Campaigning to be the Favorite

As I’ve said on the blog before, I’m pretty sure Ryan is Sadie’s favorite.

dog's favorite

dog fetch

talking to your dog


You see, when I go out of town, Ryan and Sadie are best buds. As he said in his first guest post, they do just about everything together. I think that my time away from the house is when Ryan solidifies his role as Sadie’s favorite. I mean, I can’t compete with someone who makes the dog her own burgers and plays Frisbee with her for hours on end.

Well, when the new year started, I told Ryan that this year would be my year to be the favorite. 

Mommy 2012!

Let the campaign begin!

Now, whenever Sadie does something to show preference toward one of us, we yell out, “Mommy 2012!” or “Daddy 2012!”

Imagine my chagrin when I turned around on our evening hike yesterday and saw this image.

man and dog

“Daddy 2012!”

I will keep trying. I’m not going down without a fight.


This morning I made myself a big bowl of chicken for breakfast to share with Sadie.

Mommy 2012!

Just kidding… though I think that would help my campaign.

Breakfast was two pieces of French toast made with two eggs, milk, cinnamon and honey wheat bread.

french toast 022

french toast 025

I topped off the French toast with a sliced banana, chia seeds and syrup.

french toast 017

Not a bad way to start a Friday!

Question of the Morning

  • Do you notice or have you ever noticed your pet or previous pets playing favorites? Were you the chosen one or was it someone else?

If you are/were the “chosen one” please share your tips on how to steal the crown from those currently reigning. Smile


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