34 Week Prenatal Appointment

prenatal heartbeat monitoring

When I arrived at my 34-week prenatal appointment, I expected it to be a routine appointment and figured I’d be in and out of my OB/GYN’s office in right around 30 minutes. Well, a little less than three hours later, I was on my way out the door. My appointment ended up being a little… 

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Simple Summer Chopped Salad

Summer Chopped Salad Recipe

Over the weekend, we officially entered the summer season, though it has felt like summer in Charlotte for at least a month or so now! With warmer temperatures comes an increase in my cravings for fruit, salads, smoothies… basically anything cold and packed with fresh summer produce. My Aunt Laurie knew chopped salads were high… 

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Our First Maternity Education Class

maternity education

Last night Ryan and I took our first maternity education class. We signed up for a few classes through our hospital and our first one, Breastfeeding Basics, began at 6:30 p.m. yesterday evening. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the class and upon our arrival, we were instructed to select a doll or… 

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30 Week Prenatal Appointment

Eggs English muffin Tea

Good afternoon! How are you guys doing today? All is well over here! Breakfast + Teaching My day began with a 9 a.m. spinning class that I taught at the gym after breakfast. (Scrambled eggs with Laughing Cow cheese + Toasted English muffin + Tea) I felt a little more inspired going into today’s class… 

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