Best Way to Begin the Day

Of all the ways to kick off a weekend morning, I think a morning hike may be my all-time favorite. hiking 018Before bed last night, Ryan and I discussed taking Sadie out to Weikwa Springs to hike our favorite nature trail if the weather was right.

We awoke to the sun shining brightly through our bedroom window and to Weikwa we went!

Before leaving, I had a quick breakfast of Chobani 2% Greek yogurt, topped with a handful of cereal.

hiking 002hiking 004hiking 007I usually buy the 0% Chobani (fat free) because my grocery store doesn’t supply the 2%, but I may have to scout out the 2% variety at other stores. I am a sucker for thick and creamy yogurt, and this definitely fit the bill. I bet it would be a phenomenal base in my yogurt mousse!

After a 20 minute drive, we arrived at Weikwa Springs ready to tackle our favorite trail, the orange blaze!hiking 028 Sadie was amped!hiking 009

Before embarking on our hike, we had to take our typical hiking family photo! hiking 017 Other hiking family photos:

Then we were off!

Sadie led the way in her way-too-big Santa Paws’ Little Yelper t-shirt. hiking 024hiking 029 Can you see her? She’s the teeny red dot of a dog. 😀

We had a great time enjoying the beautiful weather and posing seriously important questions like “If Sadie were one of the seven dwarfs, which one would she be?”

Dopey, definitely.


Or maybe Happy. 3 (It’s puppy Sadie! 🙂 )

We then spent a good 10 minutes trying to remember the name of the Debbie Downer dwarf.

Grouchy? (My guess.)

Grumbles? (Ryan’s guess.)

Grumpy! YES!

We trucked along the orange blaze trail loop for five miles, eventually returning to the trail head.

As we hopped into Ryan’s car to head home, we had Starbucks on the brain.

Fortunately we drove past a Starbucks within 5 minutes of leaving the state park, and stopped in for his and hers Frappuccinos… mocha light for me and chai for Ryan.hiking 033

I placed my order first and when the barista asked Ryan if he would like his Frappuccino “light” as well, he replied, “No thanks. Extra fat, please.”

I think she delivered because he got loads of whipped cream which he let me share. 🙂 Whipped cream is my home boy.

We just arrived back at our apartment and have some chores and errands on our to-do list for today. I’m also hoping to make a fun dinner tonight but have no real clue what I’m feelin’ just yet.

Only time will tell!


  1. Alexa says

    today the the grocery store the woman who rang up my gerber puffs said ” dont you kids love these? mine go through package a week.”

    i am 20. i have no children. haha

    have you tried the sweet potato puffs?

    i LOVE the apple cinnamon but im not sure how ill feel about the sweet potato flavor.


  2. says

    Julie – I just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it! Sadie is pretty much the cutest thing ever – usually I don’t like when dogs have clothes, but she looks adorable in her t-shirt 🙂 How do you guys keep up with her? She seems like she never runs out of energy!


  3. Leslie says

    Grumbles haha. I know I comment this every time, but Sadie just cracks me up!! I love how she gets so excited and takes off but then realizes she can’t see her parents :)…favorite part of hikes with the Fagans!



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