Collection of Elliptical Workouts

Sometimes it seems like the elliptical gets a bad rap at the gym. Yes, it’s easy to select low settings, grab a magazine and keep things nice and light, but if you play with the resistance and inclines on the elliptical, you can definitely elevate your heart rate and work up a serious sweat. It’s also a great cardio workout for those looking for lower-impact exercise options.

I’ve posted a handful of elliptical workouts on the blog throughout the past four years and thought a round up post that included some of my favorites would be a great way to get a bunch of them in one place. I’ll also be sure to save this page under the Workouts tab on the top of the blog for easy access in the future.

I hope you enjoy!

25 Minute Elliptical Interval Workout

50 Minute Elliptical Interval Workout

30 Minute Elliptical Workout

20 Minute Elliptical Workout

Beat Boredom Interval Workout

20 Minute Elliptical Hill Workout Stay tuned for the following workout roundups:

  • Incline walking workouts
  • Treadmill workouts
  • Upper body workouts
  • Leg workouts
  • Ab workouts
  • Circuit workouts

Lots of fun to come!



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