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I know a bunch of you out there are just as dog-obsessed as I am and this is just one of the many reasons I think you guys are the jam. Dogs are the BEST and I never could have imagined just how much joy and laughter Sadie would bring into my life everyday when Ryan and I first picked up our timid little puppy. (Timid? Oh how times have changed.)

When BarkBox reached out to me to see if my crazy dog would want to try out one of their boxes, I thought it would be a neat way to indulge Sadie a bit with some new treats and toys. Sadie is the kind of dog that basically pees herself over a brand new stick, so I could only imagine how thrilled she would be if she got a package in the mail filled with new treats and toys just for her.

Happy Sadie

So what is BarkBox?

BarkBox is a monthly box filled with treats, toys and goodies for your dog that is delivered right to your door. Each box contains four to six full-size products, with goodies ranging from creative toys and gadgets to all-natural, healthy treats and more.


Any edible products found in a BarkBox do not include formaldehyde and are made with minimal processing, no glycerin whenever possible, organic ingredients whenever possible and are gluten, soy, corn and filler-free whenever possible. Subscribers can also opt for an allergy-friendly BarkBox for dogs that may be sensitive to beef, chicken, turkey, gluten, wheat, soy and corn. (Users will just need to email once they’ve purchased their subscription to get added to the allergy box list.)

The toys and treats are almost always sourced from small local vendors that are not easily found in major pet stores and plans tailored to your dog’s size start as low as $18/month.

BarkBox Sizes

Sadie’s first BarkBox included the following goodies:


  1. Barkworthies Junior Bully Sticks
  2. Harry Barket Tug n’ Toss Toy
  3. Complete Natural Nutrition Cheese Please Snacks
  4. Baker’s Best Salmon Maple Glaze Treats

Her favorite treat was definitely the Cheese Please snacks!

BarkBox Cheese Please

She gave me the pitiful puppy eyes the minute she caught a whiff after I opened the bag!

Begging Dog

The sole ingredient in the treat is cheese, so I knew Sadie would flip for the cheesy little discs when I opened the package. (She’s a cheese lover just like her mama.)

She also had a blast playing with the Tug n’ Toss toy and threw it all around our apartment trying to entice us into a game of tug of war. (It totally worked because we are suckers.)

BarkBox Toy

The treat I wasn’t sure Sadie would like in the box was the Baker’s Best salmon maple teats because at first glance they looked like biscuits. Sadie doesn’t like biscuits and typically gravitates toward meat and cheese-based treats, so I didn’t think the salmon treats would go over well, but she flipped for them!!

Salmond Treats

She couldn’t get enough!

Now it’s time for a giveaway!

One PBF reader will win a free six-month subscription to BarkBox!

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment below answering one (or both) of the following questions:

  • What was the first trick you taught your dog?
  • What is one trick your dog could never quite master?

I will randomly select a giveaway winner on Friday morning. Please note that this giveaway is open to readers in the US and Canada only. You must have a US or Canada shipping address to receive a BarkBox. If you would like to try BarkBox for your pup, BarkBox is also offering 10 percent off to all PBF readers if you click this link. (The coupon will automatically apply at checkout.)

Good luck!!!


Disclaimer: While this post is sponsored by BarkBox, the links included within the post are not affiliate links and I am not earning commission or credit from any boxes purchased.


  1. Gabrielle says

    Our dog Bow is a rescue – but she has lab in her – making her VERY food motivated. Because of this she can become a little over excited when food is involved.. “Mat” – which (should) send her running to her dog bed often becomes her running to anything soft and fuzzy on the ground which she can manage to sit on.


  2. Laura L says

    My black lab Riley has never quite been able to master rollover. She knows we are going to ask her to do it and then she will get a treat, and she gets so excited she *tries* to roll over but ends up just spinning in circles like a goofball


  3. says

    The first trick my dog learned was shake. He’s such a gentleman 🙂 He doesn’t like to roll over because of his compact little corgi body, but we shall continue to work on it!


