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Coffee with Foam

All through college I hated basic brewed coffee. My first brush with the glory that is coffee came in the form of a Frappuccino. The frozen coffee drinks fueled me through hours of studying, but it wasn’t until I got my first job out of college that I learned to appreciate and love a mug of freshly brewed hot coffee.

I worked at a museum and it was always freezing in my office, so I turned to hot coffee as a way to warm up when I forgot a sweater at home. I slowly grew to love coffee and convinced Ryan to register for a coffee maker when we got married.

Once we had a coffee maker of our own, I began buying different flavored coffees to try and have discovered some incredibly delicious and unique flavors over the years. Does drinking flavored coffee disqualify me from being a real coffee drinker? Probably. But I just love it so much!

Below you will find a list of some of my favorites!

The BEST Flavored Coffees

A quick note: I do not love ridiculously strong coffee, so most of the flavors below are medium or light brews. 

Barnie's Santa's White Christmas

During the holiday season, this is one of my favorite flavored coffees to brew in the morning. The decaf and regular versions are both incredibly fragrant and combine coconut, sweet caramel, roasted nuts and vanilla flavors to create a fabulous cup of coffee. One of my best friends used to work at Barnie’s and said this is always a best seller and I can understand why! It’s a favorite for sure!

  • World Market Chocolate Pecan Pie Coffee

World Market Coffee

My sister gave me this coffee for Christmas. (My family knows flavored coffee is the way to my heart!) From the moment I opened the bag and smelled the ground beans, I knew I would love this coffee. It almost tastes indulgent and the smooth notes of pecan and chocolate keep me coming back for more.

Godiva Pumpkin Spice

This is a seasonal flavor that I snatch up every time I see it for sale in the fall. The pumpkin pie flavor is very strong and since I usually find pumpkin spice coffee flavors a little dull, I was thrilled to taste cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin and creamy vanilla in every sip of this coffee. Plus, whenever I brew this coffee, the whole house smells like fall! (As I searched for this coffee flavor online, it looks like it may have been discontinued after this past autumn. I hope this is not true!)

Peppermint Creme Coffee Fresh Market

I think this flavor may claim the top spot in my favorite flavored coffees list. I pick up a bag or two every December from The Fresh Market and try my best to enjoy it sparingly so it lasts for a few months after Christmas. I can’t get enough! It tastes amazing combined with hot cocoa for a delicious peppermint mocha. 

S'Mores Coffee

I owe Ashley a big thank you for putting this coffee on my radar. The graham cracker flavor shines through and when I’m feeling rather indulgent, I’ll top a cup of the coffee with whipped cream to make it feel extra special. It’s light, fragrant and flavorful.

Chocolate Raspberry Kiss Coffee

The Fresh Market sells this coffee around Valentine’s Day every year and at first I thought I would not like it at all. I am not a huge fan of chocolate and raspberry flavors together, but after I sampled a cup at the store, I had to throw a bag in my cart. I’ve been enjoying this coffee a few times a week ever since I bought it back in the beginning of February.

Favorite Coffee Extras

Here are two little extras I use to brew my perfect cup of coffee:

Refillable KCup

Since Ryan is not a coffee drinker, we bought a Keurig coffee maker so I could brew one cup of coffee at a time. I use my refillable K-cup all the time since it allows me to brew whatever flavored coffee I am loving at the moment. It’s fabulous, more cost-effective and better for the environment that typical K-cups, too!


I cannot get enough of frothy milk on top of my coffee. It makes a home-brewed mug feel extra special! I love my Aerolatte milk frother. I simply microwave milk or almond milk and then froth it with the frother before pouring it on top of my coffee. I’m convinced it is the little things that take a boring mug of coffee to the next level!

Questions of the Morning

  • Do you love flavored coffee? If so, please share your favorites below. I am always on the lookout for new flavored coffees to try!
  • What is your go-to drink order at a coffee shop?


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    I absolutely love coffee and I’ll drink any kind, I dont care what’s in it(there’s a strong place in my heart for Kona blends, and Dunkin Donuts Original, though…since that’s what I’m used to around here in NJ). I actually gave it up for Lent and I’m pretty excited for Easter as a result, LOL.



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