Hot Body Year Round Coconut Power Balls

Hot Body Coconut Power Balls

Good afternoon! How is your Monday going so far? My day began a little later than usual with a 7:15 a.m. Pure Barre class. I met up with my friend Chandra and we both knocked out our 19th class of the month! We’re trying hard to complete the Pure Madness challenge at our studio this… 

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Chopped Salads Are The Best Salads

Bad Daddy's Chopped Salad

Chopped salads are the best salads. Actually salads made by other people are the best salads (why do salads prepared by someone else always taste so much better?), but chopped salads are definitely a personal favorite. I think I love them most because the finely-chopped ingredients allow you to taste way more flavors in every… 

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18 Week Anatomy Scan

18 week anatomy scan

Good afternoon! How are you guys doing today? I am feeling quite happy because Ryan and I had the chance to see our baby again late this morning! (I love that pic of Ryan! He looks so excited! I also love that 95 percent of the pregnant women I see at my doctor’s office arrive… 

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Minnesota Arrival

charlotte snow 2015

Good afternoon from Minnesota! Right before we landed, the flight crew announced that it was three degrees in Minneapolis. I am not in Florida anymore, that’s for sure!  And speaking of chilly temperatures, I missed our very first snow in Charlotte! I am so bummed! Ryan said Sadie has been having a ball running around… 

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Sunday Funday with Ashley


When one of your best friends comes to visit you, there is nothing better. Non-stop chatting, lots of laughter and plenty of ridiculousness will always ensue and I am coming away from this weekend feeling so grateful I have a friend like Ashley in my life! Ashley arrived on Saturday and I’m pretty sure the… 

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