Chest + Biceps Workout

A Wednesday workout comin’ at ya!

Today’s workout began with a 10 minute incline walking warm up before I completed a strength workout that targeted my chest and biceps.

After a couple of weeks of mostly Nike Training Club and boot camp-style workouts, I wanted to get back to some traditional strength training and the following workout fit the bill.

Chest   Biceps Workout

Demos of some of the above exercises:

I finished my workout before Ryan was done with his, so I rounded everything out with 10 more minutes of incline walking.


Breakfast began with a base of vanilla Greek yogurt.

yogurt with oatmeal and banana

Topped with raw oats (I like the chewiness) and a sliced banana.

oats with yogurt and banana

Time to boogie! On today’s agenda: Work + Taste of Ocala Meeting + Blog + Work + Clean All The Things 

Have a great Wednesday!

P.S. Have any of my fellow Glee fans heard Naya Rivera’s single? I stumbled upon “Sorry” yesterday and have been playing it non-stop ever since. So catchy! Santana’s voice on Glee may be my favorite (listen to her rendition of “Valerie” if you haven’t heard it yet) and this new song will definitely make it onto my next workout playlist.


  1. says

    I like the chewiness of raw oats too. I used to do overnight oats and cooked oats but found that I actually like them better as is and now most of my breakfasts involve yogurt mixed with raw oats.


  2. says

    Yes I love the new Glee song! For some reason remixes always have a little more jazz to them and I enjoy working out to them more than the originals a lot of the time! Happy Wednesday Julie!


  3. says

    I am doing this workout tomorrow!! It looks great. I’ve been moving/traveling and have missed my weekly boxing classes lately so my chest/back/arms need a good burn.
    PS- LOVE the Nike Training Club App. I love the boot camp style workouts but I really like the “Get Focused” 15 minute targeted exercises!


  4. Amy @ Run with Perseverance says

    I love Naya Rivera’s voice! Her rendition of “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse on Glee is one of my favorites! That new song is pretty catchy



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