Things You Love More Than You Should

yogurt bowl with oats and almonds

I have a totally random blog post topic to discuss this morning, but first, let’s wake up with breakfast. Oh hey, yogurt bowl! It’s been a while, huh? (Pay no attention to the woman in the spoon…) Today’s breakfast included a strawberry Greek yogurt bowl topped with oats and sliced almonds. I was really craving… 

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Healthy Breakfast Sweet Potatoes

Breakfast Sweet Potatoes

I have a mouth-watering (and healthy!) recipe to share with you guys today. Like most recipes I share on this blog, it’s a recipe that requires minimal ingredients and only a short amount of time in the kitchen. Hello, breakfast sweet potatoes! On Sunday morning, after a short, chilly walk with Sadie, Ryan and I… 

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Falling In Love with Puppies

egg and veggie scramble

Hello and happy Thursday! I hope your morning is going well so far! Things over here began on a delicious note with a veggie-packed egg and turkey bacon scramble that I made with shredded mozzarella cheese and topped with avocado for a punch of healthy fats. Plus, a banana on the side! I’m hoping this… 

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Sadie’s Annual Birthday Challenge: Year Seven

rotisserie chicken vs fried chicken

It’s no secret that Ryan and I are a little too obsessed with Sadie. So, it should come as no surprise that we celebrate her birthday every year. Sadie gets extra love and cuddles but I’m pretty positive her annual birthday challenge is her favorite part of her birthday. (Oh, and if you object to… 

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