Burpee Sandwich Workout

Care to start the day with a burpee sandwich? burpees suck

No? I can’t say that I blame you, but if you are in the mood for a super fast and super sweaty workout, you might want to reconsider. (Women’s Health has a great picture tutorial of how to properly do a burpee if you’re unfamiliar with the exercise.)

I dubbed today’s workout a “burpee sandwich workout” because I sandwiched a bunch of burpees in between a five minute warm up and a five minute cool down.

My workout looked like this:

Burpee Sandwich Workout

Burpees are hard, but they sure do get my heart rate up fast. My face was bright red and sweaty by the end of that workout. I averaged 17 burpees for each 60-second interval, so that’s 85 burpees total. Phew!

After rounding out my time at the gym with an upper body strength workout, I was spent.


Breakfast this morning came in the form of my favorite egg sandwich.

egg bagel

With strawberry jelly and Swiss cheese for that sweet and salty combination I adore!

healthy egg sandwich breakfast

Time to be productive!


  1. says

    Wow that’s definitely a good idea for a workout. Burpees always kick my butt!
    I used to take a great plyometrics class that had lots of different exercises including hopscotch and jumping, some exercises with weights and always, always burpees! So tough.


  2. says

    I love the facebook like picture you’ve got going on there. No, no one likes burpees! I am digging your sandwich! I so want to try a breakfast sandwich with jam now.


  3. says

    Nice work, Julie! I did a great workout a few weeks ago by Zukzana (one of her youtube ZWOW workouts – #22 I think) that had you do 4 burpees on the minute in between all of these other workouts we were doing. So I think I ended up doing about 80 or so, but it was a sneaky way of getting in so many. Love the burpee burn! 🙂


  4. Krystle says

    I hate Burpees!! I never liked them and then when I competed in my first Spartan Race I really began to hate them! I wont tell you what my father calls them ( he is a retired GySgt in the Marine Corps, so that she be enough of a hint). :0)


  5. Stephanie says

    I remember when I was little, burpees were no biggie at all. It had been a while since I did them, and when I did, I died. Sooo unexpected! But you know what? I’m going to do this work out. NOW!



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