Beach Legs Workout

Get ready to work your legs with this Beach Legs Workout! It incorporates lots of squats and lunges to target your quads, glutes and hamstrings and will make you feel the burn in only 15 minutes. Thank you to Nike for teaming up with me for this post. I hope you enjoy the workout!


Last Thursday I shared my first workout post with images shot by someone other than my husband. (Thank you, Ryan, for always being a good sport!) Teaming up with the incredibly talented Stacey Lanier for that workout post and today’s leg workout post was so much fun and I really hope we can collaborate again in the future to bring you guys more easy-to-follow workouts with picture demos. I know it makes saving workouts to do later a billion times easier and I was so thrilled to hear from so many of you who tried last Thursday’s 10-to-1 Bodyweight Workout! (Thanks for taking the time to let me know you gave it a shot and report back. I always loving hearing from you guys and appreciate the tags on Instagram!)

Today’s workout is a Beach Legs Workout that I actually first tried years ago… We’re talking 2014, baby! I fell in love with the workout through the Nike Training Club app and still utilize this workout on days when I want to work my legs but am not in the mood to grab heavy weights. All you need for this workout is your body, a stability ball and a large box (or bench).

A snazzy pair of sneakers is a good idea, too!

Purple Nike Flyknit TR

I’m wearing the same Nike Free Transform Flyknit sneakers that I featured on the blog last Thursday that I recently received to try as part of Nike’s 30 Day Challenge.

Fagan 70_2

Nike is providing anyone who tries out a pair of shoes from their Nike Free 30 days to test their shoes to decide whether the shoes are the perfect fit for you and your workouts. If they don’t work out, you can return your Nike Free shoes within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Since I wear my Nike Flynits on a daily basis, you know I’m a fan and these shoes are, without a doubt, the best workout sneakers I’ve tried in a long time. They’re flexible and lightweight and move perfectly with my foot during boot camp workouts. After raving about them so much, Ryan, my sister and my brother-in-law all bought a pair as well and we’re now a little Nike Flyknit family. Ha!

Now let’s get to the workout!!!

Beach Legs Workout

This workout is a 15-minute workout that incorporates five different exercises. You’ll perform each exercise for one minute before progressing to the next. Complete three rounds of the workout for the full 15-minute burn session!


Beach Legs Workout

You may notice that the first three exercises appear to focus on one leg. In this case, complete 30 seconds of the exercise on one leg before switching to the opposite leg for the remaining 30 seconds. Though I prefer to complete this workout without weights, if you’d like to kick the intensity up a notch, feel free to grab a set of dumbbells for this one!

Exercise Descriptions

Step Up to Step Back Lunge: Stand facing the box with feet shoulder width apart and arms at your sides. Place right foot onto the box, and driving the weight through your heel, lifting the left knee to waist height. Straighten left knee back down to the ground. Lift right foot off the box and bring it behind the body into a lunge position.

Squat to Lateral Step Up: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Sit back into a squat position. As you raise up from the squat position, step onto the box with the foot closest to the box. Keeping your glutes engaged, raise opposite knee to waist height. Step down from box and repeat.

Fagan 51

Lateral Squat: Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Bend your right knee while keeping your left leg straight. Return to starting position. Alternate sides, bending the left knee while keeping your right leg straight. Return to starting position.

Fagan 49

Stability Ball Hamstring Curls: Lie with your back on the floor and the back of your lower legs and heels on top of the stability ball. Keep your arms at your sides and palms to the floor for additional stability. Brace your core and lift your hips off the floor, pressing your lower legs and heels into the stability ball. (Do not raise your hips so much that your back begins to arch.) Slowing bend your knees, pulling the ball toward your hips as hips lift slightly. To lower the stability ball, press the ball away from your hips until knees are straight.

Opposite Arm/Opposite Leg Crunch: Lie with your back flat on the ground and legs out straight. Engage your core and crunch up, lifting your left arm across your body toward your right leg while simultaneously lifting up your right leg. Lower arm and leg and switch to the opposite side, lifting your right arm across your body toward your left leg while lifting your left leg up in the air. Keeping your core engaged, lower arm and leg.



Apparel: Nike Get Fit Tank // Nike Pro Hyper Classic Sports Bra // Nike Pro Hypercool Limitless Capri // Nike Free Transform Flyknit (c/o Nike)


Photos: Stacey Lanier Photography

Location: Burn Boot Camp

This blog post is sponsored by Nike. Thank you very much for your continued support. I truly appreciate it and hope you enjoy the workout!


  1. says

    I have always been a fan of Nike but have never tried the Flyknit, but I’m in need of a new pair and might check them out. I love using a step or bench for doing leg exercises, definitely helps you feel the burn!


  2. Katie S. says

    Those leggings are adorable! Do you find they stay up/feel supportive? I have a hard time straying away from my lululemon running crops… Ha!


    • says

      They are very comfy but not quite as supportive as the capris I wore in last Thursday’s post. I’d definitely recommend them for a fantastic pair of high-waisted crops that would work well for running. They’re the sculpt capris and I LOVE them!! ->


  3. says

    Oh my gosh, the 10-1 workout you posted last week was a killer! I’ve done it a few times now, and I’m always shaking when I finish. Looking forward to trying this one, even though I hate hate doing legs. Vacation coming up in a few weeks, so I better get on it! 😉


    • says

      The farthest I’ve run in them is 3ish miles. Depending on the level of support you want/need, I personally wouldn’t use them for long distance running because I like a little more support but love them for strenghth, boot camp and circuit-based workouts!


  4. says

    I purchased a pair of nike free run distance tennis shoes and love them. They are the perfect mix of stability and flexibility. I still enjoy running and wanted a shoe that would be great at bootcamp and also hold up during a run. I have always been intimidated by the steps at Burn bootcamp. I am terrified that I will scrape my shin or fall completely off.


  5. Elena says

    Julie , we know that you are a peanut butter lover, but have you tried the real peanut butter with no sugar? I’m not such a peanut butter addict anymore without the sweet stuff! I was just wondering what kind you eat.


  6. says

    I just came back from studying abroad in Spain for the summer, and I haven’t done an actual formal workout in months now! This looks like a ton of fun and a good burn, but man, I’m not sure I could do this right now. It looks like such an explosive workout. I love all of these that you’re doing now!


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