Cozy Night In… Or Not

whole wheat linguine with spinach and broccoli

Hello!!! How are you guys doing? Things are shaping up pretty well around here today. Yesterday I spent most of the day with my father-in-law. We drove around town sightseeing, took Sadie on a nice walk and then I made dinner at home. I made whole wheat linguine topped with steamed spinach and marinara sauce… 

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Three-Minute Egg White Oatmeal

Egg White Oatmeal Recipe

If you have five minutes in the morning, you have enough time to make yourself a bowl of fluffy, filling and oh-so-tasty banana egg white oatmeal. I had plans to make this recipe today, photograph it and then place it in the fridge to eat for breakfast tomorrow. Well, that plan lasted all of five… 

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Funny Wi-Fi Names

The Land Before Time

Internet is on the horizon! All of this back-and-forth nonsense will hopefully stop today because I have a two-hour window on the books later this morning for our internet to be installed. Heck yes! And speaking of internet, yesterday I randomly saw an article that featured a list of hilarious Wi-Fi names. I kind of… 

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