A Little Late

Hey guys!

I’m popping in a little later than I intended to today, but I feel like my whole day has been running a bit behind schedule.

Everything started as usual. A 5:15 a.m. workout (15 minute incline walking workout + upper body weights), followed by breakfast, blogging and a short one-mile morning walk with Sadie.


I made myself a plate of scrambled eggs with shredded cheese, a handful of frozen hash browns and chickpeas and served them with a toasted English muffin.

eggs with chickpeas

chickpeas and eggs

I know the chickpeas may seem like a random addition, but I used part of a can of them in yesterday’s lunch (more mmmm sauce!), so I figured I’d use the rest of the chickpeas this morning.


After breakfast and my walk with Sadie, I worked through the morning before heading out to meet a friend at Starbucks at noon.

Right before I left, I ate a small bowl of leftover lentils and rice topped with almonds to take the edge off my hunger.

coconut rice

I planned to get lunch at Starbucks but didn’t want to arrive cranky and ready to eat my arm since it was my first time meeting Tiffany, a new friend I met through the leader of our small group. He thought we would hit it off and we definitely did! Tiffany recently moved to Ocala and we actually attended the same college, so we had a lot to talk about!

During our chat, I also ate a wrap and ordered a latte to enjoy.

starbucks lunch 001

We hung out for about an hour until I headed off to the doctor for my annual women’s exam. They were running a bit behind schedule, so I did a lot of waiting and that’s when my day slipped away from me.

I ended up meeting with the physician’s assistant and really liked her a lot. I switched doctors, so I wasn’t sure what I was going to think, but it was a good experience… Well, as good as it can be, I suppose.

And now I’m playing catch up. I hope you’re having a good Thursday!


  1. says

    It made me giggle that you titled this Blog Post “A Little Late” a few days after people thought you were pregnant by post “Little Things, Big Joy.” That’s probably a weird assessment, but thought it was funny 🙂


  2. Elizabeth says

    I always DREAD the women’s visits–funny its what do for a living–WHNP, FNP–I still dread them for myself.
    Julie, I think you have very “normal” eating behavior habits. I think you should consider addressing this sometime in a post.
    I always love your posts and miss you when you are absent.


  3. says

    I love the Starbucks Chicken + Pita Plate! Not sure why but Starbucks hummus is my FAVORITE random I know! Chickpeas + Eggs what a great combo! I never thought of that but usually do a cauliflower hash brown remake if I crave a carb other then fruit in the am. Thank you for sharing 🙂 LOVE + Shine CourtStar


  4. says

    lentils and rice topped with almonds sounds like a nice filling snack gonna have to try that , breakfast look like a delicious dish might have to try that too


    • says

      I hope your latte was a good one 😉 as I Starbucks Barista myself I can be known to be slightly anal about my lattes…there’s nothing worse than getting a bad one!! I’d love to see the differences in and try the food you get in stores over there! Breakfast looks interesting and as always I am ever envious of your early morning workout! x


  5. says

    I felt behind schedule all day too, probably because I woke up at 6 instead of 5… some days are just really hard to wake up when is so cold outside. I know in your side of the country is warm warm… jealous! I eat before going places like Starbucks too, or I will order everything lol


  6. mikeyd says

    the title of this post is “a little late” and in another post you mentioned wanting to travel before you have kids but your trip to europe seems to be happening very soon. I wonder is there a bun in the fagan oven?


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