Beach Workout

Since I still have some work to do while I’m in Sanibel, I’m trying to stick to a somewhat normal routine. Ideally, I’ll officially be “on vacation” tomorrow as long as I can wrap up one more assignment today, which shouldn’t be a problem.

Luckily, it’s not too hard to stay on my normal schedule and sneak in a workout and some work before everyone else is moving since I naturally wake up before the sun comes up.

Waking up early has its perks on the beach because as I set out to complete a beach workout this morning, I saw the sun rise. It was a romantic moment… with myself.

I absolutely loved the workout I did this morning and I basically made it up after I started running. I knew I wanted to run on the beach, but I wasn’t in the mood to only run and figured I could work a few circuits into my workout.

In the end my no-equipment-needed beach workout looked like this:

beach workout
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I felt a little funky doing the circuit as people walked by, but I’ll probably never see them again in my life. Chances are the beach walkers will never spot me again in the future and remember me as the squatting girl on the beach, so squat away, I did!

When I arrived back at the condo, I ate a banana with a small spoonful of almond butter, showered and snuck in an hour of work before everyone started moving about.

Then it was time for breakfast!


After snacking my way through breakfast yesterday, I was determined to sit down to an actual meal this morning and made myself French toast, topped with starfruit, plucked fresh from a tree near our condo.

starfruit french toast 001-1

We didn’t have any syrup on hand, but I didn’t really miss it. The starfruit was way better!

starfruit french toast 002-1

And now I’m off to conquer some work before a lunch out with my mom, grandma and sister.

Should be a fun day!

FAQ Page Updated

One more thing…

I spent hours updating my FAQs page last week and then totally forgot to tell you guys!

The page is completely revamped and organized much better into different categories:

  • Fitness Questions: Addresses questions ranging from my exercise routine, ways to get yourself motivated, favorite workouts, injuries and running tips
  • Food Questions: Addresses whether or not I count calories, my favorite snacks and protein powder, vitamins, healthy eating in college and healthy grocery shopping on a budget
  • Blogging Questions: Addresses questions about starting a blog, balancing blogging with real life, blogging tips and more
  • Personal Questions: Addresses my hair and makeup routine, how I got into freelance writing, where I like to shop and more
  • Relationship & Ryan Questions: Addresses our dating history, moving in together for the first time, how Ryan feels about the blog, gift ideas for guys, how we balance our eating habits and more
  • Sadie Questions: Addresses questions about our nut job of a dog, vizslas, how we got Sadie to run with us and more
  • Wedding Questions – Part One & Part Two: Addresses questions from the planning process all the way through the big day


  1. Marlene says

    I am always amazed at how many miles I can ride my bike when I am at Sanibel, but at home it seems like such a chore. We did learn long ago though not to let the kids pick the route as they have much more stamina than us grown ups.

    Which part of the island is your condo located? We love the east end near the lighthouse (Olde Sanibel area), but last summer we stayed closer to Captiva. It was nice, but I missed being able to walk from Condo to lighthouse and pier.


  2. Marie says

    Mischa, there’s no need to be so bitter. If you don’t like the blog, then why are you reading it? Loll, I don’t get people :p Julie, your blog is very related-able and fun to read 🙂


  3. Alexis says

    I have never had or heard of a starfruit, which, by the way, I find super INTERESTING! My boyfriend described it as a cross between a cantaloupe and a kiwi. Accurate?

    I love your blog so much! I read it every single day, no matter what. And it is the ONLY blog I read. Can’t find another one even close.


  4. says

    Haha, you’re too funny! Sometimes I worry about how I look when I work out becuase I can’t help but making silly faces [it’s hard work!] but knowing that I’ll most likely never see the people again makes it easier 😛

    P.S. I’ve never had starfruit but seeing them in the grocery store the skin looks kinda tough- do you have to peel it?



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