  4. Sheila C says

    Macey and I hope we win!!!! It’s hard being a broke doggy mommy, but I still spoil my little girl and just skip a little on my own groceries haha, I could only afford about half a year worth of Barkbox with Coupons galore but now there are no more generous coupons we can use and Macey has no more boxes until I eventually finish graduate school boohoo… anyway her first trick was SIT from my boyfriend but I taught her SHAKE next and she will shake for any goodies because she thinks that will get her something! =) She’s pretty bad at rollover though so still working on that one.. and stay is on/off because she just loves me too much to stay far away for very long… I did save her when she was a little pup <333


  5. Andrea says

    Our rescue pup Bailey knew “sit” right from the beginning. Sometimes she’ll even sit when we don’t tell her to b/c she thinks it will get her food haha So we’ve had to teach her how to wait until we actually say the command before she sits. But that was her first “trick”. We haven’t really tried many tricks with her, but she could probably learn them quickly if we tried. I did attempt to teach her to shake, but it didn’t quite work out! lol Maybe I should give her another shot.


  6. Alex M says

    I always try to teach my dogs shake! One of my dogs I could ‘shoot’ and she’d fall over. I never was a good teacher in getting a dog to stay though!


  7. Stephanie says

    We taught our puppy to sit the first day we got him at 8 weeks!! I was so impressed. My favorite tricks are probably high five & roll over though because people find them so entertaining. One trick we haven’t been able to master is “stand” he always defaults to sitting. My pup would love a Bark Box! He turns one year old in 3 weeks, so early birthday present 🙂


  8. stefanie says

    Jimmy has never quite been able to master the “down” command. He is really good at sitting but doesn’t want to stay on the ground!


  9. Christine says

    The first trick I really taught my dog was to spin. The only he can’t seem to do is roll over. He chickens out and gets scared while is on his back.


  10. Diana says

    We have a 3 year golden retriever named Tristan. His first trick was shake. No matter how hard we try, he just won’t cooperate when we try to teach him to have a treat sit on his nose until we say ok and then pop it up and catch it he’s way too excited to wait for the treat!


  11. Julie says

    The first trick I taught my dog was “watch”. My husband and I worked with a trainer for many weeks to get our new rescue dog under control so that we could handle him as a pet (a wild 80 lb dog would have been too much for us). Our trainer told us that the foundation for a good training and pet relationship is eye contact, so we wanted to establish that first. And one trick we couldn’t quite master was “back” – the silly dog doesn’t understand that he has a back half, he thinks he only has two legs like we do!


  12. Deirdre says

    The first trick we taught him was to pee outside — he had mastered it within 24 hours of us rescuing him from the shelter!


  13. says

    Sadie looks like she’s enjoying her new treats.

    I adopted Snoopy and while I never actually have taught him anything, I’ve gotten him to sit whenever I’m putting a leash on him. We’re still working on shake.


  14. Courtney says

    We taught our dog sit and shake pretty quickly and he’ll easily do his whole repitoire when he knows there’s a treat. He still can’t figure out rolling over, but will happily give his belly for a rub when asked!


  15. Shannon says

    First trick was sit. But first impressive trick was opening the fridge and bringing me a bottle of water. Was never successful in getting her to close the fridge door though. So I still had to get up. ….smh… Ha!


  16. says

    The first trick my Hank ever learned was to sit. Oddly enough, he now knows out, lie down, go for a ride, bedtime (in the big human bed at night)… But he just can’t quite seem to get the hang of “go to bed” – his crate! Intellectually challenged or just stubborn? Hmmm….


  17. says

    The first trick my shiba dog learned was shake left paw
    I can’t get him to say ahhh (open his mouth) but he cAn do many other adorable tricks. We shall keep trying he is defn used to me messing around in his mouth!


  18. Melek says

    for both my when you’re old pitbull & 4 year old Doberman Pinscher they learned how to shake before anything. And the one trick my Doberman can give is to roll over. He gets halfway there then he just freaks out.


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