No, not housekeeping… Blogkeeping!

Today has been dedicated to more email organization and updating blog pages I’ve severely neglected.

I want to update those pages further, but first I think I’ll tackle some of the other pages… like my Q&A and Favs pages. Now those bad boys are oversaturated and in need of some serious attention.

I powered through my blogkeeping while jammin’ out to my favorite Wicked Pandora Station.

pandora playlist

Songs from musicals and Disney movies make me want to sing! And you know what? Now that I’m working from home, I can!

chocolate smoothie bowl 002

chocolate smoothie bowl 003

Lunchtime Errands

Around lunchtime, I took a breather to head out and run to the post office to mail our landlord our new lease (we’re now month-to-month – thank goodness!). Ryan and I are really hoping to move out of our apartment in the very near future because we’ve been having issues with some unwelcome guests.

Yes, mice. Gross. Completely nasty. I know.

The mice have actually been an issue for a while now and we’re beyond annoyed and disgusted. All of our food is in plastic bins and we’re doing everything we can to make our place as unwelcoming to mice as possible. The guy we’ve been working with to control the problem explained that mice are a big problem in many older Florida homes because they weren’t made very well, as insulation in Florida isn’t a big issue. Houses have crevasses and cracks that are welcoming to mice. Fantastic!

Wanna hear the funny part? We used to faintly hear them in our walls occasionally and called them our “friends.” We thought we had a silent treaty to coexist peacefully and leave each other alone. They’ve since taken advantage of our hospitality (literally craping all over the treaty) and now it’s time to go.


Since I spent quite some time looking through old blog posts to round up some of my favorite smoothie recipes for the smoothie page, I knew my lunch would have to be something cold and creamy.

chocolate smoothie bowl 005

I busted out the Vitamix and blended the following:

  • 1 1/4 c. almond milk
  • 1 1/2 tbsp. peanut butter
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 1/2 tbsp. cocoa powder
  • 1 handful fresh spinach

chocolate smoothie bowl 007

Time to power through the rest of the work day! It feels so good to be checking things off my to do list. Slowly, but surely.

I have plans to meet up with my former (!!) coworkers for happy hour this evening, so I guess I should shower soon, too…

P.S. The Fashion page was updated!


  1. Katie @ Katie Rose Fitness says

    I just heard a trick to keep mice away…and other rodents. Take a few drier sheets and tie them together then put them in places where you think mice are. We found a dead mouse in our basement the other day and I have made it official that mice give me nightmares.


  2. says

    Gross! I woud freak out. My house has been open to carpenter ants lately – I almost died when I saw them in my pantry last week. I seriously screamed so long and hard my neighbors probably thought I was getting murdered.


  3. Michelle says

    Yuck!! Bugs and rodents gross me out to no end. I don’t blame you for wanting to move! Good luck finding something new where you don’t have unwelcome guest!
    As always, the smoothie looks delicious!


  4. says

    A little late but congratulations on your big life change!!! So excited to see what is down the road for you 🙂 Definitely a little jealous, too, best of luck Julie!!


  5. says

    oh no! unwelcome pests are no fun. we had ants right when we moved into our current apartment. thankfully, a couple ant traps was all it took and we seem to have gotten rid of them.

    i love that your excitement for your new career move is totally coming through. i’m excited for you! 🙂


  6. Kathy says

    Julie I love all the little captions you are putting at the bottom of the pictures of Sadie… they go perfectly everytime and make me laugh out loud…keep em coming…haha


  7. Anne says

    Ugh! I had a mouse problem in my first apt in Boston. My loving mother took her rubber gloves and bleach to the kitchen!
    By the way I sure have missed some stuff with my silly wedding and honeymoon! I think that you were still in Europe last time I read anything! Hooray for being back! congrats on being so brave!


  8. says

    Ugh we had a mice problem once when I lived with my dad in his rickety old house. We had a machine that plays this noise that makes a really obnoxious sound to the mice so they don’t come in. But we went on vacation and apparently the power had gone off while we were gone.

    So they came in during the down time of the noise machine. Nothing more disgusting than opening your underwear drawer, reaching in, and having a mouse hop across your hand. I’m shuddering now just remembering it!



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