Another Version

I had a great workout this morning. To be honest, it really wasn’t anything special, but I was just feelin’ it! Perhaps the butter and cream from last night’s lobster mac is the pre-workout dinner of champions! Winking smile

My workout began with 10 minutes on the stair master before I hopped on the treadmill to complete this 25 minute workout:


Minutes Incline Pace
0 – 5 10.0 4.0
5 – 10 1.0 6.7
10 – 15 10.0 4.0
15 – 20 1.0 6.7
20 – 25 8.0 4.0

I loved this workout because I wasn’t really in the mood to run, so by the time I got sick of running, it was time to do some incline walking again. Then, by the time I was over incline walking, it was time to run. Perfecto!

I finished my workout with 15 minutes on the elliptical before sprinting home in the pouring rain.

Unfortunately the torrential downpour nixed my morning walk with Sadie, so I’m giving her extra lovin’ on the couch… plus a couple of Beggin’ Strips which I sadly think she prefers to my cuddles.

sadie 001

The Beggin’ Strips are actually a distraction to keep her grubby little paws off my breakfast…


Another day, another version of my all-time favorite breakfast bagelwich!

bagelwich 004


This morning’s creation included a toasted Thomas’ cinnamon raisin bagel thin, topped with Swiss cheese, raspberry jelly and nectarine slices.

bagelwich 002

bagelwich 006

I love this breakfast!

bagelwich 007

Now I’m waiting for the pest control guy to stop by our apartment. He’s running a little late and I gotta get to work. C’mon guy!


  1. says

    yep, it’s raining here in british columbia as i type this! i also completed an interval work out this morning – your mantras in a previous post REALLY helped me! i wrote them out and pinned them to the back of my door.

    ps, that breakfast sandwich looks amazing! i’m going to have to find me some bagel thins!


  2. Daina says

    I recently found your blog and love it! Thanks for the great workouts too … I did the 40 min interval treadmill workout this morning!


  3. Jackie @ Seejacrun says

    Love your interval workouts! It definitely fights boredom and makes time fly by, and still build up a sweat! That breakfast sandwich looks delicious 🙂


  4. Lauren says

    The exercise motto you posted the other day – your just one workout away from a good mood. This got me going this morning to workout.


  5. says

    I don’t know about butter and cream but I ate two candy bars yesterday and had the best workout I’ve had in a LONG time afterwards. I think that means I should eat candy every day. 🙂
    Hope the pest guy showed up!



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