Christmas in Jacksonville

Since the room was pitch black and I couldn’t see a clock from the bed where Ryan and I slept on Christmas Eve, when I awoke a little before 7 a.m., I was convinced it was around 3 a.m. I figured I’d have to remain in bed for another few hours feeling rather restless.

When Ryan rolled over and said Merry Christmas and started talking to me, I asked him the time and he said it was just before 7 a.m. – a perfectly acceptable time to wake up on Christmas morning! Hallelujah!

Christmas Morning

We hopped out of bed and took Sadie outside to go to the bathroom before making a surprise coffee run for the family in our pajamas.

Christmas 2012 098

Everyone seemed pretty excited to have a hot, festive drink to sip when they awoke! I don’t think I ever blogged about it, but a couple weeks ago, Ryan and I tried eggnog chai tea lattes at Starbucks and I highly recommend you snag one before they’re gone for the season. Oh my word.

Before everyone emerged from their bedrooms, Ryan and I retreated into quiet corner of the living room to exchange our gifts to each other.

Christmas in Jacksonville

Christmas 2012 099

Christmas 2012 095

It was a very Merry Christmas for the Fagans!


Once my grandma was up and about, my dad made mimosas for everyone and we did our Christmas Vacation-style drumroll for him as he put the angel atop the Christmas tree. 

Christmas Morning Mimosas

Christmas 2012 096

Then it was time to eat breakfast and open our stockings.

Monkey bread!

monkey bread with pecans

Cheesepuff casserole! (I still need to share this recipe with you guys.)

Cheesepuff casserole

Christmas Mimosas

Christmas 2012 100

After breakfast, we moved in front of the Christmas tree to open our gifts. I love watching my family open their presents!

Perhaps the most memorable present-opening experience of the day yesterday occurred when my dad opened a brand new iArm!

iarmHow cool is that!?

You can walk around with your iPad attached to your arm, making it the perfect little gadget for work, running or even eating, since you can attach basically anything – even a plate of food – to the iArm!


Sooo… did I fool anyone???

My mom bought the above iArm gift box as a joke to see how my dad would react and it was awesome! To my knowledge the iArm doesn’t actually exist, but you can buy fun prank gift boxes featuring ridiculous products like it at

My mom, sister and I had way too much fun looking at all the different prank gift boxes online yesterday. Our favorite was the Crib Dribbler.

Crib Dribbler

A perfect baby shower gift!

Ryan and I stayed at my parents’ house long enough to enjoy a fantastic dinner with my family before driving back to Ocala.

It was a wonderful Christmas!


  1. says

    I love all of the family traditions you guys have. You all seem like such a super tight family, that’s so awesome.
    Those boxes are hilarious!! I totally should look into the Crib Dribbler one for my sister’s baby shower! 😉


  2. says

    Okay – those boxes are the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time! The best part about that iArm is that I know people who would probably think that is an awesome invention and be stoked about a gift like that. Some people are really attached to their electronics, you know? hahaha


  3. GJ says

    I think I saw those prank boxes on some news show. Funny! You have such a cute dog and I love when you dress her up. I usually like furry dogs but Saddy is so cute and has so much personality. Happy Belated Christmas and good New Year wishes!


  4. kimbell sadler says

    Y’alls monkey bread looks incredible!!!! What is y’alls recipe?? I bought all the ingredients to make it this Christmas and never got around to making it but I want to make it this weekend and thought I may use your recipe since it looks so good!


  5. says

    Sadie in her PJ’s = too precious! 😀 I’ve never heard of those prank gift boxes and I LOVE them! What a simple but genius idea. I am so going to scope out the website. Hehe. I’m so glad you guys had such a wonderful Christmas.


  6. Kathy says

    Oh I love the prank box IArm. You definitely had me. I thought wow, what they won’t make to make money – but then thought that would be really a handy thing to have!!! You have a bridge to sell me too??? LOL Looks like Sadie had a ball over the holidays. Does she open her own gifts?


  7. lisa says

    Thanks to your previous post, I made monkey bread for the first time ever! It was soooooo freaking good!!!! My family was very impressed, ha ha. Little do they know how freaking easy it is to make!



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