Cold Plate

Tonight’s dinner was a cold plate!

I am usually the queen of hot dinners. They seem more comforting, satisfying and substantial.

Tonight, however, I kept things on the cooler side with a chilled plate of BBQ chicken salad and freshly sliced green and red peppers.

BBQ Chicken Salad

Fresh Peppers

I was inspired to include the freshly sliced peppers in my dinner after talking to my sister (remember the one who was confused as to what to eat now that she’s on her own for the first time?). When she mentioned that she included slices of green pepper in her lunch today, I knew I wanted to include them in my dinner.

Cold Plate

My BBQ chicken salad contained:

  • 3 oz. shredded chicken breasts
  • 2 tbsp. BBQ sauce
  • 1 tbsp. light Miracle Whip
  • Sweet corn
  • Chopped celery


When Ryan and I stopped by the grocery store after work today, something sweet caught my eye.

Marble Cake

I nabbed a piece of marble cake from the Publix Bakery which was the perfect conclusion to my yummy dinner.

I enjoyed my cake while Ryan and our friend Ross downed bowls of Jello Oreo pudding.

Ross & Ryan

Ross isn’t our only visitor of the evening…

Miss Kona

Hi Kona!

The last time we saw Kona was at our UCF bowl game party in December. Look how teeny she was!

Now I’m off to watch the Magic game with the boys and the girls (Sadie + Kona). They’re up 10 to 9 right now… Let’s keep it up! 😀


  1. mary says

    I think I prefer hot dinners probably because I love anything with war melted cheese! By the way, Ross is HOT is he single? lol


  2. Nicole says

    Im watching the game too! …but I’m a Celtics fan 🙂 That dinner looks great, I think I’ll try it out, thanks for the recipe!


  3. louisianagrown says

    Bwahah! Love the people that commented about Ross being hot. Does he know that you were about to be matchmaking?


  4. says

    Haha I was gonna say Ross was cute buuuut looks like I’ve been beaten 😛

    Hope ya’ll are enjoying your evening! That cake looks AMAZING – I bet it tasted even better.



  5. Rachel says

    Hey Julie! I’m in need of advice…

    I’m moving in with my boyfriend soon, we’ve spent so much time together that I know exactly what to expect but one thing I’m nervous about is getting us to go to bed at the same time. I love having an early bedtime grandma style, but he’s much more of a night owl. Did you have this issue at all? Or how do you guys “negotiate” a bedtime for both of you?


  6. says

    I usually eat about 1-2 red peppers a day. I just dip them into my mustard concoctions (stoneground, spicy, or yellow etc mustard with sweetener and sometimes sugar free fruit flavored syrup). The ONLY thing missing from your dinner plate: RAVIOLI! Nothing better than left over Ravioli cold with cheese melted on top from the night before. The melted but now ‘hardened’ cold cheese is sooo good on it!!! Have you thought about making your own Ravioli? It’s not too hard and fun to stuff with whatever you want!


  7. Maureen says

    Ross’ dog, Kona, is SO CUTE!!!! And ummm I agree with the others who said that Ross is hot! Think he likes northern girls? 🙂


  8. vegplier says

    Chickens are animals too. And also shrimps. WTF are you thinking by using animal in your recipes? You are making animals to get killed, you know that?

    I entered your site thinking this was a cruelty-free site, but now I see that was a mistake. Please STOP KILLING ANIMALS. All animals deserve to live, and we, the humans don’t need to kill them, not even for eat them. Please stop!



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