Free Feeder

Lazy Vizsla

Hello, hello! How’s it going? Today is trucking along smoothly over here. After barre and breakfast, I published my morning blog post, caught up on some emails and headed out to get this little stinker some food. Sadie eats Orijen dog food and we often feed her large-breed puppy food because she’s so dang scrawny…. 

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Fireplace Makeover

Banana Smoothie

Hey guys! What’s shakin’? Things are going semi-smoothly around here. I feel like I’m doing a lot of back-and-forth today since the whole no internet at home thing makes blogging and working from home a little challenging! Anyway, where did we leave off? Breakfast! After breakfast, I worked from a local coffee shop for a… 

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Not-So-Successful Consignment

Whole Foods Charlotte

I feel like I’ve been all over the place today both mentally and physically. After breakfast and a morning walk with Sadie, I drove to Whole Foods for a meeting with the local store’s regional marketing specialist. I am working with Whole Foods on an upcoming project and I’ll be sure to share more details… 

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