Freezer Pop Fan


Hello friends! How is your Monday trucking along? All is well over here! After Melissa and Jarian’s couples baby shower on Saturday, the rest of our weekend was spent with friends! A group of six of us headed out on the lake on Sunday but had to come in a bit early thanks to thunderstorms…. 

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Breakfast 2 and 3 and Lunch!

egg sandwich

Good morning! I’m coming to you guys a little later than usual today because I had to be at the gym unexpectedly early when a fellow trainer called to see if I could cover her small group training session at the last minute. Yooou got it! Breakfast After working for a few hours, I came… 

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36 Week Prenatal Appointment + Tuesday Catch Up

36 weeks pregnant

Hey hey! How are you guys doing this afternoon? I’m happy to be checking in today after a very normal 36-week prenatal appointment. Hooray! I arrived at my appointment this morning matching my Bubba Keg (I told you it doesn’t leave my side) and waited for about 30 minutes before my doctor was ready to… 

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34 Week Prenatal Appointment

prenatal heartbeat monitoring

When I arrived at my 34-week prenatal appointment, I expected it to be a routine appointment and figured I’d be in and out of my OB/GYN’s office in right around 30 minutes. Well, a little less than three hours later, I was on my way out the door. My appointment ended up being a little… 

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