GettingReadyHappy birthday, Daddy! I love you. 


  1. says

    Hi Julie! I wanted to let you know that I’ve been following your posts more regularly since your big announcement and love what you are doing here! I have a chocolate lab, Hunter, who loves peanut butter too and is my all around best friend, so I especially love reading about Sadie 🙂 I know my comment doesn’t have too much to do with this post, but wanted to let you know that I love what you’re doing! 🙂


  2. says

    Julie I applaud you for continuing to wake up to go to the gym now that you WFH! You go girl! And happy birthday to your pops…I love that picture of you at your wedding because it reminds me of seeing my dad for the first time in my wedding dress at my wedding. I will cherish those pics forever!


  3. says

    Hi Julie!

    Would it be okay if I linked back to this post on my blog?

    I used to think waffles and yogurt would be gross, but this post inspired me and I tried it today. I LOVED IT! All thanks to this post!

    I hope that’s okay! 🙂


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      haha how does she say it? my dad always says “edananne.” my sister and i cannot figure out WHY it’s such a hard word for him! but then again, he says “chimney” like “chimley.”


      • says

        My mom says it similar to that, only she sounds more like a slur of “-am” and”em” syllables… haha I think that she knows she can’t say it, so she tries to brush over it like no one will notice but instead she sounds drunk. It’s actually the cutest thing ever because then she’ll start cracking herself up and try and try but never get it.
        I’m actually laughing out loud now just thinking about it!

        My mom says other words funny too, not chimney but other random words.

        Gotta’ love ’em!



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