Bridesmaid Dress Shopping at Jacksonville Town Center

French toast, hot chocolate, wine, a long run, ice cream, quality time with a wonderful friend… Yesterday was a jam-packed, fabulous day!

It began with a filling French toast breakfast topped with syrup and fresh blackberries.

Ezekiel Bread French Toast


I let myself digest breakfast for a solid 90 minutes before changing into running clothes and leashing up Sadie for a nine mile run.

Long Run

I wasn’t in the mood to run at all when I first awoke, but within five minutes of hitting the pavement, I fell into a solid groove and knocked out nine miles in one hour and 22 minutes (9:11 minute mile pace).


I know this may not be super speedy for some, but I was pretty pleased with my pace and finished the run feeling amped! I honestly felt like I could’ve kept going which was a great feeling since January’s half marathon is quickly creeping up on me!

The weather was rather chilly but not cold enough for a running jacket, so I wore my new lululemon run swiftly long sleeve top that I was asked to review and it kept me warm but didn’t make me feel overheated.


It would make a fantastic layering top for cold-weather runners because it’s nice and streamlined. I loved the longer length and seamless sweat-wicking fabric. And you know lululemon’s clothing is always flattering and super cute. Plus, I’m a sucker for anything heathered!

Running nine miles didn’t phase Sadie in the least and she ran around my parents’ condo after our run, making me look like a pansy as I immediately plopped myself on the floor to stretch.


Once I peeled myself off the floor, I took a glorious shower and emerged with a grumbling stomach. My mom came through in the clutch and made sloppy joes for everyone to enjoy for lunch and I filled my plate. Yum!


Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Immediately after lunch, Ryan and I drove out to the Town Center shops because I had a hot date with my friend Minda!


Ryan ran some errands while I met up with Minda at BCBG for a fun afternoon of bridesmaid dress shopping!


Minda and her wonderful fiancé Clark are getting married over Labor Day weekend St. Augustine next year and I feel honored to be a part of their big day. Minda and Clark actually dated waaay back in middle school and then reunited after college. They have some of the cutest pictures together from when they were little tykes. Smile 

Minda selected stunning floor-length orange gowns from BCBG for her bridesmaids to wear and I bought mine yesterday after trying it on and receiving a thumbs up from the bride-to-be!


Now I need to find some strappy gold heels!


Dress shopping didn’t take too long and Minda and I weren’t ready to say goodbye when we were done! Since we had more catching up to do, we headed to Starbucks where we met up with Ryan and sipped hot drinks for well over an hour. It was so good to see her again!




Ryan and I made it back to my parents’ condo in time to change and walk out to the beach for evening playtime with Sadie.





When we came back inside, it was time for cocktail hour and hors d’oeuvres!





We snacked on lots of cheese, prosciutto and crackers before sitting down to a wonderful grouper dinner!


And my all-time favorite chocolate marshmallow ice cream for dessert!


Now I’m off to enjoy a Christmas Eve family brunch.

Merry Christmas Eve, my friends!


  1. Mira says

    Please consider an alternative word to “pansy.” Pansy is a word often used to describe LGBT people and is offensive.

    Your blog shows that you have a wide vocabulary, so I’m sure you can find a different, better word to use.


  2. says

    I went bridesmaid dress shopping yesterday, too! My cousin is getting married this summer. I love the dress Minda picked out. My cousin chose really cute strapless magenta floor-length dresses. It’s my first time being a bridesmaid and I’m so excited!
    Merry Christmas Eve!


  3. AJ says

    Merry Christmas Eve!! Love that Lulu top, they have the best stuff!! And that dress your friend picked for a bridesmaid dress is stunning!


  4. Mary says

    Merry Christmas Eve, Julie! Would you mind sharing your monkey bread recipe someday?!? I’m about to make it for tomorrow morning and would love to compare and contrast recipes. 🙂


  5. Caitlin says

    You have the prettiest smile Julie! It always looks like you’re laughing with joy in all your pictures! A beautiful way to live. Love your blog so much; enjoy your holiday with your family!!!


  6. Amber Johnson says

    Town Center has been CRAZY this week! But it’s gorgeous when decorated for Christmas, especially outside of Maggiano’s! Merry Christmas! 🙂


  7. Jacki says

    How do you like your Garmin watch? I’ve had 2 FR60’s in the last year, each lasting about a year before dying. I’m considering whether to go to the FR70 or to another brand. Do you or any of your readers have any input on this? I’ve started using the heart band more due to health issues so I don’t want to go without it and ponder too long.


  8. says

    Love those beach photos…especially the one of Sadie. That needs to be printed and framed!

    Also, my husband just got the new Nike gps running watch and loves it. It is much smaller than the one you have so you might like it too. Comes in fun colors also, and I know you love that!


  9. Amanda says

    I love that action shot of Sadie! Looks like a great time spent with family. And great choice on the long gown, I was a bridesmaid in November and we had long gowns. They look amazing in photos and photographers love them cos they cover up different length and shaped legs!


  10. says

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