Bethenny’s Skinnygirl Workout

Right before lunch today, I decided to do something I rarely do and popped in a workout DVD!

I’ve had Bethenny Frankel’s Skinnygirl Workout DVD stashed away for more than a year now. After I got it, I opened it, put it in the drawer with our other DVDs and forgot about it.

skinny girl workout 005

(Can you tell my DVDs are on the right and Ryan’s are on the left?)

Today I was in the mood to workout but didn’t want to drive to the gym, so I figured I could do the 45-minute yoga workout in my living room.

One major problem:

skinny girl workout 019

Sadie, while fantastic at the downward dog pose, doesn’t seem to believe in people practicing yoga peacefully at home.

skinny girl workout 020

As I went through the first 10 minutes of the workout, I got body slammed several times and Sadie tried to coerce me into multiple rounds of The Hand Game.

And then a squirrel decided to run around outside and I was free! Free from doggie madness!

Bethenny’s Skinnygirl Workout

Despite my love for Bethenny, I didn’t have high hopes for the workout because I tend to get really, really bored during workout DVDs and mentally check out.

Well, this one kept my interest and I ended up doing all of the segments back-to-back for one long workout. (The DVD offers two 15-minute workouts and one 20-minute workout, which you can do individually or together.)

skinny girl workout 007

The workout was led by New York City yoga instructor Mike McArdie and Bethenny participated right along with him as he gave pointers and talked through the workout.

Bethenny didn’t just go through the motions of the workout and stay quiet. Her funny remarks made the workout much more entertaining.

Bethenny also made comments about how hard certain moves were and noted where in her body she felt certain poses working which I loved because so many workout DVDs don’t acknowledge when you feel like you’re working extra hard. I feel like I’m out of shape or something when the instructor is peppy and excitable and I’m sweating or feelin’ the burn, so it was great to have Bethenny’s “real world” voice chime in and say when she was working hard so I didn’t feel like a crazy person when I was sweating through a pose.

Plus, Bethenny seems to love the pigeon pose as much as I do!

pigeon pose

No, not that one. Winking smile

I really liked this DVD and think it would be a great one to pack if you’re traveling and won’t have access to a gym or if you want a quality at-home yoga workout at your fingertips.


After completing my workout for the day, I immediately fixed myself lunch.

flatbread pizza

I made myself a flatbread pizza by topping a whole wheat flatbread with marinara sauce, spinach, mushrooms, fresh mozzarella and red onion.

pizza flatbread

It was fantastic!

On the side I snacked on some homemade peanut butter granola.

peanut butter granola

I ate a few handfuls before stashing the rest for later.

Question of the Afternoon

  • What is your favorite workout DVD?


  1. Valerie @ FreshMutz says

    I’m loving J.M.’s Ripped in 30. It’s the prefect quickie sweat session and I always feel it the next day (in a very marvelous way).


  2. says

    I can’t do most workout DVDs in my top floor apartment, but I do enjoy ones that switch things up and have a good conversational tone.

    I totally noticed the separation of your and Ryan’s DVDs. Aubrey and I have two totally separate bookshelves. My brother was over one day wanting to borrow a movie and immediately went straight to Aubrey’s shelf. He said that’s where all of the “good” movies are. lol


  3. Julie W says

    Omg I am a HUGE Bethenny fan!! She’s hillarious!

    I have trouble working out at home sometimes too because my dogs do the same thing Sadie does! They think it’s either play time or lay on me nap time lol!


  4. Amy M says

    Oh I love Bethenny Frankel, she is so fun to watch! My personality is pretty far removed from hers…I have such a problem being blunt — she does not!


  5. Elizabeth says

    I’ve been doing the Body by Bethenny DVD. I only do the 40 min yoga segment and I really like it! I do it 2x a week.


  6. Maria aka Lil Mys Ninja says

    I too have a cute four-legged obstacle when I work out at home. I’ve taken to the garage for my workouts now…


  7. Jen N says

    I love Jillian’s 30 day Shred, Ripped in 30, Boost Your Metabolism, and No More Trouble Zones. I also love Bob’s Power Yoga and his Ultimate Cardio DVD is butt-kicking. I like Chris Freytag’s Xtreme Slimdown Kickboxing workout too. I do all of my workouts at home, so I rely on these DVDs and my treadmill. 🙂


  8. says

    I love Bethenny’s first yoga DVD, they had it on Exercise On Demand for a while and I used to love doing it. I am a huge workout dvd fan. But you are so right about finding the right ones. I am going to have to try this one. Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

    I love P90X workouts and any video by Jillian Michaels.



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