Banana Custard

When I first stumbled upon Gena’s blog post about banana soft serve, I was immediately intrigued. After creating the creamy concoction by simply whirring up frozen bananas in a food processor, I was overjoyed! The result was a creamy, cold and delicious bowl of soft serve that exploded with the sweet flavor of banana.

Though banana soft serve is delicious on its own, it doesn’t have much staying power in my belly and I am often left feeling hungry within an hour of eating it.

Last night when I received my new food processor in the mail, I knew I wanted to break it in this morning. I figured banana soft serve would be a great way to do this, but I wanted to add a little protein to the mix to give the creamy concoction more staying power.

Enter: Banana custard.

Banana Custard

To make the banana custard, I combined one cup of frozen Greek yogurt that I lightly thawed in the microwave with one chopped frozen banana, a bit of water (to get everything movin’) and one teaspoon of Bob’s Red Mill xanthan gum for thickness. (You may wish to add a bit of sweetener, depending on taste.)

After whirring away in the food processor for a couple of minutes, I had creamy bowl of high-protein banana custard.

Since chocolate makes everything better, I dusted the custard with cocoa powder before digging in.

Cocoa Dusted Banana Custard

Kinda Like Dessert for Breakfast... But Healthy!


Not to toot my own horn (toot, toot), but this stuff was pretty darn delicious. I could have easily eaten twice (err, five times?) the amount. šŸ˜‰

I enjoyed my custard with a thick slice of Amish Friendship Bread.

Amish Friendship Bread


Those of you who have tried Amish Friendship Bread before and commented on my post last night weren’t kidding… it really is ridiculously addicting. I think I ate my body weight in this stuff last night!

Question of the Morning

Do you prefer soft serve or regular ice cream?


  1. says

    I loooooove Ice Cream. I used to be softserve all the way, but more recent years have fostered my love of cold, hard ice cream. Mint chocolate chip and cookies and cream are definitely my favorites. I love all over flavor as opposed to vanilla with toppings or mix-ins.

    Anyway, now that I’ve made my love of ice cream evident, I would love to try the Amish Friendship bread! looks so delicious!


  2. says

    Loaded banana custard is a great idea. I too was starving after just whipping up the soft serve. I love a dollop of whip cream on top, or squishing it between english muffins is a lovely Sat morning breakfast.


  3. says

    I prefer ice cream in all forms! LOL That certainly looks amazing. Both the custard and the Amish bread. Your tweet about it had me cracking up.


  4. says

    tough question…. i’m usually more of a frozen yogurt girl (my fave dessert at the moment is strawberry-rhubarb fro yo –, which i leave in the freezer for about 3-4 hours so it’s quite frozen on the outside, but still a little creamy inside. your soft serve looks great!


  5. says

    omg, i couldn’t pick between soft serve or ice cream…both are equally delicious!!! but i think i get more excited to go to a frozen yogurt place than say, haagen daz…


  6. Jenn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog) says

    Soft serve for sure!

    I made a banana pudding today with frozen bananas. Yum!



  7. hioih says

    when i run a lot and burn more than let’s say, 600 calories/day, ice cream all the way!! if not, like for an everyday treat/breakfast choice then it would be soft serve or froyo



